Boruto E54 English Subbed

Boruto E54 English Subbed

Boruto- Naruto Next Generations E54 English Subbed

Reasons why Sakura Haruno is awesome

Why so many Sakura haruno haters?

Not trying to convince anyone but here are some (not everything) crucial observations and facts:

– She’s not from any special shinobi fam unlike the other characters but hey, she got stronger and is now almost equal or even surpassing her master Tsunade. 163 kata lagi


Black clover - better than expected

Something very interesting happened. A while back I saw a Facebook post advertising an anime that should’ve come out soon. Black Clover. The trailer looked kinda cool but I never gave it a second thought. 262 kata lagi

For The Soul And Other Cute Things

Boruto E53 English Subbed

Boruto E53 English Subbed

Boruto- Naruto Next Generations E53 English Subbed

Rahasia kekuatan Senju yang dimiliki Uchiha Sasuke

Eh tuh judul? Ngaco ya?

Jangan salah ya … itu beneran lo, gak ada ngaco-ngaconya sama sekali.

Simak dulu atau lebih tepatnya coba Navers saksikan episode dimana Sasuke diberi kekuatan Senju oleh Senju Hashirama saat perang dunia Ninja ke empat. 181 kata lagi

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It all happened in a heartbeat

I have started to right this one and this being update once a month along with my other stories.. The two chapters have been updated… 58 kata lagi


Sasuke's Glowing Chidori-Tou -- Naruto

Sasuke’s Glowing Chidori-Tou — Naruto

Hello Naruto fans and well anime fans in general i found a really awesome item scrolling through the wacky items on jlist that i decided to share i personally believe anyone who loves natuto will defiantly want to add this to their cosplay items !  77 kata lagi