Naruto vs Sasuke Final Fight (Video)

Every naruto/Boruto fan is a big fan of the biggest fights in anime history, the final battle between naruto and sasuke. Well, apparently some blessed soul took the time to remake the fight in a action packed butt kicking jaw dropping stick man version. 29 kata lagi

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Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4 Review

It feels like such a long time since I’ve played one of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja games. It’s a pretty nostalgic series for me because I remember playing Ultimate Ninja Heroes nonstop on the PSP back in the day and also sank a ton of hours into Ultimate Ninja 2. 1.251 kata lagi


5 stereotypes you find in anime

Much like any form of movie, TV show, or book, character stereotypes are often made from the same cloth. Dive a little deeper and you’ll find each genre adopt a set of characters that are found throughout the works of different artists. 968 kata lagi


Itachi’s Legacy is Sarada Uchiha — Beneath the Tangles

Back in the old days, when we all used to watch that one anime about Boruto’s dad, we met a character named Itachi Uchiha. He is one who gave the audience quite the set of mixed emotions.

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Which Jutsu cannot be Easily used in Naruto

I’ve played many Naruto games, but the kind of game I like the most are games in which you have something to collect, like gatcha games. 384 kata lagi

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Sasuke 34: Prediction Results

Well, Sasuke 34 came and went, and boy was that an entertaining competition! I had a very mixed run of it on my predictions, and there were some real surprises throughout. 807 kata lagi

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Sasuke 34 Predictions

Welcome, one and all, to a bonus post! So, I’ve had some mixed luck when it comes to predicting the results for pro wrestling this year, haven’t I? 1.179 kata lagi

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