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WhatsApp, Dad?

“Look, I cannot do this.” Arjun shrugged.
“Why cannot you? What’s so difficult in it? It is just a matter of few seconds; it is not going to take an hour.” Rhea insisted while filling coffee in the mug. 582 kata lagi

[PWYW] 50 Names of SciFi Conflicts

Do you need some petty war that is going on at the edges of your universe? Are you playing a merc and want to bolster your background with some battles you have fought in? 335 kata lagi




Checksum is like a digital fingerprint of a file. In technical terms,

A checksum is a small-sized datum from a block of digital data for the purpose of detecting errors which may have been introduced during its transmission or storage.

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[SHA] Fantastic Titles for the Post-A & Samples

The Heavenly Bishop of the Cyan Burrows

The Warlord of the Insatiable Mercenaries

The Sinful Chief of the Baneful Refinery

The Lord of the Ancient Barrens… 712 kata lagi


Amazing Faculty @SHA

If you’re fortunate enough to attend Developing History Leaders @SHA you’ll get the chance to learn from some amazing faculty. When I attended SHA in 2009, during the last week one of the presenters was Kent Whitworth, Executive Director of the… 227 kata lagi

Seminar For Historical Administration

[SHA] Codes of Conduct

Time for another release. This time I leave the post-apocalypse and the weird realms of dark-fantasy behind me for a while to enter the Kingdom of Vanilla Fantasy in order to release… 433 kata lagi


[SHA] Loot Tables for Hover-car Wrecks

I created another one. Loot Tables for Hover-car Wrecks is the well-behaved (but codependent) sister of Loot Tables for Stuff inside of post-apocalyptic Battlecars. And YOU shall have it for a discount price (till 31st of March 2017). 165 kata lagi