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Black Market

Black Market can mean many things. Well, the most recent place I tested the name was at Jeff Black’s version of it in Garrett Park, MD, … 362 kata lagi

Corbella: Death of another iconic restaurant a sign of bad times in Calgary

Another iconic downtown Calgary restaurant is closing its doors and in so doing is opening a wider window into understanding just how tough things are for many small businesses in the city’s downtown. 1.001 kata lagi

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热锅 > 倒油 > 放蒜片煎香 > 放入新鲜处理好的扇贝和姜去腥 > 倒入一点白葡萄酒 > 将扇贝两面煎熟 > 再倒入胡萝卜跟半熟的花椰菜 > 轻轻翻炒就可以出锅啦!


猪肉馅加蒜末姜末葱花和郫县豆瓣酱炒香 > 倒入切块的豆腐炖5分钟




Squid Stuffed With Seafood (and Some Veggies)

I like food challenges, as long as they’re not of the ilk of “Combine Ritz crackers with Marshmallow Fluff and hazelnuts, and show us your dish”, which is what a lot of… 722 kata lagi


Lemon Butter Dill Bay Scallops, Stuffed Clam, and Baked Potato

Today’s Menu: Lemon Butter Dill Bay Scallops, Stuffed Clam, and Baked Potato

No Breakfast this morning. I had to fast overnight and had to be at the Hospital at 6:45 this morning. 1.023 kata lagi


Stir-fried Squid with Vegetables


1 pound squid tubes
1 red chili
2 cloves garlic, crushed
grated zest of 1 lemon
1 leek
2 celery stalks
1 large yellow bell pepper… 177 kata lagi

Recipe Clipping

Salmon Patties

I still haven’t found a way to cook salmon that I actually like. I could always use the tuna loaf recipe, but I thought I might try… 122 kata lagi