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Tales From My Vagina: Dickmorphia

I was digging this Blaxican. We exchanged text messages from the time we woke up in the morning, until we fell asleep in exhaustion at night. 226 kata lagi


continued again

i dont remember exactly what happened after that but i do remember one day he calls me panicking saying he mightve gotten a girl pregnant. and i know what youre thinking but before you do it isnt what it seems. 278 kata lagi


Love, And Other Trivial Things

I’ve never been someone who sought out love. It’s never been a priority. Companionship, a small amount of trust, someone I can talk to, not at… These are the things I long for. 152 kata lagi


Go kinky adult sex when it comes to rejuvenate your sex life!

When you feel boredom regarding sex and your sex-life has reached at mundane plateau, then kinky adult sex is the solution that will revive your dull sex life. 315 kata lagi


History of Blowjobs

Mr. here tonight. So I kind of talked about blowjobs in my marriage and how it works for me and the Mrs. Well it was a long road to get to some of the emotions and feelings about a female going down on me. 1.306 kata lagi


Scratch that Seven Year Itch with Wisdom!

“Mystery is not always about traveling to new places, it is about looking with new eyes.”

-Esther Perel

I just watched Bill Clinton’s glowing endorsement of his wife for the office of Commander in Chief. 597 kata lagi