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Xbox Scorpio will be a "wait and see" system.

Project Scorpio will need some serious help this year it seems. Most are reporting that the system will need more time to have the properly developed games they need to show off the hardware. 529 kata lagi


Just because I’m in love with you

Doesn’t give you full authority to act, say and do

Whatever you want because “i’ll forgive you anyway”. 61 kata lagi


The E3 2017 floorplans could indicate Microsoft's and Nintendo's game-plan.

Floorplans for the E3 2017 gaming exposition in the Los Angeles Convention Center has surfaced online, and the reduced size of Microsoft’s gaming booth may cause some concern to gamers. 406 kata lagi


Weekly horoscope for 27 February 2017

Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a private reading with Sara by email please go to… 758 kata lagi


The Greatest Love Story I've Never Told

The first time I can remember feeling beautiful was the first time I read what it meant to be a Libra. I do believe that moment sparked my lifelong love affair with astrology. 2.064 kata lagi

Halo Wars 2 will not help Microsoft.

The Microsoft drought continues. Yet another exclusive wasted for 2017. After losing their Dragon game, Scalebound, exclusives were already going to be tight going into E3. 311 kata lagi