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Instant Reaction: "Gifted" the movie

I am a little late on seeing the movie Gifted, but I finally got the chance to rent it. Let me say that from a counseling perspective this is a must watch! 226 kata lagi

membuat nama satuan pada penulisan angka excel

“membuat nama satuan pada penulisan angka excel”

  1. blok semua sel yang berisi angka
  2. klik kanan,pilih format sel
  3. klik number-custom
  4. pada type tuliskan 0″unit”(untuk nama satuan unit)
  5. klik OK

Systems of privilege hurt everyone

On Friday 27th February in my upper sixth year my friends and I had just settled into our usual places in the U6th form common room.  1.865 kata lagi


#İstanbul ve sel...kader mi? plansızlık mı?

bakalım survivor dokunulmazlık oyununu kim kazanacak. ada konseyinde adı en çok yazılan sabriye elemeye kalacak mı? pic.twitter.com/YvQ589UFGf

— varcharian (@varcharian) July 18, 2017

Yuzme bilmeyen sokaga cikmasin…

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Social-emotional learning can be simple

While the buzzword factor may loom large, it doesn’t have to be complicated to get started with social-emotional learning in the classroom. SEL “programs” or curricula may certainly be helpful in providing a common language or structure for educators across a school, but you don’t need to buy anything to provide social/emotional learning opportunities. 739 kata lagi


21st Century Approach

Teacher’s perspective towards teaching involves many factors such as cultural background, environment and personal encounter on how teaching practices should be done. These factors affects their teaching strategies and approaches towards achieving learning goals for students. 666 kata lagi

Reflections, Insights, And Realizations

Ready For Summer?

I’m heading to Spain this summer to visit my family (short trip to Portugal to attend the 6th International Congress on Emotional Intelligence and present my… 485 kata lagi