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Email Question: How Much Should I Chase a Guy?

This was a question I got back in 2013 or 2014 via email.  How much should a woman in college (or even in her 30’s) chase a guy that she likes?   2.498 kata lagi

dear restless lover

In you, I found all the sleep I’d lost in everyone else.

Back Breaking

The moments your hand touches mine/when the Universes/between our fingerprints/collide/are the grandest spaces in time/the grandest gestures of love/when you dig your hand/into the opening of my fingers/into the pocket of my palm/and the warmth of your body/the warmth of you/is against my side/hand in hand/your hand/in mine/like a metamorphosis/that’s in public/in private/I have shattered your bones/I have given your muscles love and care/all of your flesh/all of your fantasies/carefully studied and treated/in the secret of Moonlight/we have the ember between us/burn brighter than the Sun/back breaking/that’s what you called it/the first time.


678. the slider

“It seems that Motron and I are still arguing T-Rex . Electric Warrior (me) versus The Slider (him). And he’s not exactly losing with the… 72 kata lagi

All Vinyl Apocalypse

A Gentlemen's Game

Knees and forehead on the wooden tabletop, ass high on display, waiting to be licked. I keep my eyes closed and listen. There are five voices. 1.050 kata lagi


Spread me wide!

Spread me wide!

Insert your pride…

Neck extended

I yell, “Harder!

I’m horny as hell!”

So, you push and

pound and push

private splashing

in wild instinctual… 18 kata lagi


How much sex are people in your age group having?

Look, there’s no ‘right’ answer to how often you should be having sex.

Sex is about desire and pleasure, not meeting quotas or making sure to tick it off your to-do list every other evening. 677 kata lagi