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The Santa Matrix Chapter 1: Down Santa Claus Lane


I have decided to make this blog a showcase for my fiction writing, to be done in serial form.  What follows is a story I’ve basically completed, but have been going over.  2.219 kata lagi

Christmas at St. Louis Center

The residents of St. Louis Center look forward to the month of December and the celebration of Christmas, as many groups of people visit to shower them with food, gifts and generosity. 123 kata lagi

St. Louis Center

God Smiles When Children Approach

GodReflection: What Make God Smile?
And he took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them (Mark 10:16).
There is one aspect of the Santa Claus myth that even as an adult still draws me. 539 kata lagi

God Reflection

April 1906: the aftermath of a disaster

A massive earthquake hit San Francisco, USA on the 18th of April, 1906. The fires that it sparked lasted days and devastated the city. 19 kata lagi


Abbott Calls On Santa ScoMo To Give Everyone Coal This Christmas Budget

Former (despite what Peta Credlin says) Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called on the Treasurer Scott Morrison to deliver coal to every Australian this year as part of his Christmas themed budget. 233 kata lagi



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Santa Christina is “Mrs. Claus.”
She mushes her sled dogs, just because.
Run faster, sled dogs. Go! Go! Go! 270 kata lagi

Santa Claus