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Midsummer tapas

My Midsummer tapas unites the traditional tastes of this festivity: pickled herring, egg, potato, onion, dill, chive and crème fraîche. I pickled the herring and baked the crispbread myself, but obviously you can opt for a bough version. 370 kata lagi


Your sustainable scallops might have been caught with the help of shady labor practices

Hari Pulapaka, chef and owner of the restaurant Cress in Deland, Florida, prides himself on his ability to tell diners the names of the captain and vessel that brought them the seafood on their plate. 935 kata lagi


Deadliest Catch

This is a show from…it’s still on? That can’t be right! Can that be right? Anyway it’s about how hard fishing for crabs is, and how easy it is for a camera crew to ignore just piles and piles of meth. 1.7/5


Leunig's Bistro (Burlington, VT)

My favorite wrestler growing up was The Ultimate Warrior.  Well, it was out of him, The Rock, Brett Hart, and Lex Luger, only because his muscles were huge.  845 kata lagi