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The Legend Of A Dead Bride And A Mannequin

De #LEYENDAS El misticismo de “Pascualita”, la leyenda del maniquí / El Heraldo de Chihuahua http://t.co/2YZlyDO1e8 pic.twitter.com/VpjGIHUNvy

— OEM (@OEMenlinea) November 1, 2013

The Popular “The Pascualita House” is located in the historic center of one of the most important cities of northern Mexico, Chihuahua capital and is the oldest bridal shop in Mexico.

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Camp! Camp! Camp!

The time has come. I am going portaging this Canadian long weekend. The last time I camped was a few years ago. The last time I… 294 kata lagi


The Five Venoms Review 

This was the first time I saw a Shaw Brothers kung fu movie. I first heard about them from the Cinema Snob when he did the Crippled Avengers. 556 kata lagi


WPC How close is too close? That depends on your subject matter!

For this week’s challenge I’m including photos taken by a friend of mine, because he captures amazing images of something I won’t. At least not deliberately. 1.052 kata lagi


The Fearless Scorpion Hunter

A couple weeks ago, I saw something that caught my eye. A scorpion hunter kit. Yes sir, everything one could want to safely catch scorpions – all in one container.   382 kata lagi

Kao San Road

First place where you get if you don’t know Bankok is this noisy ovrrowded much loved and hated road.
Close to everythig but not connected to the airport, this used to be a backpakers hippy haven in the 80s. 298 kata lagi

stumpy-legged creature and more

When I checked the camera card in my trail camera the other morning I was surprised to see an odd stumpy-legged creature.  It was a brief glimpse, but one long enough to be able to recognize the animal as an American Badger, … 81 kata lagi