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VoK 255: Whiteraven Is All About Horses aka The ASOIAF Linear Re-read Part 11

Welcome to the eleventh installment of the Great Linear ASOIAF Re-read. In this episode we cover chapters from the first half of December 298 in A Game Of Thrones. 200 kata lagi


VoK 253: The Ricky-Bobby School of Politics aka The Great Linear ASOIAF Re-read Part 10

N+L=J; Pissing Off To Dragonstone; a Westerosi Order 66 and the hotness of Septa Mordane?  It can only be the VOK Linear Re-read, as hosted by Bina007, Brett (Whitehaven), Nadia, Noah (Pops88), Scott (Shaggydog) and Steve-on-the-forums! 121 kata lagi


VoK 248: Star Wars – The Force Awakens (RebelScum Review)

Kingsgrave – has there ever been a more wretched hive of scum and villainy?

Join rebel pilots Michal (inkasrain), Zach (Alias), Katie (Lady Griffin), Duncan (Valkyrist), Adam (drownedsnow), Amber (Amberrocks), and Scott (Shaggy Dog) for an explosive foray into… 88 kata lagi


VoK 247: The Tower of Joy aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 8)

In this episode of the epic linear re-read of Game of Thrones the Vassals cover Cat 6, Ned 10, Ned 11 and Sansa 3, which sees Cat arriving at the Eyrie, Ned’s infamous Tower of Joy reminiscences and Sansa fatefully being told she is being sent away from King’s Landing. 159 kata lagi


VoK 245: Westerosi Spanx aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 7)

Join the Vassals as they continue their epic linear re-read of Game of Thrones, focussing in this episode on the chapters covering the Tourney of the Hand. 183 kata lagi


VoK 244: R+P=D aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 6)

In the sixth part of the Linear Game of Thrones Re-read, VOK regulars Varley, Bina and Nadia are joined by lore-master Scott aka Shaggydog. They discuss the Game of Thrones chapters covering Cat’s apprehension of Tyrion, Sam’s arrival at the Wall and CSI King’s Landing. 107 kata lagi


A Thing Of Mystery

In the old crone’s house upon a table there lay

A great crystal ball concealed by cloth of gray.

The old woman ushered into the room a small girl, 194 kata lagi