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Tokyo and Kyoto - Part 7 - Day 5 Gyuzen

In efforts to fill all the gaps of trying all types of food Japan is known for, we searched for an affordable place to try wagyu beef. 344 kata lagi


Day 66 - Relatives

Today is the second day of the New Year. I called my parents and god-parents before I went to Che Kung Temple. Today I also hit two new lows, my weight and blood glucose level!!! 103 kata lagi

Travel Series: Osaka, Japan, Shabu Shabu Yasuda

Shabu Shabu Yasuda しゃぶしゃぶやすだ
2-3-15 Kemacho Miyakojima-ku Osaka Osaka
大阪府 大阪市都島区 毛馬町 2-3-15

Although we only spent one night in Osaka, we were in good hands so we had a pretty amazing culinary experience in less than 24 hours. 496 kata lagi

26 Jan '16 : 2nd Suki-ya Trip


The beautiful sunrise… On route to school!

It was after RFA! And we decided to go for Shabu Shabu again at Suki-ya! We chose 2 Shabu Shabu broths, one pork bone broth and kimchi broth. 180 kata lagi



68 Orchard Road #04-63/67 Plaza Singapura Singapore  238839
Tel: 6884 5423
How much would it cost per pax?
Lunch $18.90++ / Dinner $24.90++
What is their serving time: 772 kata lagi


Dada Shabu Shabu Buffet

Oof, is it that time already? Yeah, I suppose it is. I don’t go out to eat every day, but someone was buying me lunch, so how could I refuse? 775 kata lagi


Shabu-Shabu Food Festival at Hyatt, Pune

Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar is back with the popular Shabu-Shabu

After successfully running this one of a kind, interactive food festival for two consecutive years, Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar is once again hosting the popular ‘ 331 kata lagi

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