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2017 Transit Horoscope: Scorpio

I finally get to my own rising sign, Scorpio. Scorpios are still suffering with Sade Sati as Saturn goes back and forth between the 1st and the 2nd houses. 809 kata lagi

Transit Predictions

Dark, Aloof, Hilarious and Sex Personified...SCORPIO 😈

I’m getting back into astrology lately, a subject that I have ALWAYS been fascinated with. And I don’t even understand why.  It’s been a lifelong interest and if you had to give me a by-line by which I might be summed up…it would be ‘what’s your birthday?’. 1.710 kata lagi


Project Scorpio - More Details Announced!

At Microsoft’s E3 briefing last year, there was a very specific announcement that not many people saw coming. As well as a slimmer variant of the Xbox One announced, which has now released and looks and functions rather stylishly, the Project Scorpio was also announced. 377 kata lagi


Embracing Softness

I’ve spent a long time with an imaginary leather jacket wrapped around me. A hard shell of protection. I wouldn’t show “weakness”, or what I perceived to be weakness at least. 590 kata lagi


Scorpio Astrology: All About The Zodiac Sign Scorpio!

Scorpio: Death

Scorpio is one of the fixed zodiac signs. In astrology, the fixed zodiac signs represent the energies of stability, persistence, and determination. Scorpio belongs to the element of water alongside fellow water zodiac signs Cancer and Pisces. 228 kata lagi

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