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Just launced the website of “Sanshiru-ko”! Look forward to meet lots of people who are intrested in sanshiru and the culture of southern islands in Japan through this site!


Six of our favorite songs performed on traditional Japanese instruments to get you to the weekend

From “Shake it off” to “Smooth Criminal”, these Japanese cover songs will definitely have you tapping your toes!  471 kata lagi


Shamisen Shopping

I started taking Shamisen lesson from October.  Shamisen (三味線) is a Japanese instrument with three strings that became popular in Edo era.  It’s kind of like a guitar.   357 kata lagi


Day 21

Date: Dec 26, 2015

What I did:

By some miracle did not wake up hungover!

Went ahead and went with Mark to get some breakfast, even though I asked if anyone wanted to get breakfast with me the night before most everyone declined because the majority had to pack to leave. 466 kata lagi


Wagakki Life, Part I - Taking Up Shamisen

It’s gotten cold here in Suzuka. I finally broke out my heavy jacket in the past couple weeks. Things have been busy the past couple months. 385 kata lagi


Recording Shamisen

Patrick Oiye, a current Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble member, has a passion playing Tsugaru Shamisen. Since we both have a lot of free time, I wouldn’t mind experimenting on recording this rare instrument! 398 kata lagi


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Victory.”

“What my life would have been like if I had chosen a different path at that time?”

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