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Happy 100 Years of General Relativity!

By Claire Chen and Mayuri Hebbar

Albert Einstein’s most famous theory just turned 100—and it’s still brilliant. In fact, it’s still yielding amazing discoveries.

What is general relativity? 310 kata lagi

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Snow Crystals

A snow crystal is a single crystal of snow, whereas a snow flake is a clump of snow crystals. Snow crystals show a six-sided symmetry, and often lie in a single plane. 355 kata lagi


Study Shows That Light Therapy Is More Effective Than Prozac For Treating Depression

In most cases, what is misdiagnosed for clinical depression, is actually a dissatisfaction with one’s own personal space and environment, and sometimes factors that people do not even notice play a major role in their state of mind. 541 kata lagi

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Discovery of a Low-frequency Radio Transient near the North Celestial Pole with LOFAR

4 Pi Sky Authors: Adam Stewart / Rob Fender / Jess Broderick / Tom Hassall / Teo Muñoz-Darias / Tim Staley / Gosia Pietka / Rene Breton… 399 kata lagi

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Apply now for Capstone funding

The Centralia College Foundation is allocating $10,000 to help students in purchasing supplies for 2016 Capstone projects and presentations.

A Capstone project is a culminating project or senior exhibit. 193 kata lagi

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CLONING HUMANS?HELL TO THE NO.The world's largest cloning factory could one day clone HUMANS: Scientist claims technology is ready but public opinion isn't

The Chinese scientist behind the world’s largest cloning factory has said that replicating humans is alreadypossible, but he is only holding off doing so for fear of the public reaction.Xu Xiaochun, head of Boyalife Group, said his firm is already working to improve the cloning of primates in order to better test the animals for diseases.And he added it is just ‘a short biological step’ from monkeys to humans. 71 kata lagi


The neuroscience behind why white cops kill black men

Studies from neuroscience and psychology may shed some light on why white police officers that aren’t consciously racist are quick to pull the trigger on black men. 1.128 kata lagi

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