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Picture of the Day: Sailor-Themed CT Scanner for Kids

SAILOR-THEMED CT SCANNER FOR KIDS Photographs by BuzzFeed/Macey J. ForondaLocated at the NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, is this pirate/sailor themed CT Scanner to help put children to ease and make them feel like they’re sailing the high seas. 74 kata lagi

Running your first scan with Rapid 7's Nexpose

Prerequisites – The user of this post is expected to have some knowledge on

  • What the Nexpose tool does?
  • Where it is applicable?

This post is aimed at familiarizing the user with the practical usage of the tool. 948 kata lagi

Mining for Gold; Scanning old Photos

I have not had a lot of time for photography! After a year of photography, travelling and blogging, it feels a little strange to be so far away from some of the things that have been a major part of my life for so long. 268 kata lagi