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I've been slacking...

I’ve been slacking a lot recently with updating this blog, mainly because I’ve been trying to get my life back on track since my spinal surgery. 142 kata lagi


Summer 2015

I always want to downplay the events going on my life and I really should put a stop to that. Like I’ve said before, I am a really excitable person. 2.224 kata lagi

Left leg - knee to ankle - hurts

I’ve been keeping a journal of when her left leg – knee to ankle – hurts. I’ve also been trying to track her on her growth chart too. 360 kata lagi


Richard's Back Now!

As an osteopath, Richard’s spinal condition is of considerable interest to me. I have several patients who have different types and degrees of scolioses, but none who has one anything quite like Richard’s! 280 kata lagi

Richard III

A Day Of Gratitude

Every year on August 23 I remember how my life changed drastically in nineteen seventy-two; for the better. A year before I had been diagnosed with scoliosis, which is a curve in my spine. 1.052 kata lagi


Body of Evidence

“Body of Evidence” was the title of a talk given by Dominic Smee, Richard’s “body double”, at Leicester University earlier this year. Until recently, one of the great mysteries surrounding the last Plantagenet king was the contradiction between the severity of his supposed deformities and his reputation as a soldier, praised amongst others by his brother Edward IV, who was himself considered a paragon of military prowess. 1.749 kata lagi

Richard III