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Jam Jar Seismometer and a Springy Coincidence

One key aspect of this project is the detection of seismic events. Yes, I want to play with the online data from proper seismo stations, but as I’m primarily concerned with the earthquake risk at a given location, some kind of local system is very desirable. 683 kata lagi



  An earthquake is a natural disaster that occurs when the surface of the Earth shakes and trembles. Numerous earthquakes happen every day but they are not strong enough for people to sense them. 373 kata lagi


Bicycle Seismograph Measures The Streets

Riding the streets of the Netherlands on a bicycle is a silky-smooth experience compared to doing the same on those of Germany. So says , who made the move with her trusty Dutch bike. 224 kata lagi

Transportation Hacks

Polish polar expedition

At the entrance of this fjord is a research station, we can clearly spot their houses and tools. By now it must be past 10pm but we saw still some people outside which motivates us to go for a visit. 542 kata lagi