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WebDriver Element Existence vs. Appearance

Web UI tests with Selenium WebDriver must interact with elements on a Web page. Locating elements can be tricky because expected elements may or may not be on the page. 525 kata lagi


What is the difference between Implicit wait and Explicit wait in Selenium WebDriver?

Implicit wait()
is used to inform WebDriver that there could be cases When a page is
loaded by the browser, the elements which we want to interact with may not… 253 kata lagi


What is Serverless Architecture ? it's Advantages?

are internet-based systems where the application development does not use the usual server
process. Instead, they rely solely on a combination of third-party… 72 kata lagi


Selenium - Page Object Model - Java

There are several ways to set up your web (selenium) test automation. You can directly create test functions where the web elements are invoked. This can be done quick, but is quite dirty and at some point, the code base will grow, and maintainability will be an issue. 740 kata lagi


Why should you use Selenide ?

Below is some benefits of Selenide over plain Selenium

First of all, Selenide makes your tests stable by resolving (almost) all Ajax/timing issues.

Selenide provides a concise API for using Selenium WebDriver in UI tests: 369 kata lagi


Top Selenium Interview Questions And Answers One Could Look At

A. Basic – Selenium Interview Questions

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Selenium over other testing tools like QTP and TestComplete?

The differences are listed below. 1.141 kata lagi

Interview Questions

How a BDD framework could work

1a. Cucumber for Java looks for step definitions in the Java projects and executes them in the order specified in the .feature files. 78 kata lagi