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Scanner - The Judgement (2015)

Artist: Scanner

Album: The Judgement

Label: Massacre Records

Scanner is a recent addition of mine to my library; it was just a few months ago that I heard… 668 more words


Avalon 3.3: part 4 of 6, The Giant of Transvaak

The giant roared. He tossed boulders at the village from a distance. Most struck the dirt and rolled to a stop. A few cracked against the stone huts and a couple of walls collapsed. 1.340 more words


Beginner in Java: a new exercise

//Program to convert meters to feet and inches:

//1 m = 39.37 in, 1 ft = 12 in

  • Exercise package;
  • javax.util.Scanner import;
  • public class Meters_FeetInches { …
  • 203 more words

UP!--Tracing Paper spells: RELIEF

Well, trusted followers, even if you don’t illustrate or do artwork, I hope you find this article interesting, it showing a small part of my illustration process. 888 more words

Writer Side Up

Scanner Art in Photo 1

Since we are winding down toward the end of the school year, I wanted to keep my beginner-level photography students busy with a fun project while other students were gone for testing. 165 more words

Art Lesson

Scan Your Eyes, and Buy Some Fries: Fujitsu Shows Off Mobile Payments With An Iris Scanner

The Arrows, which DoCoMo says is the world’s first to offer iris recognition for phone unlocking, mobile wallet payments, and Web logins, uses an integrated Delta ID ActiveIRIS module for scanning. 206 more words