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Okay, so one thing about me is that I have/had scoliosis. During my yearly checkup in April 2009, they noticed that I had a severe curvature of my spine. 268 more words



I grew up seeing strength from all around me.  In 1984 my parents left everything behind to give me and my sister a better life in America.   319 more words


365, Day 35: Painscapes

My mother was a woman who, by the time she died, defined herself by her ailments. I never knew exactly what her full story was or why she retreated over the years into this state but I never wanted to follow her. 207 more words


Over the years that I have been fighting, there’s one thing that I learned and am greatful about. It is when I learned to accept myself for who I am and be contented with what I have. 1.102 more words


Super heroes battles...

In honor of the last few days left in June, I’m writing an update to my Scoliosis journey, for Scoliosis awareness month. I have been keeping you all as updated as I can with the latest. 1.133 more words


Basic Beginner Yoga Tips

When I think of doing yoga, I think of those people who are inverted with their legs like a pretzel moving fluidly through the movements. Yeah… not so much, especially if you’re a beginner like me & have zero strength or flexibility. 856 more words


Maria - My Self-Management Journey

Hello, my name is Maria and my life living with pain began 18 years ago following a fall down my stairs at home. I damaged a disc in my lower back, and while having physiotherapy they also discovered I had a curve in the top of my spine and I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. 872 more words