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Mutt Vinyl or Mutt Silk?

138. Dulux

As promised in our recent UMSA entry, this delightfully taut & toned ‘lipped’ Bell is the second and final trade mug in our super-exciting “Aberysthwyth Collection”. 320 kata lagi

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A limerick poet’s glory,

Is an extremely short story…

No shaggy dogs

Or multi-word logs,

Just sweet and short and gory! 16 kata lagi

By Jonathan Caswell

health=wealth pt. 2

After attending two professionally taught yoga classes, i decided to give it a try by myself at home. Now although I know the basic poses, I went ahead and downloaded an app called Simply Yoga just for guidance. 226 kata lagi


Shaggy Pooch 🍱

I got this idea from seeing a picture of a sheepdog with really cool dreadlocks and thought about using udon to try creating a caricature of it. 111 kata lagi

Little Bentos

Bad Hair Day

Ever have one of those days?

Select your favorite caption for this photo.

1.  I’m stylin’. I’m stylin’.

2. I hate when it rains right after a perm. 20 kata lagi


Lazy Sunday 

No, I’m not asleep! My hair just covers my eyes! I swear!

Episode 551: Cruel World

“I’ve always wanted to at least not hurt you in any way.”

Welcome back to another week of Dark Shadows, the pop culture sensation that’s been gaining in popularity as its storylines grow progressively darker.

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Gordon Russell