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"Swedish music festival sex attacks up 1,000%"

“A new report documents that sexual assault at Swedish music festivals increased by as much as 1,000 percent in 2016, with the majority perpetrated by men of “foreign origin.” 33 kata lagi


Chinese New Year of the Slut (or Year of the Cock) - Part IV

“He was a ginger and a Leo…I should have known better”

Part III ended with me catching “the feels” for the (almost) final person I had a questionable tryst with in 2016.  

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Hysterical Literature

I spend a lot of time on the internet.  Googling unfamiliar topics and terms. Often I click on links from articles I am reading. One such article lead me to this… 212 kata lagi


Smoked Mirrors 2 

He stood there staring at her..taking her all in,

She ushers towards the window,

She opens up for him to enter,

She stood there in front of him bare, 172 kata lagi

In my flaws.

You taste me.

You whisper to me the secrets that live between my thighs.

And my insides ache and arch as you look at me with golden eyes. 21 kata lagi


Circumstances being what they are in my life – the fact that I haven’t truly dated, or let someone INTO my world in a very long time – I have decided to put together a series of letters / blog posts dedicated to the people in my life that I have “loved”. 47 kata lagi


It's been long enough, right?

He has a person. The guy, the wonderful man from 2012 has a mate. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s in my first post. 484 kata lagi