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Jan. 8th - Jessie goes to the United Nations

Jessie stayed awake late into the night wondering what she could do to help Christmas. She paced back and forth in front of the fire until she was so tired that she could no longer keep her eyes open. 1.038 kata lagi


Feb. 6th - Jessie learns Christmas is in jeopardy

The room was filled with boxes piled to the rafters. Jessie sniffed around the base of the nearest pile. The boxes smelled heavenly. Here delicate nose could detect the aroma of peppermint candy canes. 904 kata lagi


The Polar Express 2

Hey, we found one more present under the tree! Yep, it’s Christmas in February with this lost episode of SequelQuest. We felt you had waited long enough for this dash of holiday cheer, so we dusted off the snow and got it started. 74 kata lagi


Not your favourite uncle

It is comforting to imagine Truth as a bewhiskered older guy, a Santa-type in corduroy slippers, standing in the middle of a library, marshalling his thoughts, oddly thrilled when the housekeeper arrives to do a bit of dusting. 20 kata lagi

From The Counsellor

Question Seven

What currently brings you a real sense of joy?

(Feel free to share your answer in the comments area at the bottom of this page) 6 kata lagi

Christopher Hogan Lay

Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King 

The Guardians: Book One

by William Joyce and Laura Geringer
“But it was said that he once defeated an entire regiment of cavalry with a bent steak knife — while he was eating” 1.218 kata lagi

King of the North Pole

Title:   King of the North Pole
Author:   Lisa Shea, illustrated by Dario Brizuela, inked by Andres Ponce
Series:   Marvel Superhero Squad; Passport to Reading 1… 161 kata lagi