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Imahan - Tokyo, Japan

The place I am sharing with you today is truly special. A very unique experience, outstanding food and a real insight into Japanese culture. Ready? Let’s go! 663 kata lagi


Hotpot gathering - Nevena is back in town ✌🏻️

so happy that my dearest flute teacher is back in town – we both hate london deeply – yes we got the traditional hotpot soup that’s one side spicy and the other side non-spicy… 113 kata lagi


Taiwan's Sun Moon Lake Full House Resort: luscious food in a cool setting [classic article]

There are times that you step into a place and you know instantly that you’ll remember it the rest of your life. The vibe is friendly, the atmosphere is so home-like, you feel like you’ve already been there many times. 397 kata lagi


Shaburi PIM 2, All You Can Eat Shabu-Shabu in Jakarta

Ini bisa jadi pilihan kalau mau makan shabu-shabu di PIM. Harganya 180,000-an/pax untuk waktu makan 70 menit.

This restaurant is good if you looking for shabu-shabu in jakarta/ in mall Pondok Indah 2, price around 15USD/Person include all beef and vegetables and drink (ocha, softdrink, tea) ice cream and coffee. 78 kata lagi

Ay Eat

Shabugen @ Akasaka, Tokyo

Shabugen is a specialise Japanese Beef Shabu-shabu place. So don’t come and expect to get seafood. They had only recently offer Pork, but will frown when you order that. 458 kata lagi

Fine Dining

Shabu Shabu Onyasai, Hatchobori

Took me forever to figure out the English name to this place. This shabu shabu all-you-can-eat place is in the same building as Gyu-Kaku (much easier to find), but on the 4th floor. 66 kata lagi


Hot Pot vs. Shabu-Shabu

Upon discovering that there are quite a number of people who still can’t distinguish the difference between hot pot and shabu-shabu, I’ve become determined to come on here to elaborate. 1.014 kata lagi

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