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[Side A] Spring 2017 - Week 4 in Review

You know that feeling when you’ve just got so much stuff to do, but you procrastinate till the last minute? Yeah, pretty much.

But then I finally get my ass into gear and, surely enough, start ticking off things on my “need-to-do-list”. 1.483 kata lagi

Weekly Review

The Entertainment Dome Episode 55 - Beauty and the Beast Titan

This week on The Entertainment Dome, I continue to complain about Season 2 of Attack on Titan, I get cautiously hyped over the new Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite  20 kata lagi


Unpopular Opinion - Double Feature: Monster Musume VS Date A Live


Monster Musume and Date A Live are my two favorite harem shows and as man who has consumed more than his fair share of the genre from the standard-bearers like To Love Ru and Zero no Tsukaima to the slightly more bizarre ones like Kaempfer (which more or less survives because of the best gender-bending yuri fanservice known to man), I consider my words on the subject to have considerable weight. 2.565 kata lagi


Shingeki no Kyojin 2: Ep26-29

So after four f**king years, we finally get our second season of Shingeki no Kyojin.

I’ve also watched all four episodes aired and thought I should stop procrastinating and start writing about my feels before they dissipate like titan blood. 1.370 kata lagi


A Slant on Titan

Expectation plays a pivotal role in how we approach the things we encounter. Even in life’s simplest acts, our biases filter our experience. As I am sure many have experienced, is there anything quite like taking a sip of a beverage when you are under the impression it is something else entirely? 1.541 kata lagi


Reluctant Hero

Reluctant Hero

Like a nightmare it haunted me. The memories are like glass shards stuck in my brain. The pain is like a broken time. It resets every time it strikes midnight. 226 kata lagi

Creative Writing

Self-Sacrifice - Attack on Titan Episode 29 - Season's Writings

Well, that was certainly something. Titans on the left, Titans on the right, Titans from goddamn beneath. It is really not a good time to be this series second tier…or third tier. 1.216 kata lagi