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Talks With Natey P.

*Sitting in band*

Natey: These chairs could really give you scoliosis again, and then your scoliosis would be back! Ha, get it?

*makes the pun-realization face*


A Look Inside.

Around this time last year, I began the planning process of this blog. So much planning, so much pressure put upon myself. Having never blogged before, I had no idea what I was getting into. 621 kata lagi


So far I have attended a special yoga class for healthy spinal four times. Usually our teacher (I bet you can’t guess her age just by seeing her appearance) doesn’t talk too much theory. 109 kata lagi

We got your back

This is a before/after photo of a patient of mine who has been having extreme amounts of pain due to scoliosis. The photo on the left was taken before physical therapy and the one on the right was taken after 6 visits. 142 kata lagi


What No One Tells You About Scoliosis

I also write for The Mighty Site, and sometimes I am given prompts to write about. This story I wrote for The Mighty and was recently published. 322 kata lagi

Decisions, Decisions

Being a parent means making many decisions based on what you decide is the best for your child. The amount of decisions to make increases and becomes more difficult when your child has special medical needs. 1.179 kata lagi

Minimalism: Sleeping On The Floor

After learning about the concept of minimalism last year. I have come across numerous people who sleep on the floor, without a mattress. Most do it for minimalist purposes, but a few mention that it is better for your spine health. 192 kata lagi