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I wanted more...

I was becoming that person. That person that cheats. What am I doing?? I feel like I have to convince myself that what I’m doing is wrong but then make excuses as to why it’s okay. 652 kata lagi


Fuck me

All I need is ten minutes of your time. Just take me in any room, lock the door, pick me up and fuck me against the wall…. Is that so hard?

The Doctor

Well, here’s another example of the kind of men I get to meet through online dating. The doctor was young, handsome, ambitious, owned his own home (with a pool!), and generally had his shit together. 3.447 kata lagi


new news

So I haven’t written in here for about…..2 months. sorry. I wasn’t lying when I said I suck at this blog thing.

lots of things have happened in the recent time frame though.  204 kata lagi



What’s your color?

Hello, Southsiders!

I am happy to introduce to you the title of The Southside Queen sequel which you can watch in the video revelation below. 56 kata lagi


57: She Went With The Flow

Last night was intense.  One of the most intense nights I’ve ever experienced.

Peary comes over.  We have some wine, share some music, and get nice and cozy.   368 kata lagi


Secret Video vs. Real Video Update 

I put out two videos yesterday. As of writing, my real video has 3 views. My secret video has 600. And I have been mainly promoting it on one website. 177 kata lagi