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My girlfriend (22) and I (24) had sex with other people. I feel overwhelmed now.

Me (24) and my girlfriend (22)recently talked about a weekend pass where we could have sex with other people and this weekend was the weekend we decided to do it. 220 kata lagi


Adults intimate connections

Beyond child – parent relationship

In the former post I described the role of early child-caregiver relationship as the first fundamental relation shaping child integration with the world. 1.005 kata lagi

Personality Disorders

I think my FWB might have a girlfriend

TL;DR: The guy I've been hooking up with is speculated to be in a relationship. Is it moral to keeping seeing him without knowing whether or not he is? 726 kata lagi


Weekly Relationship Check-In and Support Thread

How are you, good people of /r/relationship_advice?

No, really, how are you, and how are things with your significant other? This weekly thread is posted automatically every Sunday. 109 kata lagi


Would you go to bed with me?

Here’s the rub.

The rules of attraction can be extremely complex. Who you want to get between the sheets with is completely up to you but personally I’m drawn to a six-pack and a man bun. 496 kata lagi

My bf (26m) says it’s “not his job to entertain me” (29f)

So I like to do things, go out for drinks, visit with friends, go for a walk, shop, play a board game.. different activities. It’s nice to spend quality time with your significant other. 261 kata lagi


I'm [46M] having a hard time accepting that my son [21M] is gay. Can you guys help me?

My son recently came out to my wife and I. He sat us down on our living room couch and told us he had to tell us something. 216 kata lagi