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Scorpio soothe my soul with all these emotions that I can’t control, still waters run deep you know, you still have that burning passion inside your soul. 311 kata lagi


Scorpio - Thursday 3rd of September 2015

Scorpio –  This could be the day where you find yourself chasing around after that illusive and dreamy catch! It might be frustrating in relationships though, as you may want intimacy and closeness, whilst the reality may be that old scores mean that you are bitter, perhaps jealous, and tight. 128 kata lagi


A Grandma's Welcome to a Long-Awaited Grandson


December 13th November, 2008

It was around 4am when Grandad Mark’s mobile phone rang, waking us from our sleep. Thirty minutes earlier, our daughter Kate had rolled out of bed onto the floor in a cascade of waters. 449 kata lagi


Scorpio - Thursday 3rd of September 2015

Scorpio –  Tension may be persisting between you career aspirations and both your loved ones as well as open-enemies. But the Universe is conspiring with you to be more relational today, sprucing you up with a touch of that down-to-earth spirit, that makes your ability to communicate deep and possibly dramatic themes a lot easier. 106 kata lagi



“Keep on calling your self fabulous. Keep on saying you live the fab life. Keep on being delusional. The only thing that is fab” 39 kata lagi

Z.C. Angel

Scorpio - Wednesday 2nd of September 2015

Scorpio –  Continued enthusiasm for your work may be erratic as the energy of the moment pulls you backwards and forwards. It’s probable that you don’t know what direction you are going in right now. 140 kata lagi


Scorpio - Tuesday 1st of September 2015

Scorpio –  This stands to be a very important precipice from which you may well be able to see a very new vista. In the heady hot astrological climate of passion, you, having now climbed to the very pinnacle, are you ready for the decent? 183 kata lagi