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28 de Septiembre de 2015.

By grafovi

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You Do You Honey, and I'll Do Me

Hello bloggers!!!!

I am aware I have a been off the grid but that is only because school and work consumed me last week. I apologize and will try to be better. 453 kata lagi

Late to the party

I ran across NPR’s list of 100 swoon-worthy romance novels and am sort of bemused by the list.  It’s pretty heavy on historical romances and on relatively recent work. 1.547 kata lagi


Training Journal: 8/5/15

Week #3

Day #3



Cardio Workout – Nothing

Strength Phase Training – Upper Body (Shoulders, Traps)

Overhead Press Warmups – 105×5, 120×5, 140×3… 49 kata lagi

Training Journal

Speed That Is Worth It - Training Log for Ben for 01AUG15

Dedicated speed work will teach you to move along the bar path with consistent speed. However, waiting until your lift(s) stall out to add in a speed day probably isn’t a good idea. 359 kata lagi