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Welp, Looks Like I'm Going Broke on Spider-Man LEGOs This Year

Toy Fair is rocking New York City this weekend, with all manner of cool toys and action figures on display. I need to go to Toy Fair some day, but sadly, not today. 361 kata lagi


Scorpion: Scoop on the possibility of Walter and Paige becoming a couple from Entertainment Weekly's Natalie Abrams

Here’s some scoop on Scorpion from Entertainment Weekly’s Natalie Abrams’ The Spoiler Room column, which was posted on 2/12/16.

Happy for the Quintis shippers, but does this mean we’ll now have to wait until season 6 of…

143 kata lagi

Scorpion stuffed peppers

So I’m still very much into this whole quinoa craze (despite only realising it’s pronounced ‘Keen-wa’ a few days ago). I’ve been having it for lunch, a side for dinner or as an alternative for meat. 180 kata lagi


Tonight @ 8 pm Ethan Radcliff is Celebrating the Release of Shapeshifter: Scorpion, Desires of Blood Book 4! Come Join the party!!

What better way to celebrate the release of Ethan’s Shapeshifter: Scorpion than a big partyroom for him and his other male author buddies to talk all about themselves and share their work, thoughts, and future plans. 173 kata lagi

C.C. Genovese

Mui Ne Markets

A wander early in the morning meant shade on one side of the road before the heat set in but the traffic was already seething up the main drag. 52 kata lagi


Scorpion: FNL's Scott Porter to Recur — Will He Throw a Wrench in 'Waige'?

Scott Porter is really going to need clear eyes and a full heart for his next gig.

The Friday Night Lights vet has been tapped to recur on… 143 kata lagi

Casting News

Până aici

Pentru puțin, mai obișnuiesc să răspund la Mulțumesc. Acum câteva zile, cineva a continuat spunându-mi că nu este deloc puțin ce aflase în seara aceea despre ea. 846 kata lagi