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Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday and Happy Hump Day Challenge!

Do Sext with your spouse? Today’s challenge is sexting! I think I may have done this for hump day challenge before but I believe it is worth doing again. 946 more words

Be You

Thomas B. Edsall: Sex, Drugs and Poverty in Red and Blue America

New York Times — In the fall of 1969, Merle Haggard topped the Billboard country charts for four weeks with “Okie from Muskogee,” the song that quickly became the anthem of red America, even before we called it that. 106 more words


No. 1044

SISYPHI! ROLL!! By CpSingleton © 2015
An Island load of Sisyphi, standing over there…
Some, guilty of deceitfulness, use serfs

To push their boulders, while they eat brunch… 246 more words


Sexting & Intimate Relations Online: Identifying How People Construct Emotional Relationships Online & Intimacies Offline

“[A]fter all, sex is something normal and natural, but sexting… the emotion and memory I had, I can re-live it again…” Claire, Undergraduate (2015)

Intimate relationships online have become stimulated through mobile technology’s advancement and the convenient nature the digital world offers in terms of instant communication.

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Year Three

Why Menopause Isn't the Sex Killer You Thought It Was

Hormones are generally at the center of any discussion about sex. At puberty, the surge in estrogen and testosterone is responsible for the emergence of a sex drive, launching the most fertile period in our lives, while at the other end, a decline in hormones means a waning libido. 356 more words