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Anime Summer 2017 Yang Paling Ditunggu-tunggu

Sekarang sudah pertengahan bulan Juni. Berbagai seri anime dari season Spring 2017 sebentar lagi akan selesai, kecuali yang diset 2 cour. Musim panas di Jepang… 1.291 kata lagi

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Retro Review: 'Shaft'

The movie Shaft began life as a sharply written detective flick set in the gritty streets of New York. But the reason this movie is remembered to this day is because of the revolutionary decision to cast African American model/actor Richard Roundtree in the lead role. 209 kata lagi

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Sequels to Watch Out For

This season alone we have received the long awaited sequel to Attack on Titan and the sequel to one of the best shows of 2016, My Hero Academia. 708 kata lagi


Construction of DC Machine (Motor or Generator)

A DC machine consists of the many of the components which are used to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and electrical energy into mechanical energy. 964 kata lagi


Golf Equipment: Which Driver is Best for You

Selecting the proper golf equipment for your game is tantamount to low golf scores. Ill-fitted clubs causes a loss of distance, accuracy issues, and inconsistency in your game. 882 kata lagi