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Shibuya Shabu @ Bangkok

If you too bored with the Thai food and looking for premium sushi or shabu shabu for reasonable price, just head to Shibuya Shabu. They are offering you the premium quality of the sashimi, various type of sushi (such as Gyu Jo-Karubi, Unagi, Katauo, Hotate and Ikura) and also beef (for shabu shabu). 173 kata lagi


1 May '16: Suki-ya with family

I have to say we had great time digging into a pot of hot savoury soup with That day’s shabu shabu meal was quite a spontaneous one. 930 kata lagi


Joy of Shabu Shabu

Shabu shabu is a Japanese hotpot dish. Basically, you cook the meat and vegetables in boiling water/broth on the table instead of the kitchen. Unlike sukiyaki, shabu shabu tends to be more savory than sweet. 174 kata lagi


Ajimori (あぢもり)

I have been trying to go Ajimori (technically, it’s supposed to be “Adimori” in English, but that doesn’t make sense to me) for a while now and finally got in without a reservation last night. 329 kata lagi

Japanese (washoku)

Shabuhouse - Brisbane CBD

What I have determined is the best Asian restaurants in Brisbane seem to be hidden… to some extent.

Sushi is my weakness and I usually have it at least once a week, so finding out about an all-you-can-eat sushi bar, which also specialises in shabu shabu, honestly made me cry. 608 kata lagi


Juan (寿庵)

Juan is a very nice shabu shabu restaurant that I just discovered is a local chain restaurant (in this case there are only three locations, all in Kagoshima) that’s part of the… 355 kata lagi

Japanese (washoku)

Ichinisan (いちにいさん)

Ichinisan has multiple locations around Japan but this review is for the main location near Kotsukigawa in Kagoshima city. I highly recommend the steamed kurobuta (black pork) shabu shabu pictured below. 206 kata lagi

Japanese (washoku)