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For Jane (part 4)

I like to write erotic stories for friends. Most of the stories I’ve published on this blog started as pieces written as gifts. Below is another such story. 636 kata lagi



I bet most of you have no idea how truly remarkable the penis is. Even though the human penis isnt like most others as there is no bone and the erection  is accomplished by blood flow only. 665 kata lagi

Erotic Fantasy Life

Tree of Life, Tree of Stench.

Spring is almost here in New England and along with the robins comes an explosion of scent as the earth begins to thaw and the plants to bloom. 1.200 kata lagi

American Chestnut

Alcohol and Chocolate shopping. re-mix.

There’s a small town on the way to Germany, if you drive south from where we are, that some people will go out of their way just to drive through. 479 kata lagi


Yuckiest experience as a physician :

I was doing a pap smear as a resident . It was a routine scheduled pap .

Now , my Spanish is not that good . 156 kata lagi

That doesn't taste like semen.

Several years ago I was in this relationship. One night I was giving him head, I normally give head but it usually leads to him finishing from sex, for whatever reason (probably was on my period and he was a prude) I was just giving him head. 220 kata lagi