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Employee perks, beauty, and karaoke: The winning ideas at Alpha Startups Vietnam Batch 1

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Southeast Asian accelerator and early stage investor 1337 Ventures announced the three winners of the first batch of Alpha Startups Vietnam, hosted in partnership with Mekong Business Initiative and Dreamplex. 342 kata lagi


We went to Banana Republic and saw why sales are plummeting

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Banana Republic is struggling.

Sales plunged 11% in the first quarter of fiscal 2016, marking yet another dismal quarter for the brand. 881 kata lagi


Apple TV's Universal Search Adds Support for NBC

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Universal search on the Apple TV allows users to search for content using

With the addition of NBC, apps for all four major U.S. 209 kata lagi


Just Karma 100 for May 2016 wp

Just Karma 100
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©JP/dh… 40 kata lagi


Deal 644: A taste of a Batman that never was

The urge to play in the dark was almost overpowering for young Bruce as he sought to overcome his past and master his fears, although Alfred certainly thought that taking up Voodoo was going a step to far, let alone the major renovations that Bruce kept insisting would be sensible to make that cavern full of fruit bats more accessible, Alfred was wise enough to know that the only path to sanity for the young master was through the darkness and on to the other side.

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Deal 644 Preview

Wye Delta:
Wye: Voodoo, darkness, Past experience
Delta: orange, Saw, bat

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