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Super Selector for Apple II ProDos - Quick Keys

I’ve been working with the Super Selector v3.2.2 on the Hard Drive (Virtual and Real) on the Apple IIe. I wanted to change some of the “Quick-Keys” which startup  programs you assign to them.   225 kata lagi

Apple II Stuff

Pantone Plastics Transparent Selector Book 1 And 2

Pantone Plastics Transparent Selector Book 1 And 2
Up For Auction Is A Very Lightly Used Pantone Plastics Transparent Selector Book 1 And 2. These Books Are In Excellent Condition. 119 kata lagi


Hey Mr DJ

This DJ did not get the levels or the mix right, and it halted my Kizomba briefly. However, it happened two more times and I was put off from attending another function at that venue.  543 kata lagi

Selecting Elements

Creating an entire webpage structure with functional CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. Coding in it’s sense isn’t static and changes are incorporated each time. This is why compartmentalizing code is so essential. 795 kata lagi


Swift selectors and number of arguments

In Swift, you can create and “perform” a #selector like below (e.g. in an iOS app) and it seems to work just fine (i.e. executes the “selected” function): 333 kata lagi


Anime: review Selector Infected WIXOSS

This series… I like it. Uhhmmm…… this is the first season of the Selector series. I have no idea what to say about it… let’s just go to the story! 268 kata lagi


14: Going Deeper in CSS

Earlier, I posted about going a bit deeper in HTML, and explained a few of the various aspects used to create successful web designs.  Here, we’re going to go more in depth with CSS, and how we use CSS in design. 212 kata lagi