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Serena Burkard: The Many Benefits of Tennis

Serena Burkard has always held a sincere appreciation of the game of tennis. A talented, championship-winning player throughout high school, and former member of the Emory University Women’s Tennis squad, … 171 kata lagi


Throwback Review: 'Serena' is the worst Jennifer Lawrence movie you've never heard of

Jennifer Lawrence, the Hollywood sweetheart of this decade, is stumbling. Not in her performances, let’s be clear—Ms. Jennifer has proven herself time and time again to be a formidable actress—yet her choice in movies has led her down a path of box office disappointments and critical flops. 1.168 kata lagi


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WTA Rome Les raisons de Serena de retourner au Foro… 141 kata lagi


1. Duckie Thot in Fenty Beauty’s Body Lava

2. Edward Enninfu diversity cover for British Vogue

3. Lupita showing off her accessory at Micaela Earlanger’s “How to Accessorize” book dinner celebration. 38 kata lagi


Serena Burkard: Tips for the Self-Employed

Serena Burkard is a self-employed entrepreneur. The owner of two successful businesses (Fresh Package Enterprises, LLC and Child Care Answers, LLC), Burkard has established a routine and a schedule which enable the most success, and which continually motivate her to improve, progress and pursue new benchmarks on a daily basis. 317 kata lagi