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The Hill Case -- Part 3

What We Know and How We Know It, Part 3

What we know: Betty and Barney misidentified the aircraft warning light on the top of Cannon Mountain as a flying saucer, continued. 489 kata lagi

New Hampshire

When Your Activity Tracker Becomes a Personal Medical Device

Fitbit spent its first decade selling activity trackers. With its latest moves, the company is starting to look less like a gear maker selling pricey accessories to fitness buffs and more like a medical-device company, catering to hospitals, patients, and health insurers. 8 kata lagi


The US Flirts With Geoengineering to Stymie Climate Change

The thing about humans is, for all our faults, we’re actually pretty good at fixing things we know we’ve screwed up. Lead in gasoline? Bad idea—let’s ban lead in gasoline. 21 kata lagi


Are we living in the Matrix? Matilda's Lab at the movies

Frequently, with these movie based subjects, I spend most of my time explaining why the ideas presented in the movies are completely unrealistic but on this occasion it’s not that simple. 1.102 kata lagi