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VoK 322: The Warlock's Maze aka The Great Linear ASOIAF Re-read Part 21

In this episode, the Vassals cover events from May 299 to 10th June and chapters Tyrion 7, Theon 2, Dany 2, Bran 4, and Ayra 7 from A Clash of Kings. 161 kata lagi


Battle of the Bastards- Game of Thrones

Hey there, Andals, Northerners, Iron Men, Free Volk and Men of the Nightswatch (and whoever else I forgot)

That episode was intense…

Just to warn you, there gonna be spoilers. 120 kata lagi


VoK 302: The Hedge Knight (by George R. R. Martin)


The Vassals of Kingsgrave embarks on a new journey to read, discuss, and theorize at length on The Tales of Dunk and Egg stories written by George R.R. 174 kata lagi


White Walkers Win- Fifth Digest

*This post was written before Game of Thrones Season Six Episode Four premiered. It is in response to Episode Three: Oathbreaker.

Don’t mind me. I’m just over here crying for fictional characters. 199 kata lagi

Self Reflection

Bob Taylor Chases Girls

The following is from Motion Picture magazine, February 1937.

A reporter on a Hollywood paper got the thrill of his life, just the other day.  He’s got a gal friend who works in movies and lives at the Girls’ Studio Club, where a score or more of the screen’s most beautiful young actresses live.  102 kata lagi

Robert Taylor