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Classical Japanese music, just for you!

Japanese music has a long tradition, dating back to the households of the Emperor and his nobles. Our guests often choose to experience that tradition in the comfort of a private pre-dinner performance at their accommodation. 92 kata lagi


Tsukasa Kaito

“O senhor Tsukasa é um grande professor!”, essa foi a primeira coisa que pensei quando soube da sua dedicação à música tradicional japonesa e pude assistir algumas de suas apresentações com o grupo da família Kaito. 968 kata lagi

Os Imigrantes

Tamie Kitahara

Tamie Kitahara é mestra em koto e shamisen pela escola Seiha do Japão e tem dado aula desses instrumentos tradicionais japoneses por mais de 30 anos, bem como aulas de… 3.457 kata lagi

Os Imigrantes

Wagakki Band announces second album, due to be released this September

We have great news for all our Wagakki Band fans: The group has officially announced their second album! To be released this September, the record will be titled  479 kata lagi



Shamisen is a Japanese musical instrument with a slim and fretless neck with a drum like body. Shamisen is usually made of dog skin, or nowadays, plastic. 34 kata lagi


Yoshida Brothers - Ibuki

The Yoshida Brothers (吉田兄弟 Yoshida Kyōdai) are Japanese musicians who have released several albums on the Domo Records label.

The two brothers are performers of the traditional Japanese music style of… 114 kata lagi


Facebook Status Compilation #50

May Part III

May 15th: Did a food word relay with 8th grade that I’ve done before with 7th graders…(which meant that they didn’t know what toast or lemons actually were hehehe) The Most-Taiwanese-Answer-I’ve-Ever-Heard-In-Class Award after I said “This is not a lemon” goes to Lichi who exclaimed “Na si senme!? 325 kata lagi