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She laid on the queen-sized bed, dressed in a scintillating number that hugged all her beautiful curves. She beckoned the man closer like the succubus that she is, entrapping him under her spell of lust and seduction. 335 kata lagi

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This stunning girl is so excited to have her pics shown uncensored that she sent some exclusively for our blog!

You can see she has really big and firm tits that are waiting for your comments! 66 kata lagi

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i long for your coming disappearing

i looked at you through a wall;

misery, cold flame

upstairs we fuck loudly – your neighbour probably hears
i’ve had enough of confusion; this baptism of blasphemy… 90 kata lagi


10 Things You Should Talk About Before Marriage

There is no shortage of articles offering couples advice about marriage. Some come from experts with an alphabet soup of letters behind their names and some come from lay people trying to help out. 196 kata lagi


Virtual Reality Porn: The Real-Life “Westworld” That Could Transform Sex Culture

“Transform sex-culture”. More mind control. Don’t have sexual relations with a real man or woman, wear a fucking VR headset and pretend you’re having sex. Whatever you do, don’t have real sex with somebody of the OPPOSITE sex, don’t have kids, don’t raise a family, that’s just not acceptable…~TS… 2.244 kata lagi

Pyschological Operations

Fuck the life plan... and let's get drunk.

And plan a spontaneous trip to New York this Christmas.

And spend nearly £700 on season tickets for our home football team for Dave and me. 238 kata lagi

In Withdrawal

This feeling
A last wish
From a sinful kiss

As I leave you

As I feel you

Warmth slipping away
An ecstatic grip… 25 kata lagi