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hookup, HookUP or HOOKUP?

Why does Washington University Student Media continue to publish Student Life and their annual sex issue on Copulation, Fornication, Semen and Spanks? The simplest reason is it’s the most read issue. 640 kata lagi

Mental Health

The Holy Holi

My head was down in dismay and shame!

When I read semen filled balloon was thrown in Delhi on an innocent dame.

Where has the holiness of Holi disappeared? 105 kata lagi


Your Design

The design

of the twine

led us

to your crime

The footprint

there below

showed us

where to go

Your fingerprint

on the door

the blood spatter…

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New Poet

Difference between sperm and semen

While many men use the terms semen and sperm interchangeably, there is a fundamental difference between sperm and semen.

What is the difference between sperm and semen? 730 kata lagi

every guy in here says they poison the food

Ok so this pod I’m in is OK. A couple guys i can’t trust. But overall pretty peaceful. 2 hrs of Dayhall in the morning-2 in the afternoon or evening Depending on the schedule.

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Brent Brents

Anjang-anjang 2

Menindaklanjuti proyek anjang-anjang pertama yang akhirnya menjadi tempat rambat pohon anggur, saya berencana membuat tempat pot tanaman kedua. Hal ini sehubungan dengan bertambahnya pot tanaman di rumah. 276 kata lagi


Top 8 tips on how to last longer in bed

If you feel that you are among those few men who have problems like premature ejaculation, low sperm count, weak erections then you have a misconception. 610 kata lagi