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Global Moisture Sensor Market 2015 Industry Analysis, Research, Study, Trends and Forecast

The Global Moisture Sensor Market 2015 report is a professional blueprint of the Moisture Sensor market and a voluminous elaboration on the market dynamics influencing the Moisture Sensor industry at present. 122 more words

Global JoyStick Sensor Market 2015 Industry Analysis, Research, Study, Trends and Forecast

Global JoyStick Sensor Market: The industry value chain, competitive landscape, reliable market figures pertaining to the JoyStick Sensor industry have been analyzed using time-trusted analytical tools in a professional manner in the research report Global JoyStick Sensor Market 2015. 105 more words


I know I should but...

My Nikon D7100 has some spots on the sensor. I’ve tried the rocket blower, but they just don’t want to move. It’s time for a proper sensor clean. 173 more words


Hackaday Prize Entry: Telling Dad The Stove Is Off

A month ago, Hackaday landed at the NYC TechCrunch Disrupt, a bastion of people up all night on MacBooks and immense amounts of caffeine and vitamin B12. 224 more words

The Hackaday Prize

TMP36 Temperature Sensor and Arduino

The TMP36 is an analogue sensor, that needs to be read using the Arduino’s analogue input. The sensor outputs a voltage that is proportional to the temperature and is packaged in a transistor like TO92 format. 381 more words


In Case You Missed It: Boktai ~The Sun is in Your Hand

This particularly rainy day here in Tennessee brings to mind the countless rainy days I endured at as a kid, just trying to sneak in one more hour of Boktai before a storm rolled in.   528 more words

What is ISO ?

ISO 4000

ISO 100

ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light. The lower the ISO number, the less sensitive it is to the light, while a higher ISO number increases the sensitivity of your camera. 148 more words