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Sunday Afternoon Memories

Fifty five years ago — good heavens, that makes me feel close to ancient, except I started turning the years back when I reached a certain birthday, so I’m not that old yet,  but if I were, that’s where I was that many years ago.   663 more words




  • Make sure your hair is thoroughly wet before you add your shampoo. “Hot water will open the cuticle, which is good for removing any dirt or product trapped in the hair,” says an expert.
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My No-Poo Recipie

This is my shampoo. I honestly don’t even know if I did it right, but I used a banana, avacado, a little little bit of milk, and coconut nectar. 9 more words


April Get it or Forget it


 B.App Argan Oil & Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Shampoo

I don’t know much about shampoos, because I’ve always used a limited selection. I noticed this one that had argan oil in it and thought I’d try it out. 1.678 more words

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Top 6 Shampoo in My mini haul

Hi all today i am sharing my haul of shampoo which i bought for hair care. I have normal hairs but with split ends and i have dandruff issue also. 388 more words


Empties - April 2015

Having spent the first half of the month back home, I haven’t used up many products this month, however I have a lot of almost-empty bottles and make-up stuff so the month of May will definitely be an interesting one! 612 more words


For A Happier Head

So I haven’t been active on this for quite a while. Hoping to change that over this summer. Over the last year I’ve started a course in Film and Broadcasting in Dublin Institute of Technology. 17 more words

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