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Child Custody Lawyer In Santa Claus Georgia

When a competent court gives a parent the right to make important decisions for a child’s life, it is called as child custody. Decisions related to health, religion, education and place of living are included here. 202 kata lagi

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Random? I don't think so.

I saw Santa today.
‘Twas another beautiful day at he pieshop. In came this jolly looking man. White hair, white beard and round belly included. Asking for coffee and pie.Then stuff happened at work – you can call it “Life”, I guess … – which resulted in me taking a 1,5hr break which otherwise never ever ever happens. 317 kata lagi


Viewed – 26 April 2016  online-rental

I can’t say these days I’m really a Christmas person and well, stopped watching Christmas themed movies a while back.  323 kata lagi


The other Santa Claus (Day 30)

Sinterklaas is real!

Legend has it that a man named Sinterklaas arrives in the Netherlands each year in mid-November by steamboat from Spain, moving from town to town, delivering candies to nice children. 297 kata lagi


the budget

dt bopped on down..said..

well wes has been reviewing the proposed budgets..or as he wish list..

santa claus in april..

pretty much..

did this little group have a bad a lump of coal for christmas maybe.. 239 kata lagi


Childhood Change

Growing up, I had godparents. I mean, we weren’t really close to them, and I didn’t really know them. They were who my parents chose before I was even born. 338 kata lagi


Mark goes to Alaska!

Here at St Teddy’s we very much enjoyed hosting Mark from Louis Trichardt in South Africa. Yesterday he set off to his final destination, North Pole in Alaska. 103 kata lagi