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Surgery on the 9th of October

Hello my name is Ethan. I am 27 years old from new zealand with a wife and four children.

And as the title says I am having surgery on the 9th of October. 291 kata lagi


Scars & Scoliosis

Hello, and welcome to Black, White, and Neutrals!  A blog about my experience with fashion, clothes, and how my personal style has evolved over time.  As an introductory to my newest blog (I also blog at  803 kata lagi


Anna's Spa & Wellness

Last Monday, I had finally tried this medical spa after years of contemplating. My doctor who specializes in migraines and my regular doctor had advise me to go to the spa for a few reasons, mainly to relax my muscles and mind with these services; facial, head massage and registered massage therapy. 464 kata lagi


My Chronic World in my Words.

Before I get started I would like to thank those who have been reading and/or sharing my blog posts. It means so much to me, particularly my blog post ‘Out & About in my Wheelchair’. 2.156 kata lagi


Spinal Fusion: Part 1

After months of waiting, my time finally came to sort out my curved spine and become relatively straighter! Although it had been a decision I’d made over a year before the event, it didn’t make it any less daunting in the least – in some ways knowing that I had been so certain from the get go had almost made me start doubting myself as the time for the operation grew nearer.  630 kata lagi


Scoliosis Awareness

Assalamualaikum and Hello,

Lately, I have been getting a lot of scoliosis news from my surroundings.

What is scoliosis? Attached below is an infographic that I have found on Pinterest: 101 kata lagi

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