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An Architecture competition initiated by “RUUKI”, the aim is to design an unique, inspiring and innovative solution for Mr. Santa Claus logistics center. A conviction that the general quality of our living and  working environment could be drastically improved by rethinking our approach to the architecture of mundane buildings. 337 kata lagi


Lesson 1389 - The Prodigal Chicken Has Returned

Last night when I went to close up the coop, I realized that Charlie, one of my Black Copper Marans, was missing. It wasn’t *that* unusual because Charlie tended to try roosting in some odd places at night, sometimes she’d be on our front porch, sometimes on our back door, and even on one ironic occasion I found her roosting on top gas grill. 448 kata lagi


Uncle Sam Shouldn't be Santa Claus

Want an affordable college education for your child? Have the desire to keep the next generation from drowning in debt? Hopefully, the answer to both questions is a resounding “yes!” You may not realize it, but excessive government subsides do exactly the opposite. 877 kata lagi

American Politics

Christmas in Ireland

Christmas in Ireland, with all its religious overtones, is a time for family.  The religious nature of an Irish Christmas begins with Advent.  Starting four Sundays before Christmas Advent is a time to ponder the birth of Christ and get ready for the celebration of His birth.  647 kata lagi


Soulfly Reigns at Brick By Brick

On May 21, Brazilian Metal god Max Cavalera finished off his Archangel tour in this website’s home away from home, Brick by Brick. The night featured an array of up and comers and established bands which has become a tradition for Cavalera. 555 kata lagi


Since I’ve known that WINTER NOT LAST FOREVER,  let’s traveling around Norway since the Winter would end soon. 293 kata lagi

Traveling Story

A Santa for All Seasons 

May 2016-taken earlier this month.

Columbus, Ohio
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