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A coarse-toothed saw used for cutting wood along the grain.

The murderer dismembered his victims using a ripsaw.


Dream Job

“Excuse me,” Dr. Jim stood at the information desk, “I’m looking for room 202.  It’s my first day. I’m very excited. This is my dream job.” 336 kata lagi


Job says he has asked for nothing (Job 6:21-6:23)

“Such you have now become to me.

You see my calamity.

You are afraid.

Have I said?

‘Make me a gift?’

‘From your wealth offer a bribe for me?’ 72 kata lagi

never saw coming

breaking glass

and how it called

and made sure

and those of the  given

and what it first of the cause

and h0w it  kept onto… 48 kata lagi


summer saw

how it all played

the rest of the motion

picture of the need

and how it was so heavy

and where and what it leads… 46 kata lagi


I saw

a picture of you…

I wanted to be sad…and in it you are smiling, a new pic, not one I’ve ever seen…

I wanted to cry but instead I laughed…I know that might sound cruel but it wasn’t an evil laugh… 170 kata lagi

Days of the Dead Indy (summer edition)

Again? I’m in Indinapolis again??? Why on earth am I making this trip for a third time in four months? I mean, I remember mentioning after my first Days of the Dead indy that I probably woun’t be back to this one…so why am I here TWICE this year? 1.446 kata lagi