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Facing Surgery

I am writing this blog to help anyone facing the decision to have surgery for scoliosis. I found so many negative and frightening comments over the internet as I was making my decision that I found it challenging to believe that a positive outcome was possible at times. 200 kata lagi


Why Everyone -- the Anxious, the Chronically Ill---Everyone Needs Sleep.

I am in the camp of people that thinks naps are one of the best things ever invented. I love the feeling of afternoon sun on my face, the quiet that is the late afternoon, and the bliss of laying down, taking a screen break, and waking up less tired and achy. 442 kata lagi

Mental Health

Scoliosis - Rod Removal & Dental Update

Hi Everyone,

I had my assessment last week to have an A.L.F. Appliance fitted.

My dentist is in the Santry / Coolock area. He did an impression for the top and bottom teeth. 291 kata lagi

Thank you runDisney and Star Wars

It’s that time again! When my two favorite world collide! Star Wars and running! This weekend it’s the return of runDisney Half Marathon- The Dark Side!! 479 kata lagi


Dreaming of Bionic Spines

I got punched in the gut.

Everyone knows what it feels like to be metaphorically gut punched on some level. While the “punch” can come from a multitude of sources, the end result is pain. 621 kata lagi


How I First Tried to Share My Story

In college, I wanted to start a website to help others with scoliosis (who needed braces and/or surgery), to learn from my experiences. I imagined a kind of group therapy and advice coffee klatch for those with scoliosis. 522 kata lagi

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Degenerative scoliosis: The manifestations and treatment options.

Degenerative scoliosis is an abnormal sideward curve in the lower back that develops as an end result of age related degeneration of multiple segments in the lumbar spine. 461 kata lagi