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why i like proofreading - it's the networks of sex, stupid!

I love proofreading.  It’s a humble task in the chain of publishing process.  Or, at least, a task which most will see as humble.

I wonder why I like it so.   473 more words

Thinking Time

A quickie about compersion 

Compersion- the joy that you feel in your partners sexual happiness with another.

Compersion is being excited for your slave when you hear that she just had phone sex with a guy she met on tinder. 158 more words


No. You Can't Have Sex With Your Brother.

Hands down the most horrifying part of parenting is when they start asking the sex questions.  Or the boob questions.  And the how did I get in your tummy questions.  383 more words


so i've been

I spend the majority of my time
cumming and
Coming undone to my senses.
Your “felt sense” in my opinion
is total fucking
nonsense. 285 more words


Ein verhängnisvoller Tag

Es war ein Tag, kein Tag wie jeder andere, ein Tag nach dem nichts mehr sein sollte, wie zuvor für Su Sie. Der Tag, mit dem alles anders wurde, ein Tag, mit dem es ihr anders wurde. 89 more words

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