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Child vs. Adult perception of reality

Children and adults see the world differently

Unlike adults, children are able to keep information from their senses separate and may therefore perceive the visual world differently, according to research published today. 577 kata lagi

Paris in film

Mình tới Paris một ngày mùa đông nắng rất đẹp. Đi dạo dọc sông Seine hay giữa những con phố khu Marais, cảm giác một phần giấc mơ đã thành sự thật.

See The World

What a day

We live in a time of great sadness today in London, a year age in Brussels and every other heart-wrenching act which has happen. One day we will live in peace and harmony.

21 Jobs for People who Love to Travel

Are you a wanderlust at heart but cannot afford to travel the world? Are you dreaming of quitting that boring job and doing something exciting but cannot afford to not work? 1.469 kata lagi


What do a Kiss and Exploring the World Have in Common?

Five years ago today I was on a trip for work. It involved a trip (by TRAIN!) to Stamford, Connecticut, a short walk to the hotel and a meet-and-greet style evening where coworkers from the northeast and mid-Atlantic would connect and spend some social time over dinner and drinks before a full-day event kicking off the next morning. 498 kata lagi


Where to lay your head

I only 2 full days in Warsaw, without a question I stayed in a hostel and it had to be central, near to Palace of Culture & Science and the Royal Route for me to either walk or jump on public transport. 146 kata lagi

I have lost count how many time people ask me “how can you afford to go away so often” the secret is I travel on a budget. 259 kata lagi