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Something Old...Something New!

I’ve had several people ask me what the changes from A Kinder Way to Flying Through Water will look like. What will I  131 kata lagi


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Nikki has a new site: Flying Through Water!! Check it out!

The Muslim Theories of Evolution

There seems to be some issues with the Theory of Evolution. Let us use this opportunity to identify what they might be – if any… Please ensure you’ve at least read the Conclusion before you go. 8.145 kata lagi


Organic Farming

Author: Aatmesh, Learner, Integral School, Hyderabad. A self directed exploration on organic farming.


The art of farming has been around since 9000 B.C. It morphed the world and brought forth the era of cultivation and agriculture. 1.508 kata lagi


Why Yellow Birds Mysteriously Turn Red

For the yellow-shafted northern flicker, “you are what you eat” has proven freakishly true.

These eastern North American woodpeckers get their name from a thin vein of yellow that runs through the center of their dark feathers. 456 kata lagi


Scientists have discovered a brand-new aspect of our immune system

Researchers have discovered that signalling processes between proteins and the immune system are way more complex than previously thought, thanks to a special kind of 'spliced' molecule that's more common than anyone could have predicted. 17 kata lagi


Problem-solving and IT skills are always relevant

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Hands-on learning in computing will not result in overspecialisation, as it gives students tools and techniques for problem solving and prepares them for higher-level work (“ 265 kata lagi

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