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The Prague Socialite: Ciao! Milan & Florence

A couple weeks ago, I got to visit Milan and Florence for my friend Elisha’s birthday.  Obviously, I was excited to celebrate her birthday, but also of course to stuff my face with delicious Italian food and drink allllll the wine. 428 kata lagi

The Bronx Socialite

Robber's Cave, India

I count myself quite lucky that with my job I have been given the opportunity to go to India, not once, but twice. As I sit chatting to you in Starbucks back in Bristol, I’m still suffering slightly with jetlag (who knew a five and a half hour time difference could be so difficult to adjust to?!) and I am seriously not looking forward to the backlog of work I have waiting for me in the office tomorrow, but I thought I’d take the time to share my experiences while it’s still fresh in my mind. 1.051 kata lagi



7/5 – 7/7

Many people have asked me which place was my favorite in Greece. This is a tough question because when I travel, every place is my favorite. 712 kata lagi

Next Adventure: Layover in Moscow

At 3:15am California time, 2:15pm Moscow time, we broke through the clouds to see snow covered fields of Moscow. It’s just a brief layover on my way to Venice, but here are some highlights. 50 kata lagi


Next Adventure: Take Flight

16 minutes after midnight, the sky eases into a rainbow of periwinkle and tangerine, and voice crackles over the loudspeaker announcing the beginning of breakfast service. 193 kata lagi


Next Stop- Ibiza - Grand Palladium White Island

Onto our second travel adventure…. We decided to take a last minute holiday in September 2017 to the beautiful island of Ibiza. We stayed at the Grand Palladium White Island. 1.355 kata lagi


Our first Trip - Halkidiki Greece - Ikos Olivia

So we decided our first holiday with Mila should be somewhere family friendly, a short flight time but also has a nice luxury feel. At the time Mila was only six months old, this is a perfect age to travel as it’s just before she was on the move and meant she was quite happy to cuddle up on the flight without that desire to walk or crawl around. 1.613 kata lagi