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Concert Review: SHINee Invites Dallas to an Extravaganza of Iconic Hits

Friday was a big day for SHINee, as it marked the quintet’s first full solo concert debut on US soil. The group returned to the… 1.152 kata lagi


Key INS Update

“I got these paper ‘Hug’s from a beautiful lady who I met in a vancouver bus-as U guys can see- . what she did really touched my heart . thank you”

cr: bumkeyk


Japan 2014: Exploring Sapporo and Tokyo (Part 2)

If last time we toured around Sapporo, this part will be mostly about Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Tokyo is probably one of the famous cities around the world. 781 kata lagi


Self-Care Friday (Week 7)

I finished another kdrama this week! My friend N and I, who saw SHINee together on Sunday, finished Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo on Sunday (before our concert, actually). 593 kata lagi

Music I Quite Like

My Ex Husband's Wedding - 05


Author : Rania CL

Main Cast : Choi Minho, Krystal Jung.

Genre : Romance.

Leght : short-series

The truth is, I never forget you… 1.973 kata lagi