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Ingestible sensor to measure heart and breathing rates

An ingestible sensor allows monitoring in both fed and fasted states of vital signs from inside of the GI tract.

Comparable to a stethoscope, the sensor monitors heart, breathing rate and core temperature, transmitting the data wirelessly outside of the body. 24 kata lagi


DC motors on the trail of wild animals.

maxon DC motors are used in a digital camera specially designed for making documentaries capturing herds of lions, elephants or wild antelope.

Documentaries are large productions utilising as small a team as possible. 113 kata lagi

DC Servo Motor, Robotics, Automation

A Third Exhibit, NICAP Commission


In March 2015 I was part of a collaborative commission for NICAP alongside Helen Shaddock, Ed Wainwright, Corbin Wood, Jack Lines and Mags Margetts to produce a piece of work responding to Newcastle University’s Hatton Gallery collection of Victor Pasmore’s work, in particular focusing on his seminal spatial work ‘An Exhibit’. 507 kata lagi


Light Sensor

Here is my second assignment for the Interface With Arduino course I am doing on Coursera, the little CDS photocell light sensor.

“Build a circuit that lights an LED when it is sufficiently dark in a room. 33 kata lagi


Portable SPR Biosensor: Tantangan riset multidisiplin

Pada tanggal 21 November 2015, saya diminta untuk berpartisipasi dalam kuliah online Ikatan Ilmuwan Indonesia Internasional (I-4) untuk sharing baik riset, tips publikasi ilmiah, dan pengembangan karir penelitian… 19 kata lagi


Fitness Trackers for the Fitless Spirit

You may refer to yourself as an anti-fitness aficionado. You’d rather binge-watch a series on Netflix than take a jog around the local park. Driving a mile to the store is much more convenient than simply taking a stroll there.  849 kata lagi

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Once you are building electronics projects, the ability to take a look at what is going on in the real world is invaluable for troubleshooting. For this you really need an oscilloscope which are usually quite expensive. 128 kata lagi