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White Walkers Win- Fifth Digest

*This post was written before Game of Thrones Season Six Episode Four premiered. It is in response to Episode Three: Oathbreaker.

Don’t mind me. I’m just over here crying for fictional characters. 199 kata lagi

Self Reflection

Bob Taylor Chases Girls

The following is from Motion Picture magazine, February 1937.

A reporter on a Hollywood paper got the thrill of his life, just the other day.  He’s got a gal friend who works in movies and lives at the Girls’ Studio Club, where a score or more of the screen’s most beautiful young actresses live.  102 kata lagi

Robert Taylor

VoK 286: Shaggycast 2 - Cersei & The Valonqar

In the second Shaggycast, our hosts explore theories surrounding the Maggy the Frog prophesy regarding Cersei and the Valonqar.

Hosts: Scott AKA Shaggydog, It Rhymes with Sleek AKA Jack, Blue Eyed Queen AKA Casey; Ser Dinner Roll AKA Paul and Dark Sister 24 AKA Claire. 78 kata lagi


VoK 271: Fifty Shades Of Daario aka ASOIAF Where Are They Now?

In which the Vassals of Kingsgrave discuss where various characters in George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire are now.

Hosts: Fire and Bud, George2016, Pops88, Blue Eyed Queen, It Rhymes with Sleek and Varley. 59 kata lagi


The Day after My Thesis Exam

On Thursday, March 17, I had thesis exam again with my other two examiners. It went fine.

After the exam, I accompanied Miss Perfume to wait for her scientific journal editor, her counsellor. 467 kata lagi

Good People & the Good Shepherd Soup Kitchen

On Monday, I attended a celebration of life for E. L. Nunn – a man who served his country and his community for most of his life. 436 kata lagi

Making A Difference

VoK 266: The Hound's Bollocks aka The Epic Linear Linear Re-read Episode 14

The dog’s bollocks, Inspector Knacker, moon dragons and Public Service Announcements?  It must be the fourteenth instalment of the epic linear ASOIAF re-read!   This week the Vassals discuss events from the week of the 9 to 17th January 299 which includes our first chapter from A Clash of Kings. 250 kata lagi