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Would Sex with a Robot Be Infidelity?

As I venture more into artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, I will encounter a lot of issues for which there are no clear or right answers. 1.053 kata lagi



I’ve often wondered what would happen to my sex addiction if I were raped. Would my compulsive sex drive shrivel up… and finally die?

I’m surprised I wasn’t raped sooner. 332 kata lagi

Sex Addiction

Not Now Babe part 2

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Joan woke to the feeling of a hand gently lifting the waist band of her pyjama bottoms. She opened her tired and groggy eyes and looked at the clock. 688 kata lagi

Daily Prompt

No Fuckboys Allowed

I prayed and god blessed me with one less f***boy to deal with. I feel like you can have all the qualities of a great girlfriend and wife but your love and affection is unappreciated by someone who doesn’t know any better. 51 kata lagi


Sometimes it’s hard, fighting you for you.
Wrestling not against my error but against your fears.

Sometimes it’s hard, discerning thoughts you can’t verbalize.
Reading your mind without the gift of clairvoyance. 120 kata lagi


Post One Night Stand Thoughts 4

It wasn’t the touch of his fingertips

Nor the wet kisses or his breath on my skin.

His heartbeat was a beautiful melody

But not as sweet as the sound of… 124 kata lagi

Ode to love

I want to be your love story

Your forever more desire.

I want to be your favourite love song

Where it lifts your love up higher. 26 kata lagi