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WestJet Glasgow Review:

 8:45 boarding my flight to Halifax, NS departing Glasgow, UK. The airline? WestJet.. What WestJet fly to Europe? Yes, in fact they fly to Dublin, Ireland and Glasgow, UK and soon they will commence flights to London Gatwick using a 767-300. 934 kata lagi


Road Trip through the Rockies!

After a spectacular trip to the beautiful province of British Columbia, surrounded by nature, mountains, beaches and picturesque views everywhere you turned; my family and I headed back to the ‘Land of Living Skies’ also known as Saskatchewan. 333 kata lagi



After being gone exactly 6 months, I feel it necessary we share the uglier side of our trip. Browsing through our blog posts and Instagram feed… 565 kata lagi


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Every day it feels like I see someone or couples quitting their 9-5 jobs and traveling the world and I feel almost envious of their new lifestyles. I would think, "how do they do it? Are they just loaded with money and can afford to country hop for the rest of their lives?" I came across this blog post about a couple that was one of the pioneers for dropping their stagnant jobs to see the world. This particular post takes off the rose tint from our perception of these happy-go-lucky travelers and shows us another side of this new lifestyle. I'm glad this puts things in perspective and presents the other truth in their travel adventures! (originally discovered this blog through this Buzzfeed post!)

Need to see the world differently? Close your eyes

Today, I taught a writing class in which I asked my students to close their eyes and just listen to me–not to open their eyes for one second until I told them it was okay. 602 kata lagi


Seal Rocks Lighthouse

Seal Rocks Lighthouse is at Sugarloaf Point in New South Wales, I went there with my family during the Christmas Holiday in 2014. The drive there was tedious, as we had nothing in the car to entertain us and I was sharing the back seat with an annoying little brother and a car seat. 670 kata lagi


Canada - Unfiltered Selections

Botanical Garden, Montreal

Sky view after rain, Montreal

Old City, Montreal

Mount-Royal View, Montreal

Jarry Park, Montreal

Parc Beaudet, Montreal

Old Port – Montreal

Lac-Nominique, Quebec