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Countdown to spinal surgery

I’m not at all pleased to announce that I need another back surgery. The first one I had at age 12, to correct scoliosis, kyphosis, a horrid S curve. 600 kata lagi


One month post op!

I can’t believe one month ago was my op! It has gone so quick! Currently I’m only on parcetomal in the morning and before I go to sleep to help with stiffness. 178 kata lagi


Have you ever felt invisible?

Being a closet basket case means that there are many things about me that no one can see – like my anxiety and phobia, my deep love for my family and friends (though, I do hope people can at least see some of that), and my chronic pain. 729 kata lagi


A Study In Asymmetry


                                                      Bends you or

                                             It breaks you

If  your ribs don’t quite fit

And your shoulder blades

                                      Protrude even though

                                                      You’re not dying

                                                                      You might have it. 87 kata lagi

S Collins

My Scoliosis Story

As if the transition from middle school to high school wasn’t enough to stress about in 2008, I received news that I never saw coming, news that would have a huge impact on how I lived my life for the next couple years. 698 kata lagi

Chronic Pain: What does it mean?

Yesterday was a high pain day and I was thinking about chronic pain A LOT. I was researching meds and therapies on the internet throughout the day and the intensity with which I was searching for… 598 kata lagi

Seattle Chiropractic Office, North Star Chiropractic Center, Provides Natural Scoliosis Correction

North Star Chiropractic Center provides relief from the pain and misalignment of scoliosis. The chiropractic measures do not offer surgery or drugs in the care plan. 343 kata lagi

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