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The day before the operation

A mad day! We may have underestimated how difficult it was going to be driving home from our Cornish holiday and getting back at about 1.30am…and then having to get ready to head off for a pretty big operation later the same day. 901 kata lagi


Five days to go...becomes two days!

Tuesday 30th August, 2016…five days before Ellie’e operation and time to start using the decolonisation pack, which we had brought on holiday (in Cornwall) with us. 424 kata lagi


Some bedtime reading

We had a fair amount of bedtime reading following the pre-operative assessment!

A young person’s guide to Scoliosis:
This is a really handy booklet. From it we learned that 3 in 1000 children need surgery to correct a curve of the spine. 1.210 kata lagi



Feeling that old familiar asp, slithering up my spine.
Cold and sharp.
Slowly climbing up to the base of my neck.
Freezing me from the inside, out. 146 kata lagi

Pre-Operative Assessment

We received a call from the RNOH on Monday August 8th. Ellie would have to be at Stanmore at 1pm on Friday 2nd September, ready for the operation to take place the following day. 818 kata lagi


Second thoughts

For the remainder of 2015 and into 2016, the thought of the operation was never far from our minds, but life continued. A trip to Crystal Palace, Ellie’s GCSEs, her High School prom…and an ingrowing toenail to deal with too. 219 kata lagi