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Crispy skinned salmon with cannellini bean puree and broccolini, tomato and olives (651 calories per serve)

So I learnt something new today …. and I felt like such an idiot too after I found out. I felt so naive and ignorant. Anyway, so the new thing I learnt today was that broccolini is not a baby broccoli. 297 kata lagi


10 photos that sum up our Chefs' Tamil Nadu trip

After the 17 day trip to Kerala, the Chef left for Tamil Nadu. Making his way from Kottayam (in Kerala) to Madurai (in Tamil Nadu) in an over night bus. 682 kata lagi

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Oregano x Wasabi seared tuna

This was a DIY home dish. Super quick. Prep + Cook = 10min 178 kata lagi


Wild Salmon Burgers

Growing up in Seattle, I was spoiled with an abundance of gorgeous, high-quality, sustainable Alaskan salmon. Sockeye is my favorite. I never tasted farmed or Atlantic salmon until college, and to this day the creamy, fatty flesh of farmed salmon still puts me off. 778 kata lagi


Spicy Tuna Croquettes

Eat, drink and make merry! The season of festivals, summer barbeques, potlucks and parties are upon us. I even know a few of my friends who are already preparing lists and planning for Christmas and New Year. 424 kata lagi


Celebrate the Seashore

I’ve lived aside the seashore my entire life. A void would exist for me if we were to be separated for long. It’s one of the reasons I’m so at home here on the island, surrounded by miles of shoreline that never sleeps, practically begging to be explored, always available for swims, walks, play, or for collecting sea glass, tile, and shells.  300 kata lagi

The Aran Islands