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The BITian behind the INDIAN power house

“Hello Check!! Mic Check!! “, this was the third time the technician went busy correcting the remaining glitches. Some connections here and there and we were ready to roll. 1.365 kata lagi

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Shilpy Gargmukh - First Lady in Territorial Army

“Redundance is the keyhole through which you can look into the horizon of success.If the weight of dreams feel ponderous, a way to lighten is to ponder over it.

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Data Analytics Workshop #02

When life gives you lemons, you ought to make a lip smacking lemonade.

BITians who always fret over lack of resources and opportunities should definitely look up to Mr. 597 kata lagi

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When GATES did the dirty JOB - II

This article is part of a series

When GATES did the dirty JOB : Episode-I

Episode – II


The ship was steady but Gates was not at the helm and this wasn’t the moment for which Gates had risked everything. 1.362 kata lagi

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Mengejar Sarjana...

Mahasiswa, status yang melekat pada diri saya saat ini. Status yang memaksa saya untuk meninggalkan dunia korporasi. Status yang saya harap mampu memperbaiki nasib saya kedepannya. 428 kata lagi


Tugas-II Jaringan Wireless

Susun dengan rapi dan baik rangkuman dari CH-2 s.d CH-5 untuk empat kelompok dari text-book berikut:

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