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Song Review: UV x Shindong - Marry Man

At what point does a “joke” song become a “real” song? The last time comedy duo UV hit it big with a high profile collaboration was in 2011 with… 272 kata lagi


Lee Da-hae in “Guesthouse Daughters” Episodes 6-8

It is better late than never, right? ;)

As promised and now that the task seems easier knowing that I don’t have much left to do since the program ended, here is another recap for “ 1.836 kata lagi

Lee Da-hae

Super Junior Kejutkan Penggemar di Instagram

Sudah lama tidak tampil bersama, anggota Super Junior kejutkan para ELF di Instagram.

Kemarin (17/04) Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin dan Kyuhyun mengobati rasa rindu penggemarnya dengan muncul bersama di… 269 kata lagi



Total Score: 4.40

MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 4
Singing Quality: 4
Contextual Fit: 3

Lyrics Only | Live (not good, as usual – most of everyone aside from KRY is out of tune) 362 kata lagi


잘해봐 (Good Luck!!)

Total Score: 8.00

MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 8
Singing Quality: 7
Contextual Fit: 5

Lyrics Only

Release Date: 05/05/2008

Oh my god, this song is adorable. 406 kata lagi


둘이 (You & I)

Total Score: 6.40

MV: n/a
Sound Quality: 6
Singing Quality: 4
Contextual Fit: 5

Lyrics Only

Release Date: 05/05/2008

Oh hey it’s this song! I didn’t realize what song this was going to be, or even that this song was an SJ-Happy song; I just knew it as “the song that they taught the dance to the audience in one of the Super Shows, and it’s ‘ooo-eeeee, da da da da da ooo-eeee'”, haha. 246 kata lagi


파자마 파티 (Pajama Party)

Total Score: 6.00

MV: 6
Sound Quality: 5
Singing Quality: 6
Contextual Fit: 4

MV | Lyrics Only

Release Date: 05/05/2008

“Pajama Party” sounds like a happy bouncy disco song, but it is possibly the dirtiest song Super Junior ever did! 633 kata lagi