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31 Days of Horror (Day 18 - "Christmas Evil" (1980))

Since I’m going to see the new “Halloween” (2018) movie tomorrow I thought it would be ironic if I watched a horror moved based on Christmas tonight. 554 kata lagi

Aiken faces federal copyright infringement lawsuit over Santa photo

By Michael Smith | Editor

A Christmas time photo depicting Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus in The Alley in Aiken is the subject of a federal lawsuit a local photographer recently filed against the City of Aiken. 411 kata lagi


Kris Cross Kringle

‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ boomed out from the alarm clock.

Santa Claus woke up very wearily.

“I really hate that alarm”, groaned Santa, as he dragged himself of bed.  3.022 kata lagi

Children's Short Story

W-itching for a Husband

The Wicked Witch dragged herself out of her lumpy bed one cold winter morning.   The old cottage on the outskirts of Witchville was so frightfully cold that the witch could see her breath linger in the air in front of her like a poisonous fog. 2.211 kata lagi

Children's Short Story

A Christmas Caper

A raging fire radiated out of a remote cave high up the mountains many miles away from the North Pole.  The entire countryside below was smothered in snow.   2.174 kata lagi

Children's Short Story