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Scorpio August 2015 Runescope


(Oct 21 – Nov 20)

I’m repeating myself a lot this month Scorpio.  Your reading is quite similar to a couple other signs.  The short of it is take your time and give any issues that crop up your full attention. 246 kata lagi


Saturn retrograde Scorpio poem...

Saturn retrograde Scorpio *Inspired by the Astro Twins*

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“Knock, knock. Boom! I am a seven ton elephant in your room.

Knock,knock. Ka-boom! I’m the shady-gray dark side of the moon. 429 kata lagi


Scorpio - Weekend 1st & 2nd of August 2015

Scorpio – You may feel like you are coming back into your own again after a few days of restlessness. Chances are now, you find yourself again warming up to some big ideas, and thinking of positive ways that you can move forward on public affairs. 111 kata lagi

Daily Forecast

Thiên Yết - Scorpio (24/10 - 21/11) (23/10 - 29/10 after 2011)

Sơ yếu lý lịch

Cung hoàng đạo thứ: 8

Các tên gọi: Thiêt Yết, Thiên Hạt, Hổ Cáp, Bò Cạp

Ngày Sinh: 24/10 – 21/11 (23/10 – 29/10 sau 2011) 5.355 kata lagi


Saturn in Scorpio Turns Direct: August 1-2, 2015

We’re going to really need to suck it up and tough this out now. Saturn is currently stationing at the 28th degree of Scorpio, turning direct in the very wee hours of Sunday, August 2 at 0:53 A.M. 1.381 kata lagi


Letting Go Of Control

One goal I have recently set for myself is to learn to let go of control. Controlling situations, people and things is an internal battle for me. 182 kata lagi