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Friendship Detox

Friendship Detox

I’m sure most of you have heard of detoxifying. It’s good for the body and soul. It brings on mental clarity and helps eliminates toxins from your body. 216 more words


Fostering Self Regulation and Emotional Control

“Fostering self-regulation and emotional control” have become as much a part of instruction as reading and writing.  Kids that are not able to understand and manage their emotions are not able to learn and frequently make it difficult for others to learn.  256 more words

Ideas From Schools



Sel merupakan unit struktural dan fungsional yang terkecil dari tubuh

Sel adalah unit yang sangat terorganisir dan tersusun dari material yang hidup

Intisel (nukleus) berisi material genetik dan sitoplasma adalah material hidup diluar inti sel. 857 more words


The invisible people in your school

Right now, there are invisible people in your school.

No, not some sort of ghosts like those who haunt people in books and movies; in your school are students who are “invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see” them for who they are (not unlike the unnamed narrator in Ralph Ellison’s… 843 more words

Final Report from Sandy Hook Advisory Commission Offers Social Emotional Learning / Mental Health Recommendations for Schools:

In section THREE of the final report, the commission describes the importance of a focus on improving access to mental health services and the critical roles of public schools in keeping children and families connected to each other and to community supports. 497 more words


SuperSonicSelfie.com - COMING SOON

Very shortly SuperSonicSelfie.com will be live and this is where you can post a selfie from your phone, tablet or desktop and have it uploaded and printed on vinyl wrap on… 81 more words