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Impressions: Jurassic world and Attack on Titan trailers

A couple of trailers are out for the Jurassic world and the live-action Japanese Attack on Titan movies
(attached below). Here are my thoughts:

To be honest, that Jurassic world trailer looks like crap, the shots are all over the place and I am not sure what this thing is all about. 214 more words


Attack on Titan and Fairy Tail Manga to be Translated in Filipino

Yes you read it right! The two manga will have a release in the native language of the Philippines, Filipino. 104 more words


Attack On Titan (2015) - When Titans Attack

To call Attack on Titan a hit anime series would be quite the understatement. The series based on Hajime Isayama’s equally-as-popular manga kicked off a worldwide phenomena. 381 more words


ANIME TALK: Titans on the big screen

The second trailer for the upcoming, live action adaptation of Isayama Hajime’s Shingeki no Kyojin (alt. Attack on Titan) just came out. And I am freaking pumped 928 more words

Viva-PSICOM to release Fairy Tail and Attack on Titans manga translated in Filipino

Viva-PSICOM Publishing will be announcing that they will be releasing Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail and Hajime Isayama Attack on Titan manga locally and it is translated in Filipino. 51 more words


Novo Trailer do live-action de Attack on Titan

Ontem o website oficial dos filmes live-action de Attack on Titan começou a exibir um novo trailer.

Ontem fizemos a postagem do novo poster do filme juntamente com algumas informações sobre este projeto, para ver o nosso post carregue aqui.