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E3'17 - Microsoft Conference

On Sunday, June 11, Microsoft took the stage for what was likely the most anticipated presentation of all of E3 2017. We have all seen the hardware stats for the new Scorpio console, but we wanted to know more and, most of all, see the games that are to be offered on “the most powerful console ever.” The conference did not disappoint in the console reveal nor in the shear number of games presented. 1.502 kata lagi


The Offensive and Defensive

Inspired by this quote by Linda Goodman

Where Aries and Scorpio rules in your natal chart shows where we are defensive and offensive. Aries shows where you are defensive, for Aries rules the defensive part of combat with Mars. 685 kata lagi


Life After Love

The first love of my life was a Cancer although it would seem we weren’t necessarily compatible for each other in the end. However, According to almost every astrology website, Scorpio and Cancer are supposed to be perfect for each other.  587 kata lagi

Love And Relationships

Xbox One X, why I am still getting it. 

So you have a Xbox one S and you are fine with it. You have Ps4 Pro and you are fine with it. Even if you have a Nintendo Switch, you also may be fine with it. 722 kata lagi