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Parting Shots from Roland Garros

The Spin Team

The 2018 French Open has followed a familiar yet enthralling pattern from the past five years on the WTA tour: the emergence of new champions. 1.273 kata lagi

Friday's Feature: How Does Sailor Moon Avoid The Label of Overpowered MC?

It seems as I go back through the Sailor Moon series for review purposes I’ve become a bit fixated on this series again. It is the place where my love of anime was born so I guess that’s really no surprise. 1.086 kata lagi

Sailor Moon R Series Review

Our favourite pig-tailed transforming heroine returns in season 2 of the classic Sailor Moon anime and this time we have aliens, time travel, and once again the potential end of the world. 1.659 kata lagi

A Hero... in me

Today June 3, 2018, I mean I forgot the exact date these days, I decided to do something different in my life. I guess the path I will be going right now is the path that people choose when they are really in desperate instances in life. 159 kata lagi


Tucker HD “Serena” Review

I love girls a lot, almost as much as I love cars or babies or even music. I have had my bad habits with girls and early enough to have me somewhat tamed by now. 601 kata lagi

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