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The Town That Santa Forgot

Here’s a short Hanna-Barbera Christmas video starring Dick Van Dyke that I became aware of just a couple days ago.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Who is the Best Real Beard Santa Claus in Dallas Fort Worth?

Mysti+Allen proudly provides only the BEST OF THE BEST real beard Santa Claus entertainers in Dallas-Fort Worth. On top of the list is Santa Allen who was even declared by HireSanta.com as Santa Claus of the year and has been consistently rated as the… 336 kata lagi


I am bringing Wangari Maathai into the circle at Sense of Wonder Camp for Girls today. It’s been a real pleasure studying her again, relearning her story, finding new things, reading new quotes. 589 kata lagi


Yes, There Is A Santa Claus ... Rally

Human beings, generally speaking, are creatures of habit. We like, and gravitate towards, things that we know (or think we know), and feel comfortable with. No surprise then that we can observe this in all sorts of areas. 273 kata lagi


Ms. Claus makes the scene -- the next page of Saving Christmas

There’s nothing like spending time with the family during the holidays, right? Well, Mr. and Mrs. Claus look like they’re ready to spend some quality time together, even if Santa’s mind might be focusing on someone else. 37 kata lagi

Taboo Comix

Cosmos: Old School (2002) - part twenty-two

Has everyone heard the expression ‘Mid-winter Christmas’? Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am afraid I will have to interpret that very literally today – for it is the middle of June, significantly into the winter season here in the Southern hemisphere; and the next Old-school Cosmos story on my checklist…. 835 kata lagi