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Con Air Review

Do you have an insatiable craving for over the top action? Well this is the film for you.

In case you haven’t inferred from the title, Con Air is about a group of convicts that take over an airplane. 563 more words


Trans* Empowerment Day - Oceanside

Join Us in the Oceanside Library Community Room for Trans* History, Victories, Empowering Art, Music, Performance, Clothing Swap, Name and Gender Change Clinic, Awards Ceremony and Community.

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Mortal Kombat Review

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dun dun dun dun du du, dun dun dun dun du du.

I’m in two minds about this film. On the one hand it sucks harder than a new Dyson, on the other it has an amazing soundtrack, so the real question is, is that enough to validate a film’s greatness? 346 more words



Inilah Indonesiaku, persembahan dari kelas 3A, 3B dan kelas 2… dilaksanakan 24 April 2015


Daredevil Season 1 Review

Now that I’ve spent some time to recoup after the abomination that was TMNT, it’s time to review something that is actually worth your time, and of course I don’t mean the Affleck Daredevil. 570 more words