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Ekofeminisme Sebagai Gerakan Perubahan Dalam Lingkungan

Degradsai lingkungan semakin hari dampaknya mulai banyak dirasakan oleh masyarakat. Hal ini dikuatkan dengan data sekitar 29% lahan bumi mengalami penggurunan antara ringan, sedang, dan parah, sedangkan 6% lainnya dikatagorikan mengalami penggurunan sangat parah. 2.857 kata lagi

Zona Polsosbud

Storytime: Smelling Semen & Other (Short) Stories

Lookin’ Like Yolanda

The lady in the photo is my mother. The ugly thing swaddled in her arms, I’m terrified to say, is me.

If I post a digital, quality-enhanced copy of this photo on Facebook, I’m prepared to be congratulated on my new baby, no questions  asked (and be pinged a hundred times by my closest friends, who will be demanding an explanation). 669 kata lagi

Life And Living

Thirsty Thursday

 So yeah  it’s officially thirsty Thursday. Not sure this is what they 
had in mind. But let's face it. This blog is about kink as well. 48 kata lagi

A Certain Resemblance

This is wheat paste, which I use in book making. Actually, I use PVA glue mostly, but I am trying to up my game and use more traditional materials. 28 kata lagi

Woman Says Her KFC Sandwich Was Filled with "Semen!"

Usually, when you enter into a Kentucky Fried Chicken location, you would get what’s expected: Chicken, some or one of the sides, and a drink.  This customer got more than those items, and one that should not be included in a meal. 104 kata lagi


For Jane (part 4)

I like to write erotic stories for friends. Most of the stories I’ve published on this blog started as pieces written as gifts. Below is another such story. 636 kata lagi