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The aim of this lesson is to provide a simple explanation about Plants as a Science introduction to students learning English as a second language. 286 kata lagi



The sky is a gateway to an endless universe of planets, moons, stars, satelites and debris which we call comet, meteorite or asteroid, depending how it looks and how big it is. 247 kata lagi


PODCAST -- Chemtrails, Morgellons, and Black Goo | Harald & Cara

by Freeman Fly
Aug 10, 2015

20 years of research into Chemtrails have lead to unusual consequences; Morgellons, Mind Control, and Black Goo rise to the surface. 113 kata lagi


Germline DNA methylation in reef corals: patterns and potential roles in response to environmental change

DNA methylation is an epigenetic mark that plays an inadequately understood role in gene regulation, particularly in nonmodel species. Because it can be influenced by the environment, DNA methylation may contribute to the ability of organisms to acclimatize and adapt to environmental change. 198 kata lagi


Coral skeletal geochemistry as a monitor of inshore water quality

Coral reefs maintain extraordinary biodiversity and provide protection from tsunamis and storm surge, but inshore coral reef health is degrading in many regions due to deteriorating water quality. 291 kata lagi


'HOPE' for those at risk of heart disease

A collaborative international study has found that a combination of inexpensive medications can be effective in reducing deaths from cardiovascular disease.

Pharmacologist Dr John Varigos from Monash University and Professor Christopher Reid from Curtin University led a team of Australian researchers in a study called HOPE-3 (Heart Outcomes Prevention Evaluation -3). 380 kata lagi