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Gunther started his life off in a hard way. At approximately three days old this little guy was found abandoned and brought to an orphanage (2011), shortly after he received surgery for  his anal atresia.Gunther was also diagnosed with a congenital heart defect but he has not received any surgery, medicine, or treatment for it and the orphanage that he is at has considered to have healed itself. 213 kata lagi

Squeak's Birth Story

Everyone’s heard of those weirdos who love childbirth, but we figure that they are either urban legends, or outright lies. Turns out, I’m one of those weirdos! 1.763 kata lagi

The Scoliosis Warrior & a Career

Although I’m writing more regular posts, I only just realised that I haven’t done an update to the ‘My Story’ page about my career.

When I first began this blog, I was recovering from my surgery and still unemployed, as I was in too much pain to start working. 261 kata lagi




Skoliose Yolo

Ich hab ja schon ewig skoliose und ich hab meine Übungen und ich komme gut klar durch viel Sport usw.

Neben dem studieren mach ich so kleine Promotion Jobs. 113 kata lagi

Global Spine Outreach Treats Patients with Scoliosis around the Globe

A distinguished cervical spine and scoliosis surgeon, RaKerry (Ra’Kerry) Rahman, MD, practices at the Springfield Clinic in Springfield, Illinois. His experience and skill in spinal surgery, particularly in cases of deformities like scoliosis, has made him one of the leading spinal surgeons in the Midwest. 160 kata lagi

RaKerry Rahman

A glimmer of Hope?

Just wanted to update on whats been going on recently, since its been quiet a while since I’ve posted last!

Today I had my yearly optometry/contact lens visit. 407 kata lagi