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Social and Emotional Learning

We see many students having high stress level and get involved in negative behaviors as they are unable to tackle the life situations properly. In this case, it becomes essential to develop social relationships, manage emotions and improve attitude from the young age in order to lead a happy, effective and healthy life. 28 kata lagi

Flight Review Homework

If you’ve scheduled a Flight Review with me, here’s the pre-flight homework I’ll need you to complete before the day of our training.

1.  Flight Review Prep… 342 kata lagi


Finish the Year with Gratitude

The days are getting longer, the weather is warmer… summer is almost here! For students, this means a few more weeks wrapping up final projects and for teachers, battling to keep students engaged while trying to finish… 446 kata lagi


The importance of caring and concern in developing a positive classroom climate

Growing up in Anglophone West Africa, I always felt that something was lacking in the “family pedagogy” of the community (-ies) I was a member of, a certain lack of connection with emotional values. 1.415 kata lagi


What Happens When Kids Run Their Own Morning Meeting?

Becoming a kindergarten teacher has given me a whole new perspective.  It’s taught me an immense amount about what it truly means to be a child: the natural curiosity, the innate joys of exploration and play, as well as the resilience and and savvy of young children. 1.219 kata lagi

Social-Emotional Learning

Want to Enable Personalization in Your Classroom? Try These 4 Things.

Building a classroom culture centered around personalization sounds pretty tough.  But what if I told you the responsibility didn’t reside entirely in your hands?  Generally, when educators are considering personalization, they believe they need adaptive, automated programs that provide children with activities at their ‘just right’ level.   1.213 kata lagi

Personalized Learning

Are children becoming more aggressive?

When I first began teaching, we had to talk to our students about not playing “Power Rangers” on the playground, because they children were acting out the ninja-style fight scenes. 941 kata lagi