Forever Entwined Update

Hi guys!

So I wanted to update you all on “Forever Entwined.” I have written 1/4 of the chapter. Since 1/4 of my chapter has 5,000 words so far, this means that when I post this chapter (which might be end of February through Mid-March), it could come out to be 20,000-22,000 words. 448 kata lagi

Manga/Anime Review: Naruto and Bleach

Hi all, Ru here and back with a review and my general thoughts.

After turning 15 years old I discovered comics, but not western comics. No, I found Japanese manga and anime, what has followed is a love for all things Japanese. 959 kata lagi

The Foundry

Yuuai AMV

Remembering one of the greatest rivalry ever created in anime, it’s Naruto and Sasuke battle it out in this unique AMV. It’s been quite a long time since the last AMV post and I’m glad to came across a good AMV created by Luciole.


PlayStation 4 System Update 4.50 Beta Begins

The beta for the upcoming PS4 system update codenamed Sasuke is live so check your emails if you previously registered to participate. If you are not selected to participate, Sony has revealed some of the bigger features of… 131 kata lagi


Boruto Defeats Momoshiki! Huge Rasengan - Boruto 9

Boruto 9 follows the movie quite well in that he is capable of using Naruto’s chakra to create a pretty huge Rasengan which is used to defeat Momoshiki, who also manages to create his own massive chakra based attack. 491 kata lagi


A Team Of Three - Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura

Team 7, members includes Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and Sai. Out of which Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are the original members which formed the three man cell who competed in a number of exams and fights against other team cells. 67 kata lagi


Naruto Season 4 Revisited: Fighting Dreamers

Hey Grimms,

I’m back at it with my Naruto reviews. So far I have reviewed seasons 1-3 and this will be my season 4 review. Exciting stuff! 605 kata lagi

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