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On Adventures

There’s a whole world out there.

It’s is simultaneously the most exciting and terrifying of prospects. The magnitude of the world is impossible to comprehend, and my travel wishlist gets longer every week. 387 more words


The things that make us.

I am 21 years old and I have seen the sun rise from 15 different countries. I have experienced the full spectrum of humanity, from unspeakable cruelty to unrequitable kindness. 198 more words


Member Trips?!

What are Paycation Member Trips?

Member Trips are deeply discounted trips exclusively for Paycation Members (hints to the name member trips). Although the dates are preset for ALL member trips, Paycation gives you a ton of options and you can’t beat these prices!! 146 more words


Why Travel?

Good Evening!

So I receive so many questions asking why I decided to get involved in the travel industry. First things first, I am Certified Travel Consultant with a company called Paycation. 208 more words


Travel Tuesday - Quotes On Travel

Hi Everyone!

I love to travel and over the past few years my wanderlust has grown to surprising levels. I love going to new countries and cities, seeing new things, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and hearing new stories. 214 more words


Japan - Tokyo

The train from Takamatsu didn’t arrive in Tokyo till around 9 at night. Our AirBnB host Takashi had told us to use the free wifi at the big Tokyo Station to let him know we had arrived, then to get on a another train that did a big loop of the city and we would reach his station in about 15 minutes. 2.465 more words


Why Travel?

I’m amazed by people who don’t have a passport. I wonder to myself, how they are able to stay in the same country all their lives. 870 more words