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Sebastian Michaelis, Private Tutor Version

(Not like I’m planning on getting either of the other versions, of course!)

Wow.  Mandarake really ships things quickly!  I was sure I wouldn’t see him until at least the second week in January, but he arrived on Friday!   1.365 kata lagi


Thought of the day! Christmas shopping done!

The holidays are coming! I have finally finished my Christmas shopping and just in time too. It took some time but I did it. I almost got trampled in a rush to get into a store, fought with some girl over a Black Butler fuzzy limited edition blanket, and speed ordered some stuff online. 87 kata lagi

Thought Of The Day

Why I Love Black Butler

It’s short and sweet this week folks!   So, I’ve recently started watching the English dub anime based off of Yana Toboso’s original manga, Black Butler. 175 kata lagi

William Hilton's POV II

I knew this family was fucked up, but this is just disgusting.

Mother and dad gathered us in the dining room, telling us they had some big news. 1.068 kata lagi

Sims 4

Black Butler to become anime movie!

The official Twitter account for the anime version of Yana Toboso’s supernatural manga Black Butler has announced that a new anime film for the series is in production. 34 kata lagi


William Hilton's POV I

People who don’t know me think I’m just your ordinary spoiled, rich brat. Hell, even people who do know me think of me that way. Oh yeah, I’ve heard them ‘he’s such an attention whore’ and similar stuff. 940 kata lagi

Sims 4

Grell?... Sebastian?

Ugh I don’t know this question is driving me nights but in a good way. I was talking my friend Matt from Matt-in-the-Hat  when he asked me the most difficult question. 180 kata lagi