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Saturday Morning Cartoons: "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" shows us the dark side of "Magical Girl" anime

Puella Magi Madoka Magica seems innocent enough upon watching the first couple episodes. Even the opening sequence gives us the bubbly, cutesy appearance that is so common in many “magical girl” type anime, that depict younger girls having fun adventures with newfound magical powers. 1.218 kata lagi

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The Step Pyramid was built on top of a prototypical grain silo that was converted into a tomb

The Step Pyramid complex of Djoser contains a dozen shafts that appear to be grain storage bins accessible via tunnels connected to the bottom of the pits and linking to a central open stairwell. 149 kata lagi


Shaft #1

One of my favorite movies is the original Shaft with Richard Roundtree. For it’s time it was revolutionary because the main character, an African American, was playing a dominant role normally played by white folks. 712 kata lagi


Dometic 385310954 Ball and Shaft Kit with Spring Cartridge

Dometic 385310954 Ball and Shaft Kit with Spring Cartridge

Fits EcoVac and 5000 Series Marine Toilets (excluding model 5006). Also works with models 110, 210, and 510-H.

List Price: $ 49.95
Price: $ 49.99
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Richard Roundtree Sunday Post

Where is Richard Roundtree? Have you seen him lately? According to Wikipedia, he is the first black action hero for his portrayal of private detective… 166 kata lagi

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Shaft, Unicorns, and Morning Gloryville

We keep hearing from BMOrg’s spokespeople how the dusty desert rave is making the world a better place and transforming lives around the planet. It’s good to see some evidence of this happening. 280 kata lagi


Golf v Sex

Sculder Jane’s thoughts about Golf v Sex.

“Not really, so how does the address compare to that of foreplay?”

“It’s all about the stance, finding the position, flexing the shaft” continuing dead serious, “as you would in sex, touching, positioning, rubbing the dick making it larger.” Stopping in mid-sentence as John broken into a fit of laughter. 27 kata lagi