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Here we go….. Weekend in Phnom Penh be like…..

  • Lets explore the mall! We have only one big mall here and it is new – it is AEON, so pretty much sure it is not bad and crowded.
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Washoku SATO at Mall of Indonesia MOI Kelapa Gading Jakarta

May 2nd, 2017. Whoaaaa.. almost a month ago. I was too busy. LOL. Too busy eating hahaha.. Well, Cindy asked me to join her to visit… 191 kata lagi

Food And Beverage

Why Shabu-Shabu is Bad for You

I’m now addicted to shabu-shabu.

This is something that I really needed to confess.

It’s not my fault. A friend pushed me to try it and I tasted it nonetheless. 401 kata lagi


Kindergarten bento - Japanese vs Italian (29 & 30 May/17)

Which bento do you prefer? Japanese bento with rice, or Italian bento with pasta?


Pork shabu-shabu salad, Nori seaweed omelet, Stir-fried potato & spinach, Cherry tomato, Rice with furikake sprinkle. 26 kata lagi

Japanese 日本食

Got my hair cut and ate shabu-shabu finally!

Sorry for the lack of posts!

There’s a lot i have to study plus i have been a bit ill. ^^;

I am really bad at updating, i will try from now on to post once per week atleast. 1.006 kata lagi


Central Kyoto: palaces, markets and shabu-shabu

Kyoto is known for being the former capital city of Japan and its numerous shrines and temples. It is only about an hours train ride from Osaka, so it’s a convenient day trip if you’re staying there. 710 kata lagi


Mo-Mo Paradise - PIK, Jakarta

There’s a new All You Can Eat authentic Shabu-Shabu restaurant in town and it’s called Mo-Mo Paradise! I was so thrilled to be invited because I missed their media/blogger event when they first open in late January. 545 kata lagi