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Scampi and Mini Potato Waffles

I’m so loving Little Bee’s new lunch box! I could put loads of different food in it and it’s leak proof!

Today, I decided to be exceptionally lazy! 32 more words


Pan Fried Tuna in Red Chermoula Stew

One of the biggest problems that I face as a blogger is dealing with people who do not value the work that I do. And because they do not understand the mechanics of this work, they always try to undervalue, underestimate and de-motivate me. 628 more words

Recipes From India

Salmon and Pea Puree with Rocket and Pear Salad

Salmon is a delicious fish and an excellent source of Omega 3. Add to this a lovely simple salad of rocket leaves – rich in immune boosting Vitamin C and Vitamin K for bone health – the subtle taste of pear, plus the magnesium rich, mood-lifting walnuts. 270 more words

Seafood in Bangkok

If you’re looking for more than just grilled food and more finished dishes there are a few ubiquitous dishes you can get everywhere on the street. 361 more words


Half Hour(ish) Sriracha Shrimp & Zucchini Lo Mein 

I never liked spicy food until I started cooking. Now I’m a Sriracha fiend. But anyway, let’s carry on with my seafood recipe obsession…

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Mahi Mahi Over Pasta in a Clam and Lemon Butter Sauce

Hey all! I’ve been gone for a while. We’re down a player at work, so life’s been a bit hectic. I am happy to report I’m still having great success with Weight Watchers and am a mere .6 pounds away from being 30 pounds down since November! 528 more words


The Daily Catch

I don’t wait in line. I go to restaurants hungry, because food tastes better that way. If you go to a restaurant with so little appetite that you’re game to wait in line for two hours, you’re doing food wrong. 630 more words