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The Mobile Journal: Chapter #1 - An Interview With Scorpion

”The Mobile Journal” is a series of interviews that we have with fictional characters that are found in mobile games. We will explore prominent characters throughout this series and will keep this series active as long as we know that it has an audience of its own. 726 kata lagi

2016 - Q2


This one, despite it having a bunch of genius characters who are social  misfits never really made me like it.
Solely owing to the fact that i don’t envy them. 262 kata lagi

The Scorpion and the Frog

There once was a frog on a river bank planning to swim across the great river. As he was preparing his departure, he heard a voice. 718 kata lagi

Calendrier lunaire – samedi 21 mai 2016

Aujourd’hui c’est la Pleine Lune (23:14) – Zodiaque de la Lune : Scorpion (signe féminin), à partir de 20:48 Sagittaire (signe masculin)

Le Scorpion est un signe d’ 203 kata lagi