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[SHA] Failed Fallout Shelters

Fallout shelters. Secure rooms, build below ground and stocked with everything the occupants would need to survive the first weeks in relative safety. In any post-apocalyptic setting these are little treasure hoards, especially those whose builders and owners did not made it. 189 kata lagi


Hashing messages using various hash algorithms in .NET

A hash of a message can be viewed as its unique identifier. A series of bytes, such as a string, can be converted into hash, also called a message digest. 538 kata lagi


The 'Empire' Cast Throws Their Support Behind Hillary Clinton In Lee Daniels-Directed Ad

So which candidate is the cast of “Empire” voting for in the upcoming presidential election?

If you answered, “Not Trump!” then you’d be correct, and the cast of the hip-hop hit appears in a new pro-Hillary Clinton campaign video directed by “Empire” creator Lee Daniels. 60 kata lagi


[SHA] Ssssnake-Men!

Snake-Men. Which player or player-character does not pause at the thought of having to confront something that is a mix of one of the most brutal, relentless and successful species of the world mixed with with traits of a snake? 183 kata lagi


[SHA]Special Halloween Discount

Halloween is raising its pumpkin head over the horizon and you might want to create a special RPG session for your friends. And what would be better than a little generator for strange & cruel titles? 84 kata lagi


Mandarin vocabulary: shark - 鲨鱼 - shāyú

English Simp. Trad. Pīnyīn Pin1yin1 shark 鲨 shāyú sha1yu2 shark 鲛 jiāo yú jiao1 yu2 great white shark 20 kata lagi

Feng Shui Fun On The Run

Avoid creating a long straight path to the stove. Sha chi rips and tears as it races. Accidents are probable.
Learn how to identify and cure sha chi situations when you SUBSCRIBE! 36 kata lagi

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