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Tenka Shabu-Shabu

One of the best deals in town, is an ‘Eat All You Can’ offer. At Php450 per voucher, Tenka Japanese Shabu-Shabu in Glorietta, is one of the places you can pick. 304 kata lagi



It seems like all we do is eat. Might as well eat something heavenly right? Worth the calories and peso!

SALT! Favorite. makes everything extra extra yum yum  in my tum tum! 61 kata lagi


Baan Tao Reloaded - Neo is back

There are times when things are just meant to fall in place. The Times Food awards for the year 2017 were announced last week of Jan and it coincided perfectly with the launch of new avatar for the 3 time winner in a row for the best pan Asian restaurant in Pune. 1.470 kata lagi

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Nikuya Charcoal Grill & Shabu Shabu, Estancia Mall

Mr. A and I have been craving for shabu shabu for a few weeks now and last Sunday I chanced upon a post from Booky (app). 796 kata lagi


Healthy Shabu-Shabu

I miss going to my Nutrition Hub & I went there at the right time to taste one of my friend’s healthy shabu-shabu. A Japanese hot pot dish. 152 kata lagi

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Tabehoudai (食べ放題)

Cuando escucho”come todo lo que puedas” y “bebe todo lo que puedas” mi día se ilumina. Tabehoudai y nomihoudai son por lejos mi cosa favorita de Japón. 799 kata lagi