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We need to lower the bar a little...

I just got home from my 6th grade daughter’s Invention Convention.  This “convention” is actually an annual statewide competition aimed at inspiring children to find solutions to everyday problems. 727 kata lagi

Star Trails

Not sure what this one will be about exactly. I seem to be having a reawakening of  my interest in astronomy and astrophotography. Perhaps is it is new Pentax camera body…so meandering in astronomy. 10 kata lagi

Natural History

Floating & Sinking

This week in school, I had the opportunity to teach the concept of floating and sinking to my year 2 and 3 composite groups. This activity followed hot on the heels of last week’s university lecture about… 491 kata lagi


Finding Jesus ... Holy Shit

I just finished watching a recorded episode of a CNN series called “Finding Jesus: Faith, Fact, Forgery.” In this episode (S1, E9) the title of which is “The Childhood Home of Jesus” we are led to consider whether said home has actually been found. 1.169 kata lagi


It's Over......Tuition

Campus Life:


Tuition is going up, but for 98% of current NAU students (according to the NAU News article above) will not see an increase. 575 kata lagi


If I could 

If I could steal the shine&sparkle of luminous stars

They’d complain”Why do you need it

For you already have the one who makes our pride look totally fake…….. 206 kata lagi


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This is Expresso Feeliwrity!

Do the Science Samba: Integrating the Grade 6 Dance and Science Curriculum

Science is a subject that should have students doing hands-on experiments, collaborative inquiry, and lots of fun discussion. There’s a time and place for reading the textbook for foundation building but it should not be the only thing you’re doing. 1.083 kata lagi