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Kyoto Sampler

Kyoto is famous for its authentic Japanese cuisine such as traditional shabu-shabu, ramen, and, of course, sushi. 23 kata lagi



Oh Mokkoji, I apologize.  Thinking you were just another ordinary shabu shabu restaurant, I’ve walked past you on more than a few occasions.  I frequent the plaza you are in quite often, yet, why did it take so long for me to step inside and give you a try!?  524 kata lagi


とちぎ家 Tochigiya - Local Meat

Tochigiya (とちぎ家, not to be confused with とちぎ屋 or とちぎや or 栃木家 eateries) sits on the second floor of a building right down from Odori, and is not to be mistaken with Yakiniku Grate (焼肉グレート), another meat-centric restaurant that is much more modern-looking and flashy, with its music and sound effects and smells, than where I went. 620 kata lagi


Food Diary: New York

Though I was born and live on the West Coast, I fly to New York at least once a year to visit my family for the past two decades, almost. 931 kata lagi

New York

Hokkaido, Japan 2016 Day 1: Arrival in Hokkaido!

My trip to Hokkaido began bright and early on Sunday, October 2, 2016.  We checked out of the hotel in Hong Kong and went to take the bus to the airport at 6 a.m. 548 kata lagi


Mo-Mo-Paradise at Pantai Indah Kapuk PIK Jakarta

January 24th, 2017. Before it’s opened for public, I got a chance to visit them, but unfortunately, I had another event at the same time. So, I had to pass the chance. 434 kata lagi

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