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Old Bridge

Q. An old bridge has only one lane and can only hold at most 3 cars at a time without risking collapse. Create a solution that controls traffic so that at any given time, there are at most 3 cars on the bridge, and all of them are going the same direction. 423 kata lagi

Clear semaphore memory

Sometimes I observed about using siteminder or other services semaphore memory even after service stopped remains into shared area.

This need to be cleared

e.g. if on unix machine your username is “digitaluser” then below is command… 14 kata lagi


Lgb 50960 G Scale Semaphore Signal Light Accessory Mib **

Lgb 50960 G Scale Semaphore Signal Light Accessory Mib **
LGB 50960 G Scale Semaphore Signal Light Accessory MIB ** LGB 5095 G SCALE RHB SIGNAL LIGHT ACCESSORY, Accessory Comes As Shown With The Components Shown. 320 kata lagi


Building H2O

Q. There are two kinds of threads, oxygen and hydrogen. In order to assemble these threads into water molecules, we have to create a barrier that makes each thread wait until a complete molecule is ready to proceed. 491 kata lagi

Oddities at the beach

In response to Cee’s Oddball challenge this week, I am submitting a couple of photos of I don’t know what, taken at the beach.

They just got washed up on the shore and I tried to google any sightings of odd sea creatures at Semaphore, but nothing showed up. 46 kata lagi


Dinning philosopher's problem

Q. In 1965 Dijkstra formulated the Dinning philosopher’s problem.
Five philosophers are seated around a round table. Each philosopher has a plate of spaghetti. Philosopher needs two forks to eat it. 677 kata lagi