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393. Flying those Flags

I’ll try to keep this brief, because to me it’s cut-and-dried. Hampshire College has folded, following a firestorm of protests and threats, and has re-flown the American flag on its campus. 697 kata lagi


Dark Mind

Yo. Wrote a rap trying to understand what’s going on in my life. Enjoy.

Dark Mind
By Lee Cherry

Drinking wine, starting to feel fine… 280 kata lagi


Field Artillery Training: Signalling 2

Visual signalling, of which semaphore was one form, was acknowledged from the beginning to have limited practical use, being “apt to disclose positions to the enemy and, except when the use of the heliograph is possible, is slow and uncertain.” (1) Its use was therefore generally limited to “lateral communications, where it is possible to conceal the use of flags, etc. 171 kata lagi


Field Artillery Training: Signalling 1

Although there were designated signallers in each battery, the Field Artillery Training syllabus of 1914 calls for twenty hours of semaphore training for recruits. (1)   In another place, the manual specifies that semaphore is part of the individual training of captains, subalterns and non-commissioned officers, and twenty percent of gunners and drivers. 357 kata lagi


Process Synchronization

Synchronization Requirements: X process should execute before Y. X and Y cannot access Z at same time.

Process synchronization: Sharing system resources by processes in… 464 kata lagi


Humanity’s war on latency: Semaphore to silicon photonics and beyond

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

For most of humanity’s existence, communication has been incredibly slow. For millennia the only way of transmitting information between two humans was via speech or crude drawings. 982 kata lagi