My thoughts and first impressions on Naruto Gaiden

Now, when I finished the final and kinda disappointing chapter of Naruto was all read and done, I noticed the whole “But next Spring..!” thing and you know what? 828 more words


Sasuke On The Move

Here’s mister emotional on a journey.

Sasuke is on the move to whatever he’s still looking for.

Puberty at its peak.

While he’s at it, let me leave a hint of Akatsuki on the grass.


Naruto Gaiden:So far!

Lord Masashi Kishimoto decided to grace us with a sequel of the legendary Naruto series a few weeks back.

As a fresh up,we stopped with somewhat of a fairytale like ending,with the Uzumaki-Hyuga and Uchiha-Haruno family finally being a thing.But Naruto Gaiden says otherwise,so far we’ve seen Boruto clearly despising his father and Sarada longing for one,she even has doubts about her own lineage!And amidst all of this we have our dearest Uchiha Sasuke being the best father in the world and not even bothering to visit his (so called) wife and daughter even once since the little Uchiha was born….this is Vegeta-level parenting,or even worse. 127 more words


Weekly Shonen (5/16/15)


Chapter 700+3

Chance meeting 1

Naruto asks Shikamaru to apologize to Boruto on his behalf. As Naruto leaves, Boruto arrives with Mitsuki, bring Naruto his lunch. 830 more words

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Challenge Dungeons! 7 Teams

Dungeon Team Reward


1 Continue





Pretty much the same teams as last time. Stoned once on Lv10, the rest were 0-stoned. 68 more words

Puzzle & Dragons

Weekly Shonen (05/08/15)

One Piece

Chapter 785

Even if your legs break

Monkey D. Luffy strikes Doflamingo with a punch, he shocks the citizens with his power. They cheer him on, Cavendish reacts saying “what a transformation”, and is impressed by Luffy’s strength. 1.194 more words

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