Naruto Season 2 Revisited: Society


Did you all read that in Kakashi’s voice? I hope you did. I also hope you are ready for more Naruto. I’m on a bit of a… 901 kata lagi

Grimm Otaku

Revenge of the Victory: Naruto Online OClassic Battle

I like even more the Shippuden episodes. My friends and I agree on this point, the main characters grew up, matured and became even more interesting. 222 kata lagi

Naruto Game Infor

Sakura blossoms, a Determined Heart

This is a recommendation for everyone out there that is a fan of the Naruto series. First of all, Naruto Online is an official game, therefore, the quality of the game is assured to be good. 313 kata lagi


Comedy team tackles Naruto tropes to great effect【Video】

Chances are you’ve never seen Naruto like this: live-action and totally in your face! 333 kata lagi


Continuous Line, Stick Drawing and Mono-printing

We’ve recently started a new project focusing on Equality and Diversity. During this project we’ve been asked to draw three images in different medias such as; monoprint, continuous line drawing and a stick drawing. 353 kata lagi

Project Work

Itachi Uchiha

You have been jealous of me, and you have hated me and aimed to surpass me. If you wish to kill me, then hate me, detest me, and live long unsightly life, run and keep running, cling to your pitiful life, and…

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Art By Manvir