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Movie Review - "Shaft" (1971)

The poster-child film of the Blaxploitation genre.

The genre came about in the 1970s when Hollywood cinema was dying. The studio system that Hollywood had been built on for over 40 years feel apart, and there was a growing concern that television would be replacing movies. 309 kata lagi


Movie Reviews 290 – Shaft (1971)

With the highly suggestive name and title, Shaft is the movie that brought the ghetto to the big screen and along the way gave birth to the blaxploitation movie trend that continued for most of 1970’s. 477 kata lagi

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SHAFT: Startup documents

I’m going to start a series that documents my journey of forming and operating SHAFT Foundation, Inc. – my family’s nonprofit organization – inspired by years of participating in the Operation: Christmas Child project, doubled growth year-over-year, and our desire to do more of God’s work and being a smarter steward of the funds tithed by my family and donated by that of our generous friends and family who have been critical to the cause. 368 kata lagi