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Well, it seems this generation of consoles will be a short oneĀ if sources are to be believed.


The Scorpio will be four times as powerful as the current Xbox One, and the slimmer version will come with a redesigned controller. 282 kata lagi

Playstation 4

This is my simself in Scorpio!! Lol I have a challenge on the gallery where you have to create your simself representing your astrological sign!! The challenge is called Astrology Challenge if any one is interested!! 35 kata lagi

Microsoft To Release Upgraded Xbox One With More Powerful GPU Next Year?

One of the interesting and divisive talking points about this latest generation of consoles has been Sony’s desire to release a more powerful version of their Playstation 4, upgrading the GPU to deliver a better experience for a higher price. 189 kata lagi


Through the Eyes of Tarot - Mars in Scorpio - May 27 through August 2, 2016 - Enters Scorpio while retrograde on May 27, goes direct on June 29

What is it you wish to create? While Mars is finally back home in Scorpio, it is still retrograde for the first month. Be practical in your creative approach and keep tweaking your projects so that they are ready to be unveiled after June 29. 510 kata lagi


Scorpio June 2016

Scorpions are feeling disgruntled about many things personally and professionally. Monisha shares what she feels about you making a final speech as opposed to carving a way ahead.


This Week's Astrology Forecast! (May 23-30)

This week:
Venus moves to Gemini
Venus opposes Mars
Mars moves back to Scorpio
Jupiter squares Saturn

Venus moves from Taurus to Gemini this week! With this change you might end up with your eggs in a whole bunch of baskets. 289 kata lagi


Venus in Scorpio

Scorpio Venus is extraordinary and profound. They have a solid eagerness to focus on a relationship, and they will just acknowledge winning big or bust. They are completely committed and concentrated on you, and they seem to be being bold. 528 kata lagi