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ESP32 Espruino: Applying the SHA1 hash algorithm

The objective of this post is to explain how to apply the SHA1 hashing algorithm to a text input using Espruino, running on the ESP32. The tests were performed using a DFRobot’s  570 kata lagi


Uneven Distribution of Requests on Large Scale Clusters

In this post, we are going to talk about one of the issues that we faced on our production environment while partitioning.

Some Basic Terminologies: 981 kata lagi


Invorto Reverse Dictionary v2.0

* අදුනන්නේ නැති නම්බරෙකින් මිස් කෝල් එකක් ආවද?
* නම්බර් එකක අයිතිකාරයා හොයාගන්න ඕනද?

හොයාගන්න ඕන නම්බර් එක දුන්නා, ෆේස්බුක් contacts වලින් ඒ අංකයට අදාළ කෙනාගේ ෆොටෝ එකත් එක්කම බලාගත්තා. 6 kata lagi


Hidden Truths - Episode 2

This episode looks into the case of Edward Snowden and the processes you can use to stay safe and secure while online.

Here are is some extra information you can use to help you understand the ways to keep private online: 87 kata lagi


Faculty Announced for SHA 2017

Developing History Leaders @SHA is pleased to announce the faculty for 2017’s program.  Many of our previous presenters are returning to Indianapolis but joining us for the first time are: 267 kata lagi

Seminar For Historical Administration

50 Names for Swords

Another week, and another pay-what-you-want title: 50 Names for Swords.  If you run out of names for your magic, mystic or master-crafted blades, these might help you. 55 kata lagi