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JBJS 100: Knee Instability and Scoliosis

Under one name or another, The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery has published quality orthopaedic content spanning three centuries. In 1919, our publication was called the… 282 kata lagi


The Pain Cycle of Scoliosis Sufferers

I’ve spent much of my life taking it easy. Not sure what made me learn to do it, but somewhere along the line it just became habit. 751 kata lagi

Physical Health

When running happens...

Since running my marathon, it has been ridiculous. The first few days were fine. Just your typical mild soreness, but as you read in my  408 kata lagi


Wish You Were Here*

Well I’ve been up (awake) since 5 AM. Hot flashes, worry about the girlchild’s trip and forgetting something, money (of course)…timing’s all wrong on this trip. 731 kata lagi


How To Launch A Cannabis Health Dream

It is time to launch my dream. Spreading health is my deepest passion and it is a dream of mine to provide a positive, supportive, and convenient place for my clients, followers, and tribe to go for a regular dose of motivation to live healthy. 447 kata lagi

Butterfly Sessions

I Know You Better Than You Fake It to See*

It’s Friday. Maybe you’ve noticed. Short weeks aren’t necessarily easier weeks (and the only short part was the part with the kids in it). And I’ve been blowing off schoolwork all week, so I’ll actually have to grade something this weekend. 479 kata lagi