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Dropdown with multiple selections

Hello there,

Today I’m going to show a hack of  how to allow multiple selections using a dropdown.

Felipe César sent me that tip. Thank you, Felipe. 79 kata lagi


Using Lists to get UI elements with nearly impossible selectors

Where does this approach apply? One of the following:

  • if you have a list of elements with identical selectors. The element you are interested in is an element of that list.
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Friday Five - 4/7/17

The Friday Five is a set of five links that I have come across this week that pertain to ergonomics, occupational health, safety, human performance, or human factors.  367 kata lagi

Friday Five

jQuery JavaScript Language Selector for Sitecore

So I had the need to create a quick language selector, and was surprised that there were not simple JavaScript solutions hanging out with every developers best friend “Google”. 690 kata lagi

Did You Know...

Doug (Mungo's Hifi) Interview

“So I feel that what we’ve ended up doing, maybe not consciously, is somehow trying to bridge that gap between an orthodox rootsy reggae dub selection, and a club DJ. 2.803 kata lagi

4 x 1 S-Video/Audio/Video Selector

*4 S-Video inputs and 1 S-Video output *4 stereo audio/video RCA inputs *1 stereo audio/video RCA output *1 stereo 3.5mm mini-jack output
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