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Hundred Degree Hot Pot

Shabu-Shabu or hotpot restaurants had been more widely known now and it has been loved and liked by a lot of people. It is not only easy to cook but also it is much healthier. 539 kata lagi

The years 1872 and 1945 in Hiroshima

And my love for WAGYU


Historically, Japan had banned meat-eating for 1,200 years. As I looked at the beef being seared in front of me in steak house ‘ 403 kata lagi

Birthday treat at All4U, SM East Ortigas

All-you-can-eat Korean barbecue joints have sprouted up all over the metro, spurred no doubt by the proliferation of K-pop and other Korean what’s-its in Filipino pop culture. 487 kata lagi

Where To Eat

Steam Boat becoming my Love Boat!

The Asian Box has always been one of my go to places for Asian food. Their Khao Suey is and will always be my comfort food. 428 kata lagi

Old Door Post 老门框爆肚 @ Beijing

Another type of hotpot, Instant Boiled Mutton 涮(shuàn)羊肉, doesn’t sound like much. But the knowledge and technique behind it has been passed down for hundreds of years. 953 kata lagi

Simple Fare

Wine @ Shabu-Shabu Tokyo

I recommend going for shabu-shabu, which is very tasty and will not disappoint. But make sure to say shabu-shabu and not sukiyaki, as the two are very different. 532 kata lagi


Korean BBQ and Hot-Pot

Location: Q Buffet in Rancho Cucamonga.

Info: $14.99 for all you can eat Korean BBQ and Hot Pot.

Korean BBQ is becoming really popular. Nowadays you mention Korean food, usually the first thing people say is kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) or Korean BBQ. 462 kata lagi