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The Social-Emotional Need in Elementary Schools

The longer I teach, the more I see young children unable to regulate their emotions, students who struggle with social interactions, and kindergarteners not developmentally ready to begin school.  677 kata lagi


Rules that teach the wrong message

A trauma-informed teacher should encourage non-compliance from her students.

*record scratch*

Say what? Let’s talk a little about power dynamics, rules, and trauma.

When I say that trauma-informed education is a mindset shift, I mean it. 791 kata lagi


On Community, Well Being, and Pool Etiquette While in Thailand

This dainty looking girl, in a modest bathing costume with flowery ruffles, just leaned over and hoicked a juicy monster into the pool vent.  I am horrified and give her the accompanying agape, aghast look.  1.020 kata lagi

Let My Students Play

It has occurred to me that we could dramatically improve school climate at almost any school by ensuring easy access to a beach. Simple. The cool, salty air and the inviting sound of crashing waves would be enough to calm teachers and students. 510 kata lagi


Tips to make Middle School Awesome


The following were remarks that I made at this year’s 5th grade promotion ceremony:

Just a few days ago, we hosted Kindergarten Orientation right here in this very room.  649 kata lagi

Educational Leadership

Creating Milestone Experiences

During this week, students in Kindergarten and 1st grade at my daughter’s school participate in a special, off campus trip that is unique to their grade level. 621 kata lagi


Physical Metaphors

I have the pleasure of teaching a Language and Literature class of lovely, chatty and very social Year 9 students, 18 males and 6 females, all very curious, perceptive young people who are developing as analytical thinkers and soulful writers. 1.032 kata lagi

Reflections + Insight