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You know what is tough? Running with constant pain or debilitating illnesses that constantly get in your way. You know what is worse? Getting knocked down and having to be even stronger than you were before to pick yourself back up to be tougher and continue fighting. 635 kata lagi


31 Wonderful Things Severe Pain Taught Me

31 Wonderful Things Severe Pain Taught Me

1. Your mind is very powerful. “Mind over matter” makes sense when you’re dealing with crippling pain. Fill your mind with wisdom and knowledge. 821 kata lagi

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The Beginning of my Scoliosis Journey

My mom noticed something was structurally different about my back when I was about 6 years old. When I was about 8 or 9, she took me to A.I. 418 kata lagi

Idiopathic Scoliosis

Student With Scoliosis Ruins the Curve for Entire Class

BY Tonto Goldberg
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New Brunswick—Rutgers students are just now getting into the swing of midterm season. Many classes at Rutgers are graded on a bell curve. 317 kata lagi

Rutgers University

The Purple Pillow by Tony Pearce

I’m not sure when my everlasting hunt for the perfect pillow started. I can’t quite pinpoint just when the youth stopped making me sleep comfortably no matter where I was and when my body began to turn on me and make my back, shoulders and neck hurt on anything less than perfection. 207 kata lagi

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Scoliosis - Entry 3

When the MRI was finished, they escorted me out the room to meet my mum. I can’t remember if they took me to another room or if it was a nurse that told us that we need to head over to Stoke Mandeville as soon as possible as I needed to get an X-ray also for my consultation. 1.360 kata lagi

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This 3D-printed brace built by an algorithm could help treat scoliosis

Scoliosis, the abnormal twisting of the spine, affects millions of people around the world and is most common in children. Now, a 3D-printed back brace has been created to help prevent further curvature of the spine while looking and feeling more comfortable. 78 kata lagi