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Inside The Mind Of A Misogynistic Man

This is probably going to be the most ambitious, contentious, and volatile post I’ve written to date on this blog. If any post is going to incur hate mail and outrage, it’s going to be this. 2.819 kata lagi


It could be an Indian Summer, or maybe nothing at all. It could be love, but seldom is. It could be so many things, but even though we try so hard, it keeps crashing down leaving us with only handfuls of sand slipping through our fingers to be carried away with the breeze. 261 kata lagi


Who is watching? NSFW

Who is watching?

Work had been quiet all day, the boss had left at 3 o’clock, the last of the tradies had left by 3:30, but I had to stay until 5 to make sure the phones were (wo)manned. 849 kata lagi


Finally, an aubergine emoji vibrator is here to take your sexts IRL

Since the dawn of the pure, innocent, emoji, we have found ways to make them dirty.

The water drop emoji has been sexualised. Hand gestures have been misused. 208 kata lagi


A Short Story: Penny Dreadful (2)

It took way too long to exit the parking lot after the show. By the time Jack had dropped the girls off at his ex-wife’s house, it was after midnight. 1.593 kata lagi