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Pride Month Long Read: A Guide to Christian Theologies of Sex, In (Approximate) Order from Most Queerphobic to Least Queerphobic

Before we can begin to discuss what Christianity has said, and says today, about human sexuality, we have to make one big important point: Christianity is not, and never has been, monolithic about its approach to it. 3.860 kata lagi


A Place For Our LGBTQ Friends to Gather

One aspect of my local Quaker meeting that makes me especially proud is our ardent support of LGBTQ rights. Traverse City is blessed to have robust and growing LGBTQ community that celebrates… 452 kata lagi


Conference Findings

This past weekend I went to the United Methodist New York Annual Conference in Garden City, NY. Why they can’t call it the New York and Connecticut Conference I am questioning, but that’s another whole topic.  514 kata lagi

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Pride Month!

What are the rules for being asexual or aromantic? Where is the Pottermore quiz that comfortably sorts me into my definition? Why do these things have to be complex and multifaceted? 2.024 kata lagi

Ride that Rollercoaster!

This post was written for the May Carnival of Aces hosted at Prismatic Entanglements, on Nuance and Complexity…


For months I’ve been at this point, dipping my toe into dating sites only to pull it back out quickly. 1.484 kata lagi


Busy Lil Bee Being In Recovery

Good Morning, World!!! I haven’t been back to sleep since my last post. I have been busy since my last post. I read a little bit. 223 kata lagi

Morally and Socially Exempt? A Double Standard Due to Sexual Orientation

In the last week, I received some pretty devastating news. I haven’t been able to discuss it even with close friends because of the type of situation it is. 1.026 kata lagi