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Boats and beaches: a day out in Falmouth

We have long visited family in Cornwall, but now we have friends there too, so another excuse, if one was needed, to visit this beautiful part of the world. 146 kata lagi


How to increase the number of semaphores?

To increase the number of available semaphores

Edit /etc/sysctl.conf to add the line:

kernel.sem = 250 32000 32 256

Please Note: The ‘=’ (is (space)=(space)) – spaces are important in this file. 201 kata lagi


Seagull Spotting

Free Fun on Friday

You will need

A beach

Left-over bread

A child that can feed the seagulls from a safe distance (we’ve all seen… 90 kata lagi

Witnessed Up Close

OS/161 Paint Shop Synchronization Problem

The assignment was assigned about a month ago. But we are students. We don’t do these until the deadline is knocking at the door. So I started looking into the assignment yesterday. 258 kata lagi


The Burn of Sunsets

Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.

Henry Rollins

Sunset: Semaphore, South Australia


Spring has sprung!

…Well and truly!

Shala Om is open again.

Come along and refresh your spirit with yoga.

Thursdays 6.30- 7.30 pm

Sundays 2.00-3.00 pm

Community Meeting Room, 18 kata lagi


Kriegfeed And Troy

…Living in the same village were Kriegfeed and Troy who, after a lifetime of assaults by untameable lions and tigers, had moved on to bears. Big mistake. 276 kata lagi

Bill Herbert