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Researchers excited over promising new drug for treating MS

SAN FRANCISCO – Bay Area researchers released successful clinical trial results Thursday for a promising new drug that could become the first to treat a devastating progressive form of multiple sclerosis. 18 kata lagi

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Ep. 52 - Iron Chef: Chimp Edition

The three culinary primates prepare a recipe for evolution: chimps prefer their food cooked!  Raj explains how the cognitive capacity for cooking exists in primates, but we don’t want that technology in the wrong hands.  78 kata lagi

Between What Is and What Could Be

The vast expanse washes over you.

Dragging half a grave’s worth of soil behind your every step, of course you didn’t notice, how could you when others were working to blind you. 288 kata lagi


We Grew Some Painted Ladies

Over the past month, my class has been watching as five tiny caterpillars grew and carried out the most amazing transformation. Today we released them in the glorious October sunshine. 40 kata lagi

Ep. 51 - A $75,000 Smile

The three capitalist pigs pay forward the fact that money only buys emotional well being up to $75k. Of course, life satisfaction will cost you a little extra.  89 kata lagi