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Get Your Gratitude On!

Last year around this time, everyone’s favorite AISD Social and Emotional Learning blog offered up this Ode to Gratitude, a short (and slightly silly) rhythmic rhymer with links to compelling research on the benefits of bringing more gratitude into daily life. 503 kata lagi


All foreigners like rap, right?

One of my favorite holidays in Nepal is definitely Tihar. Holi – yeah – it’s fun but I don’t really enjoy running or being splattered with colors and water I don’t know origin of. 672 kata lagi


[en] What is really happening in Bologna

Bologna has always been a laboratory, both for social movements and for their counterparts. Bologna “the Red”, the industrialized city with one of the strongest worker movements in Italy, is now facing great changes, that started years ago and are now accelerating at an unprecedented rate. 1.744 kata lagi


Friday Link Roundup

Educators and parents this week are faced with the difficult task of talking with children about the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, Baghdad, and… 529 kata lagi


Social and Emotional Learning: Just as Vital as Math and Reading to Raise Healthy, Happy, Well-Adjusted Children

High-stakes testing in education has led many schools to focus on reading and math instruction as the centerpiece of the CORE curriculum. But what if social and emotional skills are just as crucial for ensuring a child’s success in life? 520 kata lagi


The Courage to Teach More than "Little Virtues"

I recently read an excerpt from Little Virtues by Natalia Ginzburg that has stayed with me for weeks. Born in an anti-fascist Italian-Jewish family in 1916, Ginzburg lived through a lot before she turned fifty. 763 kata lagi

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