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Home Sweet Anywhere: How We Sold Our House, Created a New Life, and Saw the World

Home Sweet Anywhere by Lynne Martin

“Nearly every page has some crack piece of travel wisdom … an accessible, inspiring journey.” -Kirkus

The Sell-Your-House, See-the-World Life! 225 kata lagi


I Want to See the World

Hello Lovelies,

I’ve written before about the unique ability books have to transport you anywhere and everywhere. With a good book in hand time, space and distance are not a concern. 1.414 kata lagi


Stewart Falls, UT

We took the scenic route this weekend. Our car climbed up the mountains, while my eyes sat glued to my phone screen hoping to near our destination soon. 337 kata lagi


An Open Letter to my Parents

Living on my own for two years sure taught me a lot about life and beyond. I am thankful for the circumstances that lead us to this. 815 kata lagi

Personal Diary

we shall explore all the things of southwest colorado

one of the many joys of getting to work with one of your best friends: when your boss gives you some days off after a crazy busy easter weekend, you get to enjoy them together. 974 kata lagi


Diversion - The Big Booty

Not all diversions are truly “diversions.” We recently had a need to go to the University of Alabama campus for an event. When we started planning, we remembered I have friends near there (alumni, of course), who have been asking us to come and visit for years. 448 kata lagi