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Healthy Kids & Chiropractic Care

In lieu of Every Kid Healthy Week, I wanted to draw attention to one of the most common spinal issues in children, scoliosis. Although scoliosis can appear at any age, it most commonly develops in adolescents between the ages of 10 and 15. 272 more words


Day 17 : Hope 

Update:  Baby Dana is slowly weaned from the oscillator (high pressure ventilator) ..from mean a pressure yesterday (sunday) of 24  and today she is down to 21. 304 more words

Pulmonary Hypertension

Shocking twist in Richard III mystery: did the king fake his own scoliosis?

Was the medieval herb Leechmold an early relation of today’s highly poisonous Caroline Jessamine, native to the US?

In a spine-tingling discovery, scientists working at the University of Leicester have uncovered an unbelievable possibility regarding Richard’s appearance. 815 more words

Day 15:  Baby Dana

Update: She has had stable vital signs so far and she  been tolerating the nurses giving her a bath or changing nappies. Her heart rate and blood pressure raises on stimulation still but very few moments that it decreases below normal. 476 more words


Just because the pain is unbearable, I can’t go back and re-tell the story of what my baby had been through and how we are now. 124 more words


Management and Treatment of Scoliosis

Early management of scoliosis is the key to more successful treatment and improvement of body function. We don’t guarantee that scoliosis can be cured but we sure as hell will do what we can to influence the body in the right direction. 873 more words


Asymmetrical (Not by Your Fingertips)

His hands

veiny, finger –

tips trailing along her

spine; Following the bent pattern

(hold me)