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Man 'killed woman then continued to have sex with dead body' (Photos)

A man allegedly killed a woman as they made love – then continued to have sex with her dead body. 173 kata lagi


Stand up Teens!

It’s been such a busy month. I’ve barely had a chance to write anything. So here’s something small I’ve been musing on. American TV. I’m not talking about Big Bang Theory or fluff pieces like that. 587 kata lagi

Clarity...How Nice to See You...

I know sometimes…well most times I talk a lot of shit on ya’ll And, it’s not unfounded shit talk…no… not at all. Like, I have documentation. 1.036 kata lagi


So let me love you...

In the silvestre nights…
Catching the raindrops-
in the terrace

Your perfume – I smelled
So innocent,so vivid-your world I dwelled;

Kissing you endlessly-
feeling the splendour of your beauty; 46 kata lagi

Leave the people dem man alone

I used to watch Scandal in secret.

The other day someone commented that I should “leave the people dem man alone”, which got me thinking about the person I used to be; before… 1.368 kata lagi


Fallen Angel

Falling asleep in the back of her car, the sky trembles and moans like a rapist being beaten to death on the streets of Cambodia. Picturing all kinds of perversion while struggling to keep an eye out for strangers, she presses her body against mine and pulls the blanket up so she’s completely covered. 376 kata lagi


Important Things Every Couple Should Do On Their Wedding Day

As a bride or groom, you should learn to enjoy with your new significant other, the special and little moments that’ll turn your wedding day into beautiful memories. 182 kata lagi