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Atmos Fit Elite Review

The Elite is the followup to the Atmos Fit, upgraded with the addition of a heart rate monitor and revamped aesthetics.

Out of the box… 688 kata lagi


DivRod Visitor Interactions Overview

Max created a high-level overview of what might be happening while a DivRod is used by a museum visitor.  This diagram is constructed from the point of view of the devices we will be using, which see the preference engine in terms of the steps is outputs.   40 kata lagi


Gain Metrics and Insight through Your Trade Show Flooring

Great trade show and event flooring can do a lot. It can complement a design, set a stage, promote a brand, and even help draw people into your space. 325 kata lagi

Trade Show

Secret Service Removed Sensors From Fence Where Intruder Gained Access

What is the Secret Service thinking?! They apparently removed sensors from the White House fence allowing the intruder from last week easy access to the WH grounds. 185 kata lagi


How to Know If Your Car’s Oil Pressure Sensor Is Failing

Your car’s engine can be damaged when it doesn’t get the right amount of oil. The sensor’s job is to detect oil pressure so that the engine computer can properly regulate the flow of the oil. 134 kata lagi

Car Tips


SpeedFan is an effective and simple solution with support for log files which is designed to tweak and view settings for your PC’s fan speed, chip temperature, and voltage. 153 kata lagi

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