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Tech is Tech

Alec and Magnus had shared a sweet kiss good-bye and Dean asked, “Hey, where’s mine?” Magnus had chuckled and Alec blushed. If it had been Dev or Nox kissing like that, well they wouldn’t have been sweet, it would have been full on passion – it always was. 1.050 kata lagi


The Third Act (The Solune Prince ActIII, Si)

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Chloe and Lillith sat at the breakfast table, eating in silence. They eyed each other, each wondering what the other was thinking.

Lillith wondered if Chloe would show up to the gymnasium for practice as she had promised, or if she would forget and wander into the city like she had the day before.

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Symphony 43

Like a flock of starlings, they went to earth momentarily, tossing books into their desks, and then they were gone in a body, out the door and out across the playground. 645 kata lagi


Me Instead

My heart was in my throat the whole time up the elevator and not for the normal reason. The door dinged open and all was quiet. 1.082 kata lagi


My Boyfriend


I watched Zane leave my floor. I waited until he called to grab a shower to wash the smell of club off my skin. We didn’t speak for long, but I was happy to hear his voice. 1.540 kata lagi


The Bumhampton Chronicles: Chapter 10 (Part 16)

Heavy knocking broke the fragile silence. Fraught with entangled emotions, until she infinitesimally raised a plucked brow at my hesitation, I did not move to answer the door. 109 kata lagi