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SCORPION  (S04E04) "Nuke kids on the block"

Episode 4 had a little of everything to appease to the different needs of the audience. We follow team scorpion into one of their most difficult case yet. 799 kata lagi

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Calendrier lunaire – vendredi 20 octobre 2017

La Lune est croissante jusqu’au 3 novembre 2017 – Zodiaque de la Lune : Balance (signe masculin), à partir de 03:40 Scorpion (signe féminin)

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Cool eBay Find #119

Sometimes 80s bodykits can be really cool. Sometimes they can be like the one on this Lancia Montecarlo. To be fair it looks ok from the front but once you see the other views it goes downhill quite fast. 85 kata lagi

Cool EBay Finds

এবার দুবাই পুলিশের আধুনিক হাতিয়ার উড়ন্ত মোটরবাইক স্কর্পিয়ন(ভিডিও সহ)

ল্যাম্বোরঘিনি পেট্রোল কার, সেলফ-ড্রাইভিং রোবট ও অ্যান্ড্রয়েড অফিসারের পর দুবাই পুলিশের আধুনিক যানবাহন উড়ন্ত মোটরবাইক।


Can Scorpion Venom Be Therapeutic? My Fist Sting Appears to Be So.

Apparently I now qualify for residence in Arizona. Last night, sometime around 4 am, I got my first scorpion sting . Apparently it was on a pillow That i moved with my legs, and I got a nasty little sting on the back of my thigh. 380 kata lagi

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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Once, Scorpion, Blindspot, X-Files, The Flash, NCIS, Ghosted, Chicago Fire and More

Are Once Upon a Time‘s “CaptainSwan” fans getting a happy middle? Will Scorpion pair make beautiful music together? Is NCIS losing another vet? Might… 1.569 kata lagi

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Scorpion (S04E03) "Grow A Deer, A Female Deer"

The episode began with Sly practising his speech to acquire space for the library , when Patty comes in to requests Sly to let her go in order to intern some where else.Patty is a good example to young kids because she’s driven and has ambitions, despite being outspoken she was a good character addition to this episode. 454 kata lagi

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