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Setting a settingĀ 

Welcome to my world.

I have decided to start this blog to help me design a setting I could use to write my books and to reach out to people who might like and enjoy what I do. 71 kata lagi


Writing on the Beach: A little bit of screenwriting, a little bit of prose

Okay, here’s something I learned recently during rewrites. I noticed I was improving. Yes, this happens by default, but I was improving in areas that I am not as adept in. 300 kata lagi


Make Your World Come Alive: The Lost Girl of Astor Street

I’ve been a fan of Stephanie Morrill’s since I stumbled across her books in 2016. While I still haven’t read her debut trilogy, I’ve been a fan of the… 672 kata lagi


Reflection on the Short Story Part 3

Hello and welcome back fellow writers. In this post I’ll talk about characters, setting and theme. So if you’ve read Part 1 and 2 on Reflecting on the Short story you will know that I talked about Plot and Conflict. 969 kata lagi


A summer balcony

A summer balcony

As it has been such a L – O – N – G time since I last wrote anything about our balcony it occurred to me that it was about time I showed you what our summer balcony looks like. 129 kata lagi



Describe a nature scene in all its glory. Challenge yourself by trying both foreign and familiar biotopes.