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Clue Awareness For Search Teams.

Sample of the awesome Clue Awareness for Search Teams (CAST) class that Virginia Department Of Emergency Management (VDEM) included into Search and Rescue team member training. 38 kata lagi

Talking On Tracking

lots of sar training this spring

Every since joining the Mono County SAR team, I’ve been working closely with existing members and my 2017 cohort. In no particular order, here are the various skills we’ve been dialing in: 529 kata lagi

I reckon gold is going to break higher in the near future

This is why.

Back in December 2013 I was looking to get back into the gold stocks. I was looking for stocks showing some divergence in price for the previous low in July 2013. 1.419 kata lagi

A special tribute/ celebration of JC life.

Yesterday was a special celebration of a good mans life! John Coull’s funeral service was a great tribute to John.

Family and friends came from far and wide and there was a guard of honour when John arrived. 452 kata lagi


No job that pays

Tomorrow is the first Monday in forever I won’t have anywhere to go. Nowhere to be. Nothing to do for anyone higher up the pay scale. 419 kata lagi

Coast Guard Flight Ops on Kauai

Boating safety is very important and it is something everyone should take very seriously. Lives depend on it. That fact became very clear to me recently when I watched the U.S. 649 kata lagi

Sea Scouts

A wonderful afternoon with Dundonnell Mountain Rescue Team at the Opening of their new Base in Dingwall. It gives you faith in human kindness.

I have been extremely lucky in my life to meet so many great people, nowadays with the World in turmoil it is wonderful to celebrate a happy event with good people. 703 kata lagi