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Lostorage Incited WIXOSS - 20 Question Anime Review

What’s the show? Lostorage Incited WIXOSS (2016).

I know what one of those words means? Are the other words Japanese? That’s racist.

What?! I don’t know what Lostorage means,  999 kata lagi


Selector by mindpersuasion | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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Show Up, Create Desire In Everybody, Choose Who You Want:


CSS - Structure

To style an HTML element using CSS, you need to write a CSS declaration inside the body of a CSS selector.

h1 {                                                          … h1 is the… 102 kata lagi


CSS - Selectors Review

Here are the main tips from the lesson that I went through on CSS selectors:

  • CSS can change the look of HTML elements. CSS must select HTMLcl elements, then apply styles to them.
  • 129 kata lagi

CSS - !important

There is one thing that is even more specific than IDs: !important

!important can be applied to specific attributes instead of full rules.

It will override… 164 kata lagi


CSS - Selectors

So, this is another revision session on the basics of CSS,

Here I will revise the various types of CSS selectors. CSS applies styling based on creating rules. 579 kata lagi


Super Selector for Apple II ProDos - Quick Keys

I’ve been working with the Super Selector v3.2.2 on the Hard Drive (Virtual and Real) on the Apple IIe. I wanted to change some of the “Quick-Keys” which startup  programs you assign to them.   225 kata lagi

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