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Why can’t transferring photos from an sd card be easier??


General Sales Order Process Flow

Sales flow in SAP captures processing from a request from a customer to the sending the invoice to the customer who pays for it. Depending on particular business process, SAP allows manipulation in the process but at a high level, the process flow remains about the same in spirit. 270 kata lagi


Intercompany Process in SD

More often than less, larger organization have multiple subsidiaries which interact with each other. These subsidiaries are financially (whenever) separate which makes these transactions a little different from internal. 179 kata lagi


SD ZX 1999-06 Low Yellow Tint Cobra Windshield

A Full Line of Flared Windshields

  • Get an all new look and added protection at the same time.

Full flared windshields for Ski Doo. All Cobra Windshields are constructed of durable, impact resistant polycarbonate plastic. 146 kata lagi


Chick-fil-A is a fast food chain that we went to yesterday. Apparently I couldn’t be allowed to complete my year in the USA without visiting one. 187 kata lagi



我記得我Year One時要做一本Report,因為當時還未有Digital Camera,所以找同學R幫手,他給我的相當中,有一幅,不知何解,幫我加了點口紅.當時,覺得他只是惡作劇,不以為意.但現在就覺得有點問題了.



Crunch time.

The stress is ON! It is on like donkey-kong, in full force, in full effect. I don’t think I’ve ever been this stressed out in my life before! 243 kata lagi