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[SHA] Randomness on sale!

What makes an OSR game an OSR game? Ask different fans of the old-school-revival-movement, and you will get different answers to this. What I noted so far is that a lot of these OSRPG you see on the market have a very prominent “random” factor. 348 kata lagi


[SHA] Strange & cruel titles

The Champion of the Feverish Prophecy

The Princess of the Cannibal Night

The Bringer of the Dying Question

The Slave of the Marked Swords

The Mother of the Beheading Oracle… 155 kata lagi


[SHA] Looking for reviews

Dear readers,

I am currently looking for other bloggers that are interested in writing reviews of my products on their blogs.

What do I offer? 180 kata lagi


[SHA] The future is a throwback [Post-A] [SciFi]

Very often, fiction has depicted future not as a time of human progress, but of human set-backs. The world might have ended or not, but human progress is often depicted as having ended or even switched gear all the way back to reverse. 227 kata lagi


New Housing Guide for the Disability Community

There is no place like home.

The Supporting Housing Association of New Jersey produced the housing guide through generous funding by the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities. 75 kata lagi


[SH] Gregorius21778: 20 malfunctions for futuristic energy weapons [MF]

While NANOgam is still gestating, there are other things that are already part of this world.

Weapons, for example. The world did not ended without them, and they are still there, and as dangerous as ever. 53 kata lagi


[SHA] The name of the game

SciFi RPG with a focus on star travel have characters roam through a wide universe, meet people (human and other) from dozen or hundreds of different worlds while they explore space or range through the known and populated regions of a galactic empire (or its now shattered and isolated remains). 294 kata lagi