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SEL Internship Opportunity

SEL is looking to fill an internship position with an accounting or finance major (or master’s student) who has at least one year of school left and is available to work part-time during the school year and full-time during the upcoming summer.  363 kata lagi


10 Things Every Student Needs to Hear from Teachers

By Barbara A. Lewis, author of Building Character with True Stories from Nature

When I returned to teaching after taking a 20-year hiatus to raise my own children, I had an opportunity to take over a sixth-grade class during the last six weeks of school. 620 kata lagi

Free Spirit Author

Getting back to training after Injury

Just got news of the best result I could have asked for after dislocating my shoulder in my last Muay Thai fight. No fractures, no torn tendons, no structural damage, only minor bursitis which will go away if I don’t aggravate it. 1.054 kata lagi

He or She? Confronting Gender Ambiguity in the Classroom

“I can’t tell,” she said to her friend, eyeing another one of my students sitting on the couch. “I can’t tell if that’s a boy or a girl.” 1.195 kata lagi

Drew and Kelly Dockery

When the Dockerys moved from a small town in 2008, they did not know what to expect when they moved to South Euclid and entered the South Euclid-Lyndhurst School District. 844 kata lagi


Penangkapan dan Penyimpanan Energi dalam Sel

Semua makhluk hidup mendapat energi dari molekul makanan. Di planet kita, sebagian besar makanan mendapatkan energi dari matahari. Tanaman dan organisme fotosintetik lain menangkap energi matahari menggunakan pigmen. 203 kata lagi

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Mempelajari Metabolisme Sel

Setiap perubahan kimia disertai dengan perubahan dalam kandungan energi dari bahan kimia yang terlibat. Bahan awal bisa berisi lebih banyak energi daripada produk jadi. Ini adalah proses “menurun”. 203 kata lagi

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