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Shaft (2000)

Renegade tough guy cop John Shaft sets his sights on an over-privileged racist who murdered an innocent man and skipped bail using his father’s influence. 154 kata lagi


Shaft (1971)

Private eye John Shaft is hired by a crime boss to find his kidnapped daughter and gets caught up in the crossfire of a war between Harlem gangsters and the Mafia. 207 kata lagi


Shaft's Revenge Gives You Shaft...Up to Here

Now, I’m just going to say this right at the top. I’m one of the whitest people you’re likely to ever meet. I have German and Irish blood, and look like I should burst into flames when I’m outside. 909 kata lagi


Day 42, No. 42. Isaac Hayes

HAIRCUT 100: Day 42, No. 42. Isaac Hayes (1942–2008): Soul man, singer/songwriter, actor, producer, voice artist, and one-time owner of the Memphis Sounds basketball team. Hayes came from a Tennessee sharecropper family; his mother died young and his father abandoned his kids, leaving them to be raised by their grandparents. 293 kata lagi

Stephen Carver

Composite vs. Metal Shafts

Do you know the differences?


  1. Composite is heavier
  2. You can paint composite which makes the custom options sky high, but also adds weight to the shaft…
  3. 33 kata lagi

Friends, prospective speakers, countrymen, "Bumpy" from Shaft, lend me your ears ...

After the summer lull, we’re moving headlong into trade show season — and with that, the desire for tech vendors to be seen as thought leaders at these shows, both as a speaker or a panelist. 883 kata lagi

Be Relevant


You may think you a thug but let black moses shows you how to be a propah bad mutha