Do You Know These Weapons in Naruto Online?

Recommend a pretty good game called Naruto Online to you guys. It has exquisite images and various ways to play and a lot of content are adapted from the anime, so I like this game very much. 290 kata lagi

Naruto Game Infor

Itachi vs Natsu

One of the favorite past times for anime lovers is comparing characters from different animes to see how each match up. Its usually easier to match up characters with similar powers such as powers who both lightning or Ice type of powers. 736 kata lagi

Boruto, Nue, the ghost and new mysteries...

The Latest episode of boruto has given us an insight into who or what the ghost he saw is. The ghostly chakra we saw which possessed people was just a forbidden jutsu used to collect the negative energy generated by shinobi who are emotionally vulnerable at the time. 477 kata lagi

The Forever Mangekyo

Obito Uchiha was one of the strongest Uchihas in history and downright one of the strongest characters in the narutoverse but something else made him unique. 314 kata lagi

The Fastest Shinobis

There are multiple debates about who is the fastest shinobi in the Narutoverse. A lot of battles are about speed and usually the first to strike is usually the one who comes out victorious. 834 kata lagi

The New Uzumaki Uchiha Alliance

Looking at the Narutoverse, very few shinobi have co-operated on the scale that Naruto and Sasuke have. Their co-operation ninjutsu is second to none at the moment but it looks like it can be surpassed by their children. 326 kata lagi