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Baan Tao Reloaded - Neo is back

There are times when things are just meant to fall in place. The Times Food awards for the year 2017 were announced last week of Jan and it coincided perfectly with the launch of new avatar for the 3 time winner in a row for the best pan Asian restaurant in Pune. 1.470 kata lagi

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Healthy Shabu-Shabu

I miss going to my Nutrition Hub & I went there at the right time to taste one of my friend’s healthy shabu-shabu. A Japanese hot pot dish. 152 kata lagi

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Tabehoudai (食べ放題)

Cuando escucho”come todo lo que puedas” y “bebe todo lo que puedas” mi día se ilumina. Tabehoudai y nomihoudai son por lejos mi cosa favorita de Japón. 799 kata lagi


咖啡廳全新推出溫暖窩心的時令鍋物菜單 / Contemporary Shabu-Shabu Dishes @ Grand Café - Grand Hyatt Hong Kong


由2月17日至4月14日,香港君悅酒店咖啡廳特別為即叫即煮自助晚餐時段呈獻全新傳統鍋物菜單,由主廚Marc Briol精心挑選各種從世界各地空運到港的矜貴時令食材炮製。受到日式傳統鍋物啟發,主廚Marc以無比熱情和創意推出了別出心裁的特式鍋物,讓饕客擁有不一樣的餐飲體驗,品嚐精巧而美味的溫暖佳餚。


  • 澳洲和牛肉眼配法式洋蔥
  • 澳洲和牛肉眼配時令黑松露
  • 海帶燻製比目魚
  • 椰子海南雞



What could be better than having a hot simmering pot in front of you during the dreary and cold weather? 194 kata lagi


Ggotmareum Shabu-Shabu Buffet

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐



Ggotmareum Shabu is situated close to Pohang city hall. Like many Shabu places, it has a buffet as well. This buffet has quite a good selection of sushi as well as the usual fried chicken, salads and pasta. 124 kata lagi


Kyoto Sampler

Kyoto is famous for its authentic Japanese cuisine such as traditional shabu-shabu, ramen, and, of course, sushi. 23 kata lagi