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Kriegfeed And Troy

…Living in the same village were Kriegfeed and Troy who, after a lifetime of assaults by untameable lions and tigers, had moved on to bears. Big mistake. 276 kata lagi

Bill Herbert

Solution to Senate Bus Problem

This is Java Implementation of the Semaphore based solution for Senate Bus Problem


The Senate Bus Problem (From The Little Book of Semaphores by Allen B. 966 kata lagi


I Survived… Mini Golf

I am a recovering complainer.

I am not the type of person that you invite over for game night. Especially not Monopoly or Uno. Apparently I have an evil twin sister that comes out and gets a tiny bit competitive. 105 kata lagi

Witnessed Up Close


If you’ve come to Python from another language (certainly a low level language) then you know that threading is hard. You have a mutex or a semaphore which may be achievable with the synchronized command if the language supports it. 187 kata lagi


Thread Synchronization Options

1. Lock – Exclusive Locks

The lock statements can be used to ensure that a block of code runs to completion without interruption by other threads. 309 kata lagi


Neon Dream #11: Kinski - Semaphore

I will never summon ethereal fire spirits to rend my foes, and unless the unknown reaches of physics politely comply with Hollywood, I will never receive a post card from the dark side of the Milky Way. 562 kata lagi



ZWC is one of the codes I became very familiar with during my stint as a Naval Signalman. While at sea, any signal passed from ship to ship was taken as From the Senior Officer onboard (usually the Commanding Officer) to the Senior Officer. 476 kata lagi