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Scanning Patterns - Pt. 2

A few months ago, I shared a scanner hack I found on the nets. A few weeks ago, I finally finished modifying a Cannon Lide 90 I bought on ebay using a Dremel saw. 188 more words


Less Toys...More Sustainability

If you happen to read my other blog, then you know that the scanner (once a printer/copier/scanner but now only a scanner) that I had been using to upload my artwork to my blog, died. 312 more words


String tokenizer, split(), scanner performance comparison metrics in Java

Here are some metrics that I have gathered around tokenizer, split and scanner. These are various methods of splitting a string into array of individual string elements. 66 more words


more on my dead printer

sadly, this is about all my printer/copier/and most importantly–scanner is good for now.  a place to rest.  headed for its own resting place at HP Consumer Buyback & Planet Partners Recycling Program.   150 more words


HPD says license plate scanners are working

Car thieves watch out! There’s new technology out there and it’s aimed at finding stolen vehicles.

“You can pick up the cars parked along the side and the ones coming at you, or if there’s another lane going it will read those,” said HPD Lt. 256 more words


Why I worry that I'm boring

Do you ever get that? Worrying that you’re boring and that everyone else thinks that too? I do sometimes.

So why do I think I’m boring? 440 more words

Life & Work

I. Scanography

Scanography: The process of capturing images by using a flatbed scanner. Also known as scanner photography.

This is my first project of 2015. Instead of using a conventional camera, I used a flatbed Epson scanner to capture digital images of objects I found around the house. 123 more words