This Ship Is Canon - Manga Monday #1

Hello everyone, today is the first day of Manga Monday. Please click here, to find out more about Manga Mondays (IT’S FUN I PROMISE YOU!!) 98 kata lagi

Anime Review: Naruto Shippuden Episodes 469 through 479

It’s that time again. The fillers are over and Naruto has returned to tell the main story line. It is egregiously insulting the number of fillers that Naruto has. 417 kata lagi


Update: Shippuden reveals upcoming Boyhood Arc character retrospectives

At last Naruto and Sasuke kicked the passive aggressive act, thrashing out all their frustrations in the double-sized episode ‘Final Battle’. As of Naruto Shippuden… 245 kata lagi


Final Battle Ends! Unison Sign - Naruto Shippuden 478

Naruto Shippuden 478 see’s Naruto and Sasuke both having some sort of lucid dream where they can talk and do things such as see their memories and talk to their family and friends. 262 kata lagi


Cosplay: Female Sasuke Uchiha

We’ve seen plenty of great Sasuke Uchiha cosplays out there, some of which are magnificent are fantastic to look at, but this one is especially great as it’s a based on Sasuke Uchiha’s female version. 77 kata lagi


The Final Battle, Naruto & Sasuke

I usually don’t write posts about individual episodes.  I try to only write posts about narratives that I have completed.  Or at least arcs of stories that I have completed. 794 kata lagi