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#1 - Shamisen MiyakoDori Recording

So. I can finally play my first 古典 from start to end, albeit with mistakes and hesitations.
I decided to do a recording of it from start to end, with Sensei’s singing and playing a duet in some of the parts.

Recording of 都鳥 (MiyakoDori)


Dinner with Sensei and Shamisen Class

Sensei drove over to my workplace at 1715, and we had dinner together before my lesson.

He asked me what I would like to eat, and I went “Vegetables!”. 110 kata lagi


New Month - 1st Sept

So. It has been about a month.
Everything has been more or less settled now.
Best thing ever is that I finally started learning the Shamisen. 137 kata lagi


Now for Something Completely Different... Shamisen Edition

Instead of poetry, I thought I would upload a video to YouTube of me playing my version of Kodo by the Yoshida Bros.  Now, it’s not perfect and the sound is pretty bad, but it took me so many takes to get that much of it right. 145 kata lagi

Shamisen Lesson

I was excited for the whole of today because it’s Shamisen 見学&初体験 this evening!
Left straight for my sensei’s place after work. Wakuwakuwakuwakuwakuwaku.
I 見学-ed a current student. 168 kata lagi


I need a change...

Are we given ear worms for a purpose? Is there a hidden message somewhere in repetition of a line of a song, or the title of the song? 143 kata lagi

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