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Kindness, Generosity and Caring: Building Blocks for Success

by March Smith, Principal, Forestdale School, Sandwich, MA

When I was hired to my first principalship in 2013, I was aware that the Sandwich Public Schools was in the process of creating a new STEM focused middle school.  1.119 kata lagi

Kesan zikir terhadap otak manusia​

1) Otak hanyalah aktiviti-aktiviti bio-elektrik yang melibatkan sekumpulan saraf yang dipetanggungjawabkan untuk melakukan tugas-tugas tertentu bagi membolehkan ia berfungsi dengan sempurna.

2) Setiap hari 14 juta saraf yang membentuk otak ini berinteraksi dengan 16 juta saraf tubuh yang lain. 305 kata lagi


2017 Volkswagen Passat V6 SEL Premium

New VW Passat hits for the cycle …

            It may be a bit early in the calendar year to talk about hitting for the cycle, but the 2017 Volkswagen Passat does just that. 1.000 kata lagi

Car Reviews

Focus on Yourself to Nurture Positive Relationships

The relationships that children and youth establish with adults are critical for a healthy social and emotional development. When students and teachers establish positive, caring relationships, students are more likely to use their teachers as resource to solve problems, engage in learning activities, and better navigate the demands of school (Williford & Sanger Wolcott, 2015). 562 kata lagi


February Show & Tell

SEL (“EQ”) Show & Tell
Thursday & Friday, February 23rd & 24th
“My Favorite Exotic Animal“

       As we learn about faraway places in exotic climes, it’s instructive to realize that so many animals come from places all around the world. 126 kata lagi


Embracing the Border Economy

By Juan Cabrera

El Paso is 300 miles west of what east Texans call “west Texas.” El Paso and Juarez Mexico straddle the Rio Grande (or Rio Bravo, depending on what side of the river you are on) wrapping around the 7,000 foot peaks of the Franklin Mountains, the southernmost point of the Rockies. 494 kata lagi

Active Learning

Valentine Celebrations

Valentine’s Day Celebrations
Monday & Tuesday, February 13th & 14th

       Valentine’s Day provides an “EQ” opportunity to express appreciation for the friends and family that we love. 109 kata lagi