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How To Decide The Best Back Massager

Sure, it is an element of countless eastern religions. A small part that matches the tenet of oneness of body-mind. Kudos to western medicine for finally making up ground. 392 kata lagi


Myths Being Revived

I have been watching the BBC’s ‘The Hollow Crown’ with interest, as I have never actually seen the whole of Shakespeare’s Richard III and none of Henry VI (Parts I and II). 628 kata lagi

"I felt it!"

I can definitely feel my little baby boy moving around in there and it is one of the best feelings ever!  The tiny baby that is part me and part Gary is moving around and I can’t wait to meet him! 134 kata lagi


20 week scan...

We had our 20 week scan on 12th May 2016! I got very worried and apprehensive beforehand, because I hadn’t felt any sure movements, and because we were taking my stepson William (baby’s brother!) who is 4, I desperately wanted everything to be fine (as I am sure all mums to be do!)  330 kata lagi


Start on a high note

So Tula is in hospital on Friday to have either a replacement plaster brace fitted or, we’re hoping, to be fitted with a plastic removable brace which we have been told she will be wearing for the summer, allowing her to bathe – yippee – and swim – yippee; neither of which she has done very much of in the last two years. 638 kata lagi

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Scoliosis - Definition and Treatment

Paul W. McDonough, MD, is a spine surgeon in Abilene, Texas. Having completed a spine surgery fellowship, he received the most advanced spinal surgery training available. 180 kata lagi

Dr Paul McDonough MD

Treatment Choices for Spinal Stenosis and Scoliosis

According to studies, lumbar spinal stenosis and degenerative scoliosis commonly impact those individuals aged 60 and older. But aside from your elderly, younger people may also experience such states, especially individuals who have developmental issues. 447 kata lagi