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Steamboat Buffet Below RM40 in KL @ Shasa Shabu Restaurant, Cheras

It’s been awhile since our last Powerpuff Girls meetup (my ex-colleagues and I called ourselves that, haha!), and since it was inconvenient for H to drive, P and I braved an hour of horrendous Saturday night traffic (why don’t you stay at home, other people!?) to… 370 kata lagi


Reason why I can never be a vegan: All You Can Eat Meat Buffet.

Jiganasuki, Sukajadi, Bandung

How I Wish I Could Marry Food.

Savory Shabu-shabu in Shin Jeju

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted anything about Jeju’s delicious food… Sorry about that!

But this weekend we had some really good Shabu-shabu at Nohyeong Rotary in Shin Jeju, so we’d like to share. 163 kata lagi


Hello Painter's Tape!

Painter’s Tape, the newest neighborhood restaurant in Gardena has very simple instructions for customers walking in. They are as follows: 1) Show up with fun people. 767 kata lagi

Hello Kitty


Here we go….. Weekend in Phnom Penh be like…..

  • Lets explore the mall! We have only one big mall here and it is new – it is AEON, so pretty much sure it is not bad and crowded.
  • 339 kata lagi

Washoku SATO at Mall of Indonesia MOI Kelapa Gading Jakarta

May 2nd, 2017. Whoaaaa.. almost a month ago. I was too busy. LOL. Too busy eating hahaha.. Well, Cindy asked me to join her to visit… 191 kata lagi

Food And Beverage

Why Shabu-Shabu is Bad for You

I’m now addicted to shabu-shabu.

This is something that I really needed to confess.

It’s not my fault. A friend pushed me to try it and I tasted it nonetheless. 401 kata lagi