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How to Troubleshoot Dell Laptop Error Code 0142?

If you notice error code 0142 in your Dell laptop, it means hard drive of your laptop is failed that need to repair using diagnostic tools. 413 kata lagi

Customer Support

Scanning Class Hadouts from Home with Scanner

Scanning printed documents using a scanner and saving the copy in the computer may seem like one usual office chore. But it has a magnificent use at a student’s room too. 617 kata lagi


Preparation Instructions: VITA SUPRINITY® Revolutionary Glass Ceramics

The new zirconia reinforced high-performance glass ceramic

VITA SUPRINITY is a new generation of glass ceramic material. With the aid of an innovative manufacturing process, the glass ceramic is enriched with approximately 10% zirconia by weight, resulting in the world‘s first zirconia reinforced lithium silicate ceramic. 313 kata lagi

Digital Dentistry

The "Cicero" door

The Cicero door that is translated to The Butler, is a project made in IxD. The features of the door are the inside and outside of the door handle that has a recognizing scanner. 38 kata lagi


A Digital Mindset = Cost Savings

Imagine if you could significantly improve patient comfort and office efficiency at the touch of a button…

There are two main contributing cost factors in your dental practice.  206 kata lagi


Parsing Arrays From The Command Line in Go

I’ve been working through some exercises on HackerRank using Go to get some practice. One of the things I frequently find myself doing in these challenges is parsing a list of things from the command line, formatted like this: 387 kata lagi


A Guide to Probes and Scanners for Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping of Pipelines and Tanks

By Dave Jankowski, product sales leader at GE Inspection Technologies 

Ultrasonic phased-array corrosion mapping assists in quickly scanning, detecting, profiling and sizing of pitting and erosion in pipes and tanks. 713 kata lagi