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Creamy Garlic Prawns

These simple prawns are a great, easy starter for a dinner party. They also make a really simple and delicious dinner for the family served with boiled rice and some greens. 105 kata lagi


Straight out of the Airport to Phnom Penh

Hello, it’s me…

The other half of this two-women team! Like Nafiza, I also have an intense love for food, and I am always eager to try new food and find new places to drag Nafiza with me to try. 613 kata lagi


Chilli Lobster ($58)

After a week at work, the best way to unwind is to have a fantastic TGIF dinner by indulging in some whole live lobster, wild caught and air-flown directly from the Atlantic Coast. 77 kata lagi


Pacific Garlic Shrimp (Hawaii 2016) - Why Go To The North Shore?

Okay, so everyone that comes to Oahu has probably heard about the awesome shrimp trucks that they have on the North Shore. But if you’re staying in Waikiki, it’s a bit of a far trip just for a couple of shrimp. 407 kata lagi

Restaurant Review

How To Cook Live Lobster (Chinese Inspired Way)

Want to know how to cook a live female lobster the Chinese inspired way?  Check out the extreme graphic video on cooking a live lobster right after the break.   81 kata lagi


I tried to be fancy but I was hungry

How do you eat a lobster roll?

Lobster, meet roll, and then meet my fork and knife or hands? I do not know how to eat this thing. 103 kata lagi