Oh, Naruto Shippuden: No Other Anime Can Hurt Me the Way You Do

Every week, for the past several years, I anxiously await the new dubbed episode of Naruto.

The series has moved me in so many ways. I’ve laughed, cried (when Pervy Sage died, when Pain destroyed the entire Hidden Leaf village, when Sasuke was reunited with his brother’s spirit and he told him, “I will always love you”), and have jumped off the couch with excitement.  264 kata lagi


Naruto or Sasuke ?

Let me start of by saying that I personally love both Naruto and Sasuke but many people keep asking who is stronger Naruto or Sasuke. So let us find out. 389 kata lagi


American Ninja Warrior Season 7 Houston City Finals

by AJ Adejare

3, 2, 1 Lift off at Space City.  We head back to H-Town for the City Finals.  Will the course land them to Vegas, or ship them out home? 266 kata lagi

Live Action

3x Normal +Egg Drops 7/25-7/26

NA had it’s first 3x normal event and it definitely lived up to the hype. So much so that it pretty much invalidates all other forms of +egg farming; I could see running coin Star Vault to save time and/or to piece together a quick +297 on demand, but that’s about it. 1.067 kata lagi

Puzzle & Dragons

Ninja Bestfrienemies!

Sooner or later, they will need to deal with each other.

Here’s bad-ass Naruto vs. bad-tempered Sasuke.


Boruto: Naruto the Movie's New TV Ads Accent Father's Bonds

Naruto and Sasuke: Go, Boruto!
Text: From Naruto to Boruto…
Naruto: You take after me.
Sasuke: You have it in you to be a better man. 51 kata lagi


Path to a Ninja Warrior Body

One of my guilty pleasures on television is Ninja Warrior. It is an insane physical competition show which originated in Japan. It was televised via G4 here in the states and quickly caught on which sparked the American version in 2009 naturally called… 1.442 kata lagi