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4 Reasons Why We Need To Stop Acting Like Everyone Can Easily Travel

When I first started traveling, I read a ton of blogs and I saw a ton of statements that just rubbed me the wrong way. One of the biggest things that… 708 kata lagi


Mutant fern-palm.

I was walking to work and looked up at the row of palm trees next to the path and really saw them for the first time. 31 kata lagi

The serious side of Amsterdam: Visiting the Anne Frank House

The writing is somehow both scruffy and elaborate, unreadable without extremely close examination, yet carried off with a stylish flourish. Easy on the eye, without really touching the realms of legibility. 904 kata lagi


Beach Weekend - Pichilemu & Punta de Lobos

Some of my favorite trips have been inspired by photos.  Pinterest led us to explore the coast of Croatia, photos on a friends blog led us to an incredible hike  through the Calanques in southern France, and most recently a friends Instagram post led us to the small surfing town of Pichilemu, Chile. 567 kata lagi

See The World


The time is now
Pay heed to no vow
Pack your bags,
Forget about the tags.

Board a flight
Face the heights
Sail a ship,
And take a dip. 39 kata lagi

Our Italian Vacation (Part 1 of 4): Venice, Italy

When it comes to Venice, you will either fall into one of two categories: Like or Dislike.

Going into this trip we heard both points of view from friends/fellow travelers, and while we were grateful they shared their experiences, we also knew we had to encounter it for ourselves. 1.001 kata lagi

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