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High on Amsterdam: Travel Review. 

Amsterdam was more than I thought it would be, probably now even one of my favourite places to date. Even though it is based on a legalized place for weed and sex. 843 kata lagi

One Day in Reykjavík: Running on Fumes

With a population of only 323,000, Reykjavík is small in comparison to most other European cities. What is interesting is that 200,000 of Iceland’s residents live in the capital region leaving only 123,000 people spread out through the rest of the country. 888 kata lagi

Off to Paradise

It’s been one of those years! 

I have had a hard time this year, feeling quite unsettled within myself.  I found out a few months ago that I am going to be having surgery, and it’s made me quite uneasy. 193 kata lagi

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Travel Blogs to Follow

Here are inspiring travel blogs that I have found over time. Hopefully this inspiration will spread to other aspiring wanderers! 30 kata lagi


A Day Atop Montserrat

If you ever visit Barcelona, Montserrat is a sight you cannot miss! With tall, jagged rock formations, Montserrat is a widespread mountain range located about an hour away from Barcelona’s city center. 257 kata lagi


Countdown Patagonia

Childhood dreams. We all have them. I always dreamt of adventures and to own a cabrio.

Later in life we add other dreams.

I have added many dreams to my list in the last years, some of which I have realized: to learn how to cook chineses food in China, to take the Transiberian train, to go to Alaska, to live in different countries, to own a place of my own, to life healthier, to drive a Vespa across the Alps. 27 kata lagi


Another Day in Paradise

What do you see when you close your eyes? How does your paradise look like?
I see mountains. I feel the heat of the mountain sun my face. 126 kata lagi

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