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Steamboat Experience and a Happy Tummy Ever After!

When I was in Singapore 6 years ago and a friend or colleague invited me to steamboat, I was always the ‘Yes’ man. During those days, eating on an unlimited buffet belonged to one of my short term goals since I don’t know how to cook and when I cook, it’s the unhealthy fried-everything style or worse, it tasted as awful as hell. 613 kata lagi

Awesome Experience

桃 Paradise

Finally. The ever elusive Momo Paradise was in my grasp as I walked in with my group for lunch on a balmy Sunday afternoon (April 17th 2016). 857 kata lagi


The Revenge of the Firefly Squid

Firefly squid.  Just think how much fun life could be if your first name was “Firefly.”  Firefly Vapnek sounds very interesting, don’t you think?  I think the name “Firefly”initially influenced how I felt about eating these small creatures.   497 kata lagi

Living In Kyoto

Taipei hotpot (Shabu shabu)

This was our last dinner in town last night and it was very tasty! The spicy side of our pot also contained congealed duck blood which I enjoyed (super paleo). 56 kata lagi


Kobe Beef Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki in Ginza : Seryna

Seryna is a old-skool up-market Shabu Shabu & Sukiyaki restaurant that specialised in serving Kobe beef and Kani leg dishes.

If you’re hungry, and rushing for time, then maybe someplace like Imahan would be a better option. 160 kata lagi


Food: Morals Village Hot Pot

How many have you like going to hot pot (shabu shabu)? Have you been to a place recently but it wasn’t as great as you thought? 829 kata lagi


Norwegian Cruise Line unveil plans for innovative new ship

In October 2015, cruisers were treated to Norwegian Cruise Line’s first spectacular Breakaway Plus Class vessel, Norwegian Escape. Norwegian Cruise Line is certainly an innovator within the world of cruising, and this ship did not disappoint. 729 kata lagi