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I’m going to talk a little about my novel in progress. It’s about a teenage genius who is super into science. I am not a teenage genius. 592 kata lagi



Any substance made up of one kind of atom is an element. When two different atoms are connected to each other it is a molecule. When you combine molecules together you get a compound. 257 kata lagi


Week Six: Messy Science

Program Title: Messy Science

Target Age Range: Families

Program Length: 90 minutes

Brief Description: Hands-on activities with messy, splashy science experiments.


Plastic Tarps
Snack sized Sandwich Baggies… 1.326 kata lagi


The Many Shades of Green #1533: Any Fish You Wish

The Many Shades of Green #1533: Any Fish You Wish by Bbox_Radio on Mixcloud

In the 1984 film Flamingo Kid, Matt Dillon’s character Jeffrey Willis, dines with his family at Larry’s Fish House, where the slogan is “Any Fish You Wish”. 120 kata lagi


Thoughts on The Martian

Just finished The Martian, by Andy Weir.

Woot!!!!  This is one of the most wonderfully nerdy books I’ve read in a long time.  I’d spend a lot of time talking about it here, but XKCD already summed it up so well: 40 kata lagi


Blue giants create Prawn Nebula's spectacular glow

Two rare blue stars ionise the gas in the Prawn Nebula, allowing it to emit its own light.

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