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My students called me "bossy." Here's how I responded.

Morning meeting had just started.  Mindfulness was over, and my students and I were seated in a circle, knees touching, eyes gazing towards the center.  Just minutes before, the room was chaotic, students walking all about, haphazardly transitioning to morning meeting.   1.054 kata lagi

Social-Emotional Learning

SEL Internship Opportunity

SEL is looking to fill an internship position with an accounting or finance major (or master’s student) who has at least one year of school left and is available to work part-time during the school year and full-time during the upcoming summer.   42 kata lagi


Got Anger?

A few years back, my principal and I had an argument about some testing that needed to get done. From my classroom, a remodeled closet above the gym, I could hear her heels coming towards my class… I started sweating and my heart was pounding; she was not even there yet, and I was already getting angry again! 1.186 kata lagi


Gaining insight into your students' wellbeing

As many teachers around Australia are gearing up for another year in the classroom, I am sitting on the couch watching tennis, reading books and painting my toenails. 356 kata lagi


Want to lead students in mindfulness meditation?

This free program from Australia has everything you need:  audio guided meditations, teacher guides, and more!  You have to register, but it’s quick and easy.  They also have programs for individuals and athletes!

Confident Leader

How Do You Build Independence in Children?

Fostering independence in children is difficult.  Why?  Because it’s scary, because we love them so much, and because we don’t want them to experience hardship and failure. 20 kata lagi

Social-Emotional Learning