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"Black" pasta with sausage

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  • 500γρ. μακαρόνια με μελάνη σουπιάς
  • 200γρ. λουκάνικα καπνιστά ή choriso
  • 400γρ. ντοματίνια
  • 1 μικρό κρεμμύδι
  • 1 σκελίδα σκόρδο
  • 1 κλαδάκι βασιλικό
  • 231 kata lagi

Hong Kong Food Trail

Hong Kong is an autonomous territory, and former British colony, in southeastern China. Its vibrant, densely populated urban centre is a major port and global financial hub with a skyscraper-studded skyline. 52 kata lagi


Celebrating the year of the Rooster 春风和煕迎鸡年

A celebration truly melts the heart each time when it is served with deliciously prepared food. With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, meal times during the season of celebration are crucial to foster, build and reconcile relationships. 197 kata lagi


PassionFish — Lunch on 17 January 2017

Bethesda Restaurant Week continues. Same city, but another day, and another restaurant.

I’d spent two days at places I knew well, so it was time for something new. 250 kata lagi


A Place to Meet

Food for Thoughts?

Everyday we hunt for places to eat. Be it during the weekdays, where you and your colleague need a place for breakfast, to have lunch, your boss asked for lunch meetings or just simply to have brunch. 112 kata lagi


Los Cabos - Day Six

I woke up wanting to enjoy every second of our last full day in Cabos.  I made non-fried ramen noodles for breakfast. I usually eat Asian food for breakfast anyway, and I couldn’t stomach another Starbucks breakfast. 1.004 kata lagi