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The HoverSurf Scorpion from Russia –Confirming the Hoverbike is no longer a fantasy.

The Hoversurf Scorpion was waiting to happen. Ever since unmanned drones gained popularity among civilians, an airborne hovercraft carrying a human cargo was only a matter of time. 319 kata lagi

Alex Mardikian

Putting on my party dress to work out

Sometimes I like to watch really bad televison to just either fall asleep or to numb my racing mind after a long day of work. Have you ever watched the television show Scorpion? 539 kata lagi


CBS Renews 16 Shows

CBS has officially announced that they’ve renewed 16 series for their 2017-18 season: comedies LIFE IN PIECES, MOM, KEVIN CAN WAIT, MAN WITH A PLAN  73 kata lagi


CBS Renews 16 Series, Including Bull, Hawaii Five-0, Scorpion, Blue Bloods and MacGyver — What's Missing?

CBS has its eye on the 2017-18 TV season, handing out early renewals to 16 more of its current series, including rookie series Bull, … 259 kata lagi


When two women are trapped in an enclosed space and one of them is an obnoxious genius with low EQ and the other is a normal person who is trying to help the other with her wedding, they are destined to fight. 438 kata lagi


FEAR+FRAUD. Does Geneva= Gibraltar? Are SIPPs the new QROPS?

This bog is about fear and how it can be used by the unscrupulous to frighten them into putting their retirement at risk. The unscrupulous fear-monger is the self-appointed UKPension Guru (Clive Skane-Davis) of Swiss Global Consulting; you can see his CV at… 1.119 kata lagi


Scorpion Sneak Peek: Happy Jeers Cheery Paige (in a Dangling Gondola!)

This Monday on CBS’ Scorpion, Paige’s attempt to keep things light as she and Happy sit tight in a precarious gondola winds up triggering a war of words. 203 kata lagi