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Lick My Lips - Katharine McPhee

McPheever season is back! Katharine McPhee has finally released a new single in over 6 years and it’s super sassy! After releasing her second album ‘Unbroken’ – an adult contemporary pop album – she took a hiatus to focus on acting. 346 more words


Fly Fishing Film Downloads Now Available from Beattie Outdoor Productions

The masterful fly fishing film work of RA Beattie and Beattie Outdoor Productions is even now more accessible, as some of these films have become available as downloads. 38 more words


What's bugging you?

Is there anything you would like to talk about? This is an interactive blog. We are a team. We make this magic happen together. I know, I make it seem like it is all about me a lot of the time, but it really isn’t… you matter to me. 205 more words


Another Television Show I Should Not Watch

The regular season of television is over. All my favorite and accustomed shows are reruns or not showing at all. It is Monday the 25th of May, Memorial Day. 135 more words

Idiot Politicians

Mortal Kombat X - Review

I’ll start with how convoluted this story is, simply because of the fine quality of plot holes I managed to face-plant into from start to finish of Mortal Kombat X. 3.056 more words


Seal out Scorpions Glendale, AZ

So what does a scorpion seal entail when you seal a house in Glendale, AZ?…

Macro | Scorpion Pose !

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