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Delighting in the Lord

(Written 12-10-2017)

Psalm 37:4,

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

When I do what the Lord tells me to do, this should be a delight to me and my soul. 167 kata lagi


The Santa Claus Killer

North of border, a grisly story of mass murder is unfolding.  In Toronto, police and shaken residents are dealing with an apparent serial killer who roamed in their midst, an apparently pleasant gardener, landscaper, and flower arranger by day and a violent, allegedly homicidal sadist by night. 220 kata lagi


The Spirit of Christmas

Orlando is only a month old and already, I have excitedly been day dreaming of when he is old enough to start taking in the spirit of Christmas. 219 kata lagi

The Scary Man

Christmas is approaching, and my 3-year-old son can’t stop thinking about Halloween.  

Back in October, when the macabre decorations invaded the serene mundanity of my neighborhood, my son was instantly intrigued. 843 kata lagi


Rovaniemi, here we come...

Tomorrow, bright and early, we fly. First to Heathrow, then Helsinki, then the town of Rovaniemi, from where our trek begins. Rovaniemi (population 62,000) is the capital of Finnish Lapland. 802 kata lagi

Arctic Trek

Mommy's Magic Eye

A great thing about little kids is they believe everything you say. They think a fat old man breaks into our homes once a year and leaves a pile of presents in the living room. 979 kata lagi