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Cutless Bearing

Here is the link on the A30 site to the information on the baring that we all seem to have.

The Cutless Bearing is 1 3/8″ O.D. 29 kata lagi


Working In The Dark - Literally

By its very nature, and irrespective of what is being extracted,  an underground mine is a dark place to work. It has, in fact been likened to ‘being buried-alive for eight hours a day’. 239 kata lagi

Art, Industrial Art

Review: Tsukimonogatari

Yotsugi Ononoki is a shikigami doll, in as much as she’s no longer human; her cuteness belied by a perpetually empty expression and green eyes glazed in a far off stare. 419 kata lagi


Diversified Shaft Solutions 140R CV Axle Shaft

DSS 100% New CV Axle. DSS engineers, researches, designs, develops and manufactures the highest quality CV Axles and Drive Shafts for the Aftermarket. DSS works exclusively with manufacturing facilities that are verified to be the highest quality OEM equivalent or higher. 9 kata lagi