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Legend Satay

Sate Maulana Yusuf , i bet everyone already know about this place. Is super super famous , is legend because they have awesome nice satay. But what i know is some of them now said this place is not good as before , but some of them still like this place. 434 more words


Nyicipi Sate Kuda Diandri Kaliori

Di jalur Banyumas-Patikraja, tepatnya di desa kaliori ada sebuah warung sate yang unik, karena menjual Sate Kuda. Agak tidak biasa, kira-kira seperti apa ya? 148 more words


Simple excistence part five

  There are stories of the old days . No one knows what happened before the age of blis as it is called.
There is evidence of some kind of caticlism. 441 more words


Sate Ayam Pak Banjir Solo

Anda mesti pernah makan sate ayam. Kalau belum pernah, mosok sih? Hehehehe…!!! Sate ayam ada dua genre, menurut saya. Genre Ponorogo dan genre Madura. Saya lebih suka genre Madura. 486 more words


We're So Lucky

Thank you Bali for your spirit. Your beauty, your rain, your music.

Thank you Thailand for coconuts and curries. Beaches and sunsets, street snacks and Buddhists. 269 more words

Sate Abdurrohman, Cirebon.

This is another Cirebon culinary. And it’s about sate. Yaaay, I love sate so much. Lumayan sering sih makan di sini. Tempatnya di seberang CSB Mall, Cirebon. 75 more words