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Shabu Ghin, Jakarta

Shabu Ghin is all you can eat restaurant that had 4 type of beef that you can choose. There are Special, Premium, Wagyu, and Premium Wagyu Beef. 296 kata lagi


Tong Yang, Unexpectedly!

We were looking for somewhat fast. No queues. No waiting time. Just a walking distance from the office. But, it didn’t turn out as planned. We ended up waiting and we needed a cab ride on our way back. 279 kata lagi


A Primer in Washoku 和食

Japanese cuisine has been accepted all around the world for its elegance and deliciousness, and what better place than Kyoto to enjoy Washoku in its entirety. 882 kata lagi


Wensha Spa: A Review

Wensha seems to have become a household name for those who are really into luxurious spa or relaxation. I have heard enough stories about Wensha and have also seen its establishment across the World Trade Center in Pasay. 347 kata lagi


Kisoji @ Shinjuku

Kisoji is a budget chain to savour Wagyu and Shabu-shabu. They have many stores across Japan and have ventured outside. And the secret to their success was not the price, it was the service. 672 kata lagi

Good Eats

Gokudo Shabu Shabu Hot Pot - Richmond

Update: Highly recommend making reservations because it can fill it very fast and they have limited seating to give you the ultimate experience :)

I’ve been here before right after getting picked up from the airport only because I heard about it from… 297 kata lagi



In Japan I had few guidelines choosing a place where to have dinner: availability of English menus or menus with pictures, quantity of Japanese customers, restaurant appearances and last one prices. 489 kata lagi