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shamisen! (haibun fantasy)

Behind the waterfall there is no time, there is no pain, there is no loss. There is only love and light and the inexpressible joy of being a fairy.  499 more words

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Song of the Day - Rising

Let me take this opportunity to introduce you guys to a completely different genre of Japanese music – the Tsugaru -Jamisen.

Tsugaru-Jamisen (津軽三味線) is considered the most recognised form of Shamisen ( a Japanese traditional 3 stringed instrument , with a sound which is strikingly similar to the American banjo ) music. 64 more words


Shamisen is a cat that the SOS Brigade used for their movie. Haruhi wished him to be a talking cat and so when Kyon brought him home, he did talk. 40 more words


Aomori #5: Tsugaru Shamisen (津軽三味線)

Aomori’s fifth postcard features a man playing the Tsugaru Shamisen. Shamisen is a traditional Japanese instrument with three strings, adapted from a similar Chinese instrument introduced around the 16th century. 328 more words


Famikoto celebrates Nintendo with medley of game music played on traditional instruments【J-Tunes】

It should be no secret that we at RocketNews24 love traditional Japanese music. Whether its Ki&Ki with their tsugaru-jamisen songs or the Wagakki Band… 508 more words