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New Indicator 1878

Shared here by Gordon Cook is a picture taken in 1902 of miners descending in a cage. It is basically a cattle grid with chains, there is nothing to hold on to, and they were not slow in rising or descending either! 883 kata lagi


The Lost Art of Visual Storytelling

There are many sins that the medium of anime committed over the course of its lifespan, but today I’m going to talk about one that barely anyone seems to notice within the community and in the industry. 4.930 kata lagi


News: Professor adds Bakemonogatari as key text on Japanese Literature course

To break down the perceived barriers between light novels and literature, Mashiro Hirose, a professor in Japanese Literature at the Aichi University of Education, has added NisiOisin’s  311 kata lagi


Review: Hanamonogatari

Now in her last year of high school, Suruga Kanbaru preoccupies herself with basketball and track since her senpais Hitagi Senjougahara and Koyomi Araragi have graduated. 328 kata lagi


The Moonshaft: evidence of ancient advanced technological civilization

When we look into the history of man, there is one thing he has always done: mining, digging and tunneling underground. In the past and in the present. 469 kata lagi

Cosmic Beings

Beyond Deadpool: A Few of Liefeld's Other Character Designs

Well, it’s happened: Deadpool is a certified movie star. It was only a matter of time, thanks to that peculiar mix of charm, snark and psychosis spilling out of our boy Wade. 1.045 kata lagi