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Heart's Desire

He watched her standing there, watching the newlyweds dance. She had a smile on her face that hadn’t appeared since she left. I shouldn’t have let her go.  672 kata lagi

Desk Notes

Lesson of The Texas Scorpion Resin Disaster

My Facebook account is worth having for all the story material it offers. I don’t care about any of the political crap, SPAM, arguments, Trolls and what-not.  1.855 kata lagi


Arizona Bark Scorpion

Bark Scorpions are usually 2 – 3 inches long, are nocturnal, and eat crickets, roaches and other insects. Scorpions hibernate in the winter.

This one was lurking in my broom closet, and unfortunately met an untimely… 115 kata lagi


Behind the scenes with Scorpio

A peek into the process of creating vector art with Adobe Illustrator. This piece was made a little over a week ago and is the second in my zodiac series.




Scorpion Wedding Sneak Peek: Walter Has Something to Tell Paige

Scorpion‘s imminent wedding for Toby and Happy seems to have put Walter in a mood, based on this first look at a promo for the CBS series’ Monday, May 1 episode. 177 kata lagi


I'm Tired of Poems (Day 24, 2017)

This is the 24th day of National Poetry Writing Month.

I’m Tired of Poems

I’m tired of poems about
butterflies and lilac bushes
and hope and love and beauty… 119 kata lagi