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Giving Them What They Want

Within my post There’s a Disconnect, students shared they would like to review concepts to be assessed by playing games. Wanting to be a woman of my word, I did what I always do when I need to think, I went for a walk.   180 more words

Kind Of Like My Diary

Why are we doing this? What’s the point?

Strong public schools lead to strong communities. When the strength of the public schools is called into question through misinformation, everyone hurts. Local government, businesses, and families must scramble to face the effects of this new perception. 219 more words


UCS - System Policies

Under Equipment tab,

Log management

  • SEL Policy

SEL – System Event Log

Power management

  • Power Policy

Options – none-redundant, N+1, Grid 7 more words

Lab Exam

Finish the year strong! Celebrate your students' growth

When I was a special education teacher, the last few weeks of school felt like being in a tornado. I was pulled in so many different directions that it felt somebody else was in charge of my life! 506 more words


13th May 2015: Asu Maralman - Sigaramin Dumani

Language – Turkish

Translation – Fume cigarettes (!) – cigarette smoke? Hmm.

I bought some singles by this lady whilst in Istanbul.  I kind of like this.   8 more words

Special education liaisons toil for the sake of compliance (repost)

This piece originally appeared on Special Ed Post in September 2014. A link to the piece as it appeared on that site follows.

Employment with the School District of Philadelphia can take dedicated teachers to the brink of resignation. 704 more words