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So my fiancé got me a present for passing my Lifespan Psychology class and final. I’ve been waiting for this little novel to come out for so long. 82 kata lagi

Action Figure ‘All characters from Naruto Shippuden’

Konnichiwa ^-^”
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Pic: Action Figure ‘All characters from Naruto Shippuden’

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Naruto's First Important Mission

Back at ninja headquarters, while the cat is reunited with its owner, Hokage-sama reads the next missions to his new recruits: babysitting, grocery shopping, digging up potatoes… Naruto lets out a yelp. 950 kata lagi

Things that Rocked, Things that Sucked: The Year of Sasuke

With another victory under their belts, it appeared that Konoha was making some leeway in the battle against the Akatsuki. Naruto had finally become powerful enough to rediscover some of the confidence he had lost in the earlier disaster of an attempt to bring back his former team mate. 6.726 kata lagi


The Uchiha Clan

This blog post is very important…….if you like Naruto. I will be talking about all forms of the Uchiha clan jutsu…..The Sharingan! First, I must tell you the beginning of the Uchiha Clans legacy.The Uchiha were very powerful ninjas, but they were faced with being the outcast of the leaf village. 58 kata lagi

Les Dennis & our part in his downfall

With our very own Tasha selflessly hurling herself into the soft play area that is Can’t Touch This, we’re more or less obliged to examine the traumatic game shows untroubled by Health & Safety regulations that inspired them. 660 kata lagi


An Ember Of Hatred

Poem: An Ember of Hatred
Based of the anime: Naruto Shippuden-
Itachi’s words to Sasuke


The flame in your eyes burns bright
An ember of hatred. 99 kata lagi