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Staff Bios: KC Peek

As a scanner, multi-potentialite, renaissance woman, or whatever word you use, KC Peek has a gajillion interests.  Travel (she wants to go to the Galapagos Islands so bad she can taste it), crafts, cooking, educating, arts, native and not so native flora and fauna (especially the flora), outdoor activities like hiking and camping, literature, she is fascinated with physics and by Leonardo da Vinci. 201 kata lagi

Living The Life Of Your Dreams

The X in the Ray.

Some Time Ago, I found that my Right Arm started getting sore.

I visited the Chemist and got some Medication.

The combination of Voltaren (SA only I think) and a Muscle Relaxant didn’t really work for me. 686 kata lagi


People, smartphone and OS.

Just the facts with emarketer.com:-107 million people in the  US use smartphone Android (52%), 90 million use IOS (43,5%), 5,4 million (2,6%) – Window Phone and 1,7 million use – BlackBerry , 13.0 million smartphone users in the UK will have iPhones, or 31.8% of the total. 142 kata lagi


Toothbox™ Digital Digest:  Intraoral Scanning Significantly Faster

Though the accuracy of computer-aided impression making is well documented, in 2014, the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) published the first study that verified the time efficiency of intraoral scanners. 115 kata lagi



Fire sirens summon

first responders from their beds, all thoughts

of sleep forgotten, washed away

by adrenaline that sends them to their cars

to the station.  71 kata lagi


27 cubic feet

My survey of 50 years of accumulated personal files/papers….estimates 27 cubic feet….how low can we go?

“Eat the elephant one bite at a time.”

I purchased a Brother ADS1500W portable scanner.  

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Digital Images And The Amiga

There was a time in the late 80s and early 90s where the Amiga was the standard for computer graphics. Remember SeaQuest? That was an Amiga. 580 kata lagi

Classic Hacks