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Reise - The Seafood Paradise

In between the week’s hustle bustle. Flynn and I decided to try a new place we came across decided, why not let’s give it a shot. 1.181 kata lagi

You are what you eat: Microplastics in seafood, with David Santillo

You are what you eat, or so you think. The next time you sit down to enjoy that bowl of cioppino or salmon fillet, you may be ingesting more than you realize. 312 kata lagi

Environmental Management

Blue Crabs

Anticipation grows in the shores of Hidd fishing port, north-east of Bahrain.
But the air is kept light with smiles and laughs.
Amazing to see how the human spirits could soar so high on a long, hot summer day. 122 kata lagi


Parmesan and Herb Mussels with The Chef's Chimaera

“I fucking hate mussels – fucking, fucking hate them boyo”

Tony spat the words at me like he was clearing his throat of some poison then promptly washed away any residue with a fresh gulp of Snake Bite – a lethal mix of Cider, Whisky and Lager  – we called it ‘The Chef’s Chimaera’ – a pretty apt description if you know your Greek Mythology. 1.212 kata lagi

Fish And Shell

Foodie paradise Lima: Where to eat?

Peru has a lot of herbs, fruits and ingredients completely unknown in other parts of the world. South America is of course also the origin of the potatoe, quinoa, corn or cacao beans. 287 kata lagi


Rim Talay Seafood Restaurant & Steak

Enchanting beachfront view, delicious food, excellent service, truly a unique dining experience in Pattaya! Pattaya is known for many things. A gourmet paradise is one of them. 877 kata lagi

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