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Seismic, biorhythm drawings

Question: taking an approach used by artist Deborah Humm, if I use my body as a seismograph, will the biorhythm drawings made vary noticeably as a result of watching different types of programmes on TV? 136 kata lagi


Build Your Own Seismometer! Discover for yourself how scientists record awesome earthquakes.

Seismometers are the machines that measure earthquakes by producing seismographs. While the seismometers scientists use have advanced technology and complex parts, you can build your own basic seismometer to see how they can track earthquakes. 321 kata lagi


Seismology: The Study of Earthquakes

Earthquakes are recorded by instruments called seismographs.  A seismograph has a base that sets firmly in the ground and
a heavy weight that hangs free. When an earthquake causes the ground to shake, the base of the seismograph shakes too, but the hanging weight does not. 284 kata lagi



  • Any sudden disturbance below the Earth’s surface may produce vibrations or shaking in Earth’s crust and some of these vibrations; when reach the surface, are known as earthquakes.
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7.8 Magnitude Quake Strikes Japan Saturday, No Tsunami Risk Due To Quake's Depth

(CBS SF)– A strong 7.8 magnitude quake struck the open ocean, 543 miles south of Tokyo early Saturday morning.

The initial report from seismographs pegged its magnitude at 8.5 but it was later significantly downgraded to a 7.8 quake. 50 kata lagi


Mega Quake Warning In Rumblings Off Japan's Coast Alarms Scientists

KYUSHU, Japan (CBS) – Scientists say they’ve recorded low frequency shaking on the ocean floor that could be the result of increasing pressure, similar to what was released during the devastating 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami. 204 kata lagi