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Why it seems like everything never enough, why more money means little, more party means next loneliness with hangover, more having means more getting into trouble?more relationships mean hurt heart breaking, more marriages means more divorces with innocents children within broken families, I once said the world is “drunk sober” when someone is drunk never do right this is our world of today, making a move while drunk sober, killings and murdering getting higher but still seen as normal life, woman walking naked on the streets of towns shameless still sees it right in front of their kids, leaders loving money like they can finish it while it multiples better than they want it without finishing it cause it makes the world to go around, Man abusing his family and still don’t feel any remorse after doing it, women trying to be men because they like it right chasing after what men made it feels good for them right, yes drunk sober minded, why is about money,sex and drunkenness is it trying to run away from our problems or are we trying the next page before we even finish the open one in the world? 74 kata lagi


lola's story 

when you were 18

you got desperate.

so, you got drunk on apple vodka

and lost your virginity

to a dude that smelled like CK1. … 403 kata lagi

Praying Mantis

Prayer stance

I sit I wait I watch

They call me prophet, fortune teller

Eyes so wide and my third eye lets me see far beyond the sky… 109 kata lagi


With the first look I swelled,
To pursue I am compelled,
Olive skin and perfume hair,
Fighting always the urge to stare.

Cuddle me close with affectionate eyes, 89 kata lagi

Thoughts And Life

straight acting gay couple

todd and steve mapped their marriage out purely on the grounds of money. they fearlessly bought their one and only home in a super straight neighbourhood where the value of property either went up or stayed stable. 308 kata lagi


Очень синяя борода

Очень синяя борода, индивидуалки челябинска.

вертуальные секс знакомства красноярск, секс знакомства долгопрудный.

Регулярный секс