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a letter from a young atheist: he could have at least tried Aerosmith first

Dear B—–,

First of all, shut up. Just shut up. My dog Huckleberry hopped into a lake before he really knew how to swim and he got stuck under the pier and wouldn’t come out so I had to jump in and save him and when I got back I had to borrow some clothes from my dad. 1.630 more words


Today, I was thinking about grass.
And I know what you might be thinking, what’s so interesting about grass?
Sure, you can sit on it and if it’s not wet, then it can be pretty nice. 335 more words


How do greenhouse gases actually work?

We are playing a dangerous game with the continued heavy use of fossil fuels.


The Death of Botany? Fewer Students Means Fewer Researchers, Less Understanding

Scientists are warning that the plant world could become a virtual mystery in the coming decades as college students increasingly shy away from studying botany and universities across the U.S. 25 more words

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Designer babies?

You’ve heard of Build-A-Bear well how about Build-A-Baby?

Imagine a world where everyone looks beautiful and is incredibly intelligent. Sounds amazing right? But just think of the lack of originality and… 348 more words

Designer Babies

Dinosaurs Alive! : IMAX


This isn’t anywhere near the sophistication of BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs. It’s interesting, highlighting a few species I’d never heard of, but for the most part it follows paleontologists and focuses more on the scientists than what they’re studying. 123 more words