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Semen and its Suprising Benefits!

During sexual intercourse, the body reacts wonderfully and the results may be beneficial to health. M*sturbation has also great effects to the body. After this process, sperm or semen is being produced. 22 kata lagi

An amusing response to Dawah Man

Hugo and Jake, who produce for a chanel called the Quran Reloaded (and also the Bible Reloaded which talks about Christian stuff) address one of the most absurd pieces of religious apologetic ever created:


Nectar of Love (poem)

I have been sitting on this poem for quite a while and I’m not quite sure why. I guess I thought it was too raw, or that my thoughts on this topic were not proper…which really seems ridiculous given some of my other poems and stories. 201 kata lagi


Ec Collect Gallery 

Some of this is a chronically of exhaustion. Equally, exhaustion has always dropped my defenses, I hope getting this up close and personal has been, at least, entertaining to watch. 357 kata lagi


Masturbation and Productivity

How much time do you spend in your bathroom, making stupid fantasies about girls you don’t personally know and will never meet? How much time do you spend wasting your bandwidth on pornography? 676 kata lagi


BJs Are Good For Women’s Health And Reduce Depression

I’m known to make predictions of future events.  I predict that millions of men who have never showed their wife a medical/health article before will show a sudden, newfound, temporary interest in improving their health after reading this article. 150 kata lagi


Ec X collect 3

Unlike the others, these have no backstory or meaning other than a variation and, well, being gross.

The quality is poor. A forewarning: there may be one more in this series to fix this. 14 kata lagi