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Why Don’t Students Take Social-Emotional Learning Home?

This is an amazing article that is SOOO important in how it reflects a shadow aspect of humanity. It could be THE fertile bed from which the seeds of our humanity are planted. 1.750 kata lagi


Constant Speed Prop Magic

Here’s a link to an article over at Bold Method that provides a brief but comprehensive lesson on the magic that makes your constant speed prop do it’s thing – including step-by-step animations. 17 kata lagi


Do You Want to Fight Bullying? Focus on Kindness

Our bullying assemblies are simply lecturing us to not be the bully, when we should be informed about WHAT WE SHOULD DO when we get bullied. 639 kata lagi



The students in the Peer Leader Organization of one of our high schools are hosting a week-long, school-wide event dedicated to mental health awareness and suicide prevention called… 663 kata lagi


The choice is mine (Part 2)

As the continuation of last week activity, this week, we made our own version of the Goldilocks story. In our story, Goldilocks knocks, the door and waits until the bear come home. 102 kata lagi


The Choice is Mine 1

The choice is mine

SEL this week were discussing about how to make good choices. We went over on the good manners that we have discussed previously. 101 kata lagi


New SEL curriculum proposed

Written by Clara Kieschnick-Llamas

At the school board meeting on March 8, the topic of adding more social-emotional learning (SEL) curricula was discussed to combat stress. 525 kata lagi