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My Review on I'd Rather Eat Chocolate

I recently finished a book called I’d Rather Eat Chocolate by Joan Sewell. The book accounts the author’s struggle through married life with her low libido.  677 kata lagi

What's ok in the bedroom for married couples?

Get Bible-based guidance on what’s okay and what is likely inappropriate for a married couple’s sex life!


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It’s a chilly morning when we arrive at the Hindu temple complexes. They were unearthed by British archaeologists and British Victorian values were shocked by these intricate carvings. 462 kata lagi

I'll WAIT 

Guys are jerks. Seriously, today in our generation all guys want is one thing. I’m beginning to think I’ll never find the “right” guy.

I was in a horrible relationship all through high school basically. 549 kata lagi


The Hard Truth About Dating After an Abusive Relationship

That first real date is terrifying. No matter how cute your meet was, no matter how nice they seem, no matter how good you look, seeing them across the bar or restaurant or theater lobby petrifies you and you just may throw up. 1.153 kata lagi


Mary J. Blige Reclaims Her Throne

This is probably the most selfish thing I’ll ever write.  Thank God for Kendu Isaacs and his bullshit!

Mary J. Blige’s ex-husband has apparently fueled the fire that MJB spits on her new album, “Strength of a Woman”.   163 kata lagi


Sad Truths...

Uuuhm, to be quite honest I have thought about this post for a while now… little over 6 months…yea, you can imagine and what made it spark again is a series I was watching over the weekend and some guy said “…whatever decision you make, be confident in it that you don’t have to lie about it” 501 kata lagi

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