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kim kibum of shinee is literally the complete package as an idol. he has the visual, he can sing, dance (extremely well), rap, compose, act, he’s multilingual, he’s naturally funny but he also knows how to be funny on tv, he’s active on social media for us fans, he’s a fashion icon who encourages self expression regardless of society’s standards and most importantly just a really nice person ????

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[Trans] KEY 'Why Are You Here Feat.CoCo' Lyrics + 歌詞 聞き取り

KEY “Why Are You Here Feat. CoCo” Lyrics

Ooh to think that you’d also be here
You sure have changed
Ooh only people who “play” around day and night come… 524 kata lagi


[TRANS] KEY 'Hologram' Lyrics + 歌詞 聞き取り

KEY ‘Hologram’ Lyrics

I’m digging into real love
I’m looking at you, you’re hot hot
I’m digging into real love

I’m gonna scream it, I want it…

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10 Best Kpop Comeback in 2018

Disclaimer: I’m totally bias to GOT7 and SHINee as well. You will be seeing quite a fair bit of them since both groups have a few releases this year. 838 kata lagi

SHINee Minho - Colour Pencil Drawing

10.12.18 – The first drawing with my 132 Prismacolor Premier set and the fifth drawing in my sketchbook, of SHINee Minho. I recommend tutorials made by Kirsty Patridge – without watching her tutorials on very basic stuff, I would not be able to draw at all, since I never properly learnt drawing. 46 kata lagi

Drawing And Painting

SHINee Minho: My first coal drawing

14.05.18 – My first coal drawing of SHINee Minho. I had seen him in variety shows and dramas before, but only came to like him around November 2017. 14 kata lagi

Drawing And Painting

Onew - Under The Starlight (동네) Lyrics [Hangeul + Romanization + Indonesian Trans.]

Title: Under The Starlight (동네)
Lyrics/작사: 이신성, Zigzag Note
Composer/작곡: Zigzag Note, 김선웅
Indonesia Translator/역자: 김윤서
Arranger/편곡: Zigzag Note, 김선웅 412 kata lagi

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