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Synchronization mechanisms inside Linux kernel

Hello folks, today i am going to talk about the synchronization mechanism which is available in Linux kernel. This post may help you to choose right synchronization mechanism for uni-processor or SMP system. 1.516 more words

Device Driver

Mutual Exclusion Problems with Mutex and Semaphore - Programing Languages (Mutex Vs Semaphores )

The mutex is a significantly safer mechanism to use for implementing mutual exclusion around shared resources. There are still a couple of problems that use of the… 91 more words

Semaphores-Computer Science Tutorial Programing Languages (Mutex Vs Semaphores )

In 1965, Edsger Dijkstra, a Dutch computer scientist, introduced the concept of a binary semaphore into modern programming to address possible race conditions in concurrent programs. 169 more words

Mutex - Computer Science Tutorial Programing Languages (Mutex Vs Semaphores )

To address the problems associated with semaphore, a new concept was developed during the late 1980’s.The major use of the term mutex appears to have been driven through the development of the common programming specification for UNIX based systems. 78 more words

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