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Superman and The Phoenix

He’s kinda reminds me of a superhero who hasn’t quite learned his own strength… hasn’t become fully familiar with his powers

If he were, wouldn’t he conquer me? 88 kata lagi

Just A Thought

The Sky Above February 2 2016

The Moon continues its transit of Scorpio until 10:50 AM EST, when it enters Sagittarius. As it does, there can be an emotional shift that feels as if we’re moving out from the darkness. 97 kata lagi

Morning Thoughts

Astro Doings February 2016

Hi Everyone

I hope you’re enjoying the 5 visible planet line up each morning before dawn. It truly is spectacular and worth getting up early to see. 418 kata lagi

February 2016 horoscopes

Aquarius Why are you afraid to die? Tell me about all the people you refuse to leave behind.
Pisces Why do you need to take pills to sleep? 220 kata lagi


Daily Horoscopes for 2/1/16

CAPRICORN (DEC 23-JAN 20):The Stars insist that you relax and have as much fun as your schedule allows today. Don’t feel guilty about indulging in what the Universe calls you to do. 938 kata lagi

Daily Horoscopes

The Sky Above February 1 2016

The Moon is in Scorpio all day, encouraging us to reach into our depths and get a little closer to understanding and exploring our needs and desires. 59 kata lagi

Morning Thoughts

Scorpio February 2016

Amazing co-incidence with your Tarot cards for this month! If you want miracles to pop up, either at work or in your romantic life, you need to know which direction you’re headed in. 8 kata lagi