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I’ve given up on being famous, or rather thinking that any degree of fame or masses of love will actually mean anything good. I am who I am… 572 more words

It Is When She ...

That is the time I need to.

My hand reaches across my jeans,

I have to position my penis so the seam

doesn’t interfere with a smooth slide of my fingertip. 261 more words


Champañazo: de cómo el semen pasó a ser parte de mi gusto culinario

Primera escena

Ella se ha puesto ese diminuto traje que a él tanto le gusta. El encaje provoca cierta transparencia en sus senos. No tiene que mirar sus ojos para saber que a él le gusta. 763 more words

5 Things Every Woman Needs to Know About Semen

Ejaculate. Cum. Boner milk. Whatever you’re calling it these days.

1. Semen is not the Navy SEAL of bodily fluids. 

“Unlike some germs, sperm are not particularly hardy,” says Dr. 570 more words


Semen As Masturbating Lube

So this is a bit weird, but once I was sucking a guy off, and he was on his back, and I slid up him after I’d sucked him for a bit intending to fuck him. 216 more words


Masturbation during Sawm before the Fajr Prayer

Question: During Ramadaan, as soon as I reached my house before the Athaan (call to Prayer) of the Fajr (Dawn) Prayer, I could not do anything except after performing the act of masturbation. 200 more words


Having sexual intercourse with an animal while observing Sawm

Question: A young man says that at some point in the distant past he wronged himself and could not control his sexual desire, and Satan enticed him to have sexual intercourse with an animal. 228 more words