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Journeys bring power and love back into you.

If you can’t go somewhere,

move into the passageways of the self.

They are like shafts of light, … 12 kata lagi


The Killing (1973)

Plot: John Shaft (Richard Roundtree) might be a bad man, but he also has a big heart and likes to help out those in need. When he learns that one of his old girlfriends Diana (Ja’net Dubois) has fallen onto hard times, he decides to see if he can help her get back on her feet. 648 kata lagi

3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season, episode 1

25 mins, score 7

The science/shogi club play shogi, watch a match on tv, make some ramune candy and then Rei takes some home for Momo, Hinata and Akari. 73 kata lagi


The Executioners (1973)

Plot: A series of murders has baffled police, as these killings have been unusual even by New York City’s standards. The strange circumstances around the deaths aren’t the only odd part of the crimes, as the victims seem to be criminals who were tried and found not guilty. 633 kata lagi

TIME of the SEASON Fall 2017 EDITION: MARCH Comes in Like a LION Season 2

I was going to write about another first impression back on Sunday…..but I decided to it this way instead….

Thread. My "first impression" of A Sister's All You Need.

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[Anime] Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Moral Grey Zones (Episodes 4-6)

This post is the second in a series covering ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’. The previous post can be found here.  It contains spoilers for episodes four through six, with some speculation for episodes beyond that. 4.229 kata lagi