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My Scorpion Slayer


I kid you not. True story. No exaggeration.

Remember when you were a kid, and you were afraid to stand by the edge of your bed with your toes sticking underneath because you pictured a monster under there waiting to bite you? 907 kata lagi


[Journal] Observations of the ordinary and the dream recursion

A crow sat on a fence… From a distance, you could tell it looked drained and filthy, but once you would get closer, you saw an image which people take as conceited behaviour. 374 kata lagi

Season 3 - Is Walter Regressing? Also Paige's Mom? WTF?

I've watched Scorpion here and there over the years but never fully binge watched it in order. But have started to, and enjoyed the first two seasons, despite the formulaic predictable storylines, it's something to watch while working or doing something else. 325 kata lagi


Scripture Alphabet of Animals: The Scorpion

Scripture Alphabet of Animals: The Scorpion

By Harriet N. Cook (1814-1843)

This frightful creature is several times mentioned in the Bible. It is the largest among insects, and more dangerous than any of them. 517 kata lagi

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Trinidad Scorpion Deuce

My other seedling died (too much light) but another has sprouted.

The world keeps spinning.


Katharine McPhee To Make Broadway Debut In 'Waitress'

Katharine McPhee has been set to make her Broadway debut in April when she takes over the lead role of Jenna in Waitress, the Tony-nominated musical based on the movie from Adrienne Shelley that is playing at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. 169 kata lagi

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What Katharine McPhee's Broadway Debut Means for Scorpion's Paige

Let her be your Broadway star.

Scorpion‘s Katharine McPhee is set to make her debut on the Great White Way as the lead in the Tony-nominated musical… 174 kata lagi