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Common Reasons Samples Fail DNA Testing

Have you ever submitted a DNA sample and received notification that the sample failed testing and was reported as a no results(NR)?  GeneSeek, Inc. has supplied ASA with the most common reasons samples fail testing and yield an NR. 290 kata lagi


Un lácteo al día. ;)

Todos sabemos que hay cierta cantidad de cosas que debemos comer por día, pero que lo hagamos es otra cosa. Ahora, tenemos derecho a un lácteo al día… ¿Porque no aprovecharlo? 475 kata lagi


Macro | Dandelion

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Description from photographer if any:

After a blow the semen of dandelions dissipate in the neighbourhood.

By wolfgangpronai

Source: 500px.com


Brazilian pastor jailed after making his followers perform oral sex on him to receive "holy semen"

An Evangelical Pastor in Brazil, Sobrino Valdeci Picanto, has been reportedly arrested for raping his faithfuls, after convincing them to suck his penis saying that it contained “Sacred milk”. 300 kata lagi


Frequent Ejaculation

Frequent ejaculation is linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer. I have been saying this for many years, and you will find this statement in my book: … 73 kata lagi


100 Euphemisms For Semen

1. Baby Batter
2. Ball Barf
3. Bonkjuice
4. Buttermilk
5. Choad Nectar
6. Clam Sauce
7. Cock Droplets
8. Cock Snot
9. Cough Drops… 159 kata lagi