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Lionsgate moving forward with "Saw 8"... will Tobin Bell return as Jigsaw???

Man, I’m so glad this is happening ’cause I fucking LOVE the “SAW” movies. I love ’em all. All 7 films. It’s a pretty long series but each film is pretty smart storytelling. 306 kata lagi


made and saw

put things together

and longing

and saying forever

and is own results

and take on the meaning

and matter

and its own orbit

and circulated… 46 kata lagi


Insidious Chapter 3

This long interview with director/writer/actor Leigh Whannell, mostly about Insidious 3, was for the Empire website, but was another one that was lost when we migrated to a new site. 3.104 kata lagi


'Sinister' (2012) From Off the Shelf Review

This ‘Sinister’ review was written back in 2012 so you’ll notice that it clearly dates itself and that some opinions have changed but I’ll let you figure out exactly what I’m talking about… 808 kata lagi


Deal 530: Nonnet Escape Walk

Cake then prison break with tomahawk
Tunnels ductwork fearless moonwalk
False trails red herring poppycock
Skip swamp don’t fish quahaugs
Propaganda talks
So let them gawk

Daily Deal

PO - "The Year They Came Home: How the Horror Genre Can Save Its Own Skin"

“The horror genre is one beloved by many and heavily criticized by others. Its followers are devout, welcoming anything from the wide release, direct-to-video and foreign markets in spite of any hint of being formulaic, as long as the film checks off a number of criteria. 211 kata lagi

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