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Restaurant Review: Lucky Cat (upper east side, NYC)

Wandered around last night with a group of ten and looking for ramen on the upper east side. Totto was full. Hide ramen upstairs was also full. 179 kata lagi


Shabu shabu and Parisian desserts

Despite that Im Chinese I’ve never had hot pot outside of home before so this was my first restaurant hot pot experience. This is the Korean version of hot pot aka shabu shabu. 106 kata lagi


Ponzu / Goma sauces
😍Ponzu is a lemony soy sauce that I find to be very refreshing during a hot day. It has a savory, sour taste. 287 kata lagi

Hangry Birdz

Japanese Food

I have been watching a travel show on TV where the host is in Tokyo. That made my mind wander to Japanese food, so I will share pictures from some of the previous posts I have written about Japanese Food. 212 kata lagi


Unlimited Shabu Shabu and Barbecue: Tong Yang

If you love to cook (or pretend to cook ;) ), and love eat-all-you-can restaurants, then I would recommend Tong Yang for you! I myself love eat-all-you-can restos because of the wide variety of cravings that I can satsfy all at the same time. 419 kata lagi


MK Shabu Shabu Restaurant in Shinjuku 

MK restaurant has been serving shabu shabu in Thailand since the 1960’s according to the company’s original Thai website.

I actually didn’t know that this popular franchise actually had branches in Japan let alone Shinjuku, but I had to try it since a friend of mine was raving how great it was when she used to live in Thailand. 271 kata lagi


Tenka, Glorietta4

I’m really into Japanese food. So when we discovered Tenka, I’m really dying to try it.

Tenka is an eat all you can shabu-shabu restaurant located at Glorietta 4. 153 kata lagi