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Our Love Story

They say that you’ll meet the person your supposed to be with when you least expect it…and let me tell you that’s the truth.

I was 18 and living in a city where I didn’t know many people…so how do you meet people without meeting…online of course!! 245 kata lagi


Faceup Fun (Scarlett - SOOM Gena)

Something I always try to do when I get back into doll crafts is do a practice run before I get serious. While I do have a practice head, my first doll looked like she could use some attention. 169 kata lagi

Ball Jointed Doll

Why did you say and do like that?

Because what you said and what you do surround me.

安室奈美恵 Fighter 作詞:Emyli
Why you lookin’ at me?
All I see
Is a bunch of judging eyes… 293 kata lagi