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If You See a Bottle of Shampoo with a New Barcode on It, Here's What It Really Means

Who doesn’t love a great deal, especially when it comes to finding expensive hair products on sale at the local drugstore? Well, as it turns out, those bottles should probably stay where they are. 415 kata lagi

Essential Oils

My Tryst With Patanjali: Review

Back when Patanjali was still a market newbie, and my parents believed everything right about the planet was Patanjali, my father decided to take a drastic step. 799 kata lagi


Quote of the day #22

Nell’attesa che questo momento passi (o che almeno UNA e dico UNA delle cose della mia vita inizi ad andare per il verso giusto), ho deciso di circondarmi di vibrazioni positive, per quanto mi sia possibile ovviamente. 47 kata lagi

Carolina Invernizio

Herbal Essences Classics Collection: Silk & Shine | Review

Over the past few years I have been on a bit of a hair care journey, it’s been long and at times somewhat painful, but now I’m on the otherside I’m ready to get back to loving my hair. 229 kata lagi


How Eco-friendly is your hair?

When I received samples of Alterna Bamboo hair products, I was immediately intrigued. The product boasts of sustainability and is Eco-certified. Their tag line is, “Because great hair should be sustainable.” Isn’t that great a company that cares about the environment?   322 kata lagi

Product Review: Fructis Grow Strong by Garnier

There’s actually a large line of Grow Strong products, but I like to keep things simple so reduced it down to a basic two-step system of the shampoo and conditioner. 301 kata lagi

Product Review

Lucky Shampoo

Finding the right shampoo is like finding the right man. You hope its scent will make you stop cross-eyed and swoon, you want it to bring out the best in you like some kind of magical transformation, and occasionally you get it in the eye and wish you hadn’t. 646 kata lagi