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Ming Chi Kuo: iPhone 11 having strong first weekend, Apple will sell 75M in 2019

Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo is looking at sell-out times to glean what he can from the first 72 hours of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro sales, and likes what he sees both in the US and China. 21 kata lagi


Choosing The Right Time To Sell Your Gold Jewelry

There are many buyers (some are more trustworthy than others) who are willing to pay cash for gold jewelry, including pendants, wedding bands, earrings, and watches. 513 kata lagi


Can you sell a property without a probate? Selling a home left in a will

Selling a property left to you in a will is often way of turning your deceased loved one’s home into something you can use for you and your family. 30 kata lagi

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12 minutes on the 6 key principles will help you persuade and get to "YES" effectively!

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

Specific verbal behaviours are crucial in moving, persuading and influencing other people.

Ongoing behavioral research and studies at Huthwaite International still show us that executing these verbal behaviours effectively will make you stand out, whether it might be the key behaviours needed in meetings, sales, negotiations, service or coaching situations. 307 kata lagi


What is Depression Glass - A Closer Look

You may have heard you mother or grandmother talk about depression glass. You may have even done a bit of your own research. Or you could have simply stumbled across this article by accident. 468 kata lagi

Dwarf Sunflower Seeds I Bought Online!

Gardening is a very fun activity although it requires so much patience!

I suffered from mental health issues a year ago and gardening was something that brought me back to life. 326 kata lagi

At the heart of the entrepreneur

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

I think this interview with The former MD of MIT Kenneth Morse is worth reading.

It takes us to the heart of where entrepreneurs struggle the most. 643 kata lagi

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