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Oxford, Michigan, USA; September 17, 2010

Name: R

Date of Sighting: 9/17/2010

Location of Sighting: Oxford

Shape(s) of UFO(s): fireball shape

Size(s) of UFO(s): small star like a fire ball

Color(s) of UFO(s): all bright orange… 113 kata lagi

UFO Sightings

30 September 2010 - hit by the lurgy

Things got off to a bad start this morning. I woke up feeling rubbish. Rae has some kind of lurgy and I think she’s given it to me. 105 kata lagi

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29 September 2010 - twenty six point two doubts and fears

First thing this morning, instead of doing my Wii Fit I booted up the lap top and went onto the Walk The Walk website to register for the Moonwalk. 917 kata lagi

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28 September 2010 - Moonwalk serendipity

The morning was dark and dull in Southampton today and rain was forecast. Still, I told myself I got wet on the walk home last night so I might as well get wet on the way back in. 401 kata lagi

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27 September 2010 - 0.6lb of disappointment

With two long walks over the weekend and a fair bit of exercise during the week not to mention no real food disasters I thought I might get a decent result on the scales this morning. 195 kata lagi

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26 September 2010 - reminders and incentives

After yesterday’s sunshine today dawned overcast and cloudy. I spent the morning downloading some of my fat photos to the BL site in the spirit of full disclosure. 328 kata lagi

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25 September 2010 - a run and a new path to try

while I was eating my weekend treat low fat croissant breakfast I could see the sun is shining outside. Commando was in a bad mood because he was tired so he didn’t join me for the riverside walk but I still went because I wanted to check out the new GPS app. 377 kata lagi

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