Watch Along: Naruto Episodes 81-100

I’m past the Chunin Exams and into the next arc. This arc was a lot more relaxed as Naruto and Jiraiya go and find Tsunade to be the next Hokage (since the last one was killed by Orochimaru), but there was a lot of things going on as well. 762 kata lagi


16.Naruto and sasuke 

Sketch of naruto and sasuke with 0.5mm lead and 2B Faber-Castell pencils… Love to draw it..😊

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10 things you should know about Sasuke Uchiha

10. Sasuke’s first appearance is generally thought to be chapter 3. But, he can be seen sitting behind Naruto in chapter 1, page 13.

9. Sasuke has completed 16 official missions, which include: 7 D-rank, 1 C-rank, 2 B-rank, 6 A-rank, 0 S-rank. 173 kata lagi


17. Naruto x Sasuke Lemon

Lemon: An anime/manga or (anime/manga) based fan-work that depicts sexual acts.

-Urban Dictionary definition for “lemon”

Some days you wake up and you know something will be wrong, you don’t know what exactly but you’ve got a feeling that something is waiting in the shadows for you. 353 kata lagi

Two Hearts! Returning Home - Naruto Shippuden 488

Naruto Shippuden 488 focuses on the world that is ruined with evil, we see Chino and Fuushin finally see each other as one another in terms of protecting themselves. 494 kata lagi


The 10 Most Classic Ninjas Lines from Naruto Online

The Online MMORPG is my favorite type of game. The process of cultivating characters gives me a lot of hope and satisfaction. Right now I’m playing a game like this called Naruto Online. 375 kata lagi


Chino's Past! Hell Valley - Naruto Shippuden 487

Naruto Shippuden 487 is a little boring, it’s okay in the fact that it reveals a few things from Chino’s past such as that she belonged to the Chinoike clan who were pushed to such a place that they were all killed. 172 kata lagi