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Tell the ones you love they did great when they focus on a conversation with you.

Tell them you appreciate it because that day you knew they couldn’t do anything, they only got out of the bed so they don’t worry you. 87 kata lagi


Winning Scared

We all love winning but some are scared of it. So scared that even when they win it’s with fear in mind and it doesn’t feel as great. 113 kata lagi

Self Development

Justice League Backlash and Why Presenting Yourself Pompously + Inauthentically is a Disaster.

I went to watch Justice League yesterday with my date and 30 minutes in, both of us had our jaws dropped at how bad of a movie it is. 437 kata lagi

Law Of Attraction

Reflections On Time Travel

Where do I start? How about now? Here we go.

Time travel is a funny concept, that I have up to recent months thought of as complete tosh. 593 kata lagi


The Other Side of Self-Care: Because It's Not All About Yoga Classes and Glittery Bath Bombs

As a social work student, self-care is one of those terms that’s just overused. If you don’t practice self-care, you’ll get a burnout. Is something that is often said by my professors. 310 kata lagi


A Beautiful Breaking Point

There’s something beautiful in a person who is at their lowest point, and the sad thing is the person can never see it at the time, it’s only when they look back they can see that being at that point was a blessing, a wake up call. 1.871 kata lagi


Don't waste your time

SubhanAllahhh, this was our Prophet (pbuh)🥀🖤who sacrificed everything for the sake of Allah SWT😭, wallahi day of judgement is so close, yet we are so busy and deep down into this world that we forget our own real purpose, just to give a brief overview of the events on the Day of Judgment; I will divide it into 4 basic stages: 330 kata lagi