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One Piece : To The East Blue

Chapter 841

The story of Sanji has turned into one pile of reasons I want to see the Vinsmoke family get burned alive. It doesn’t look like it’ll end anytime soon. 881 kata lagi


One Piece : Iron Mask

Chapter 840

Germa 66 get scarier every time you see them. Not just for their strength and obvious domination but just because they are helluva scary. 779 kata lagi


One Piece : I Shall Never Forget The Debt That I Owe You

Chapter 839

Honestly right now it seems that the only people getting close to their destination is Brook and Pedro… Well other then Sanji and the dreaded Tea Party. 548 kata lagi


One Piece : Bropper

Chapter 838

Chopper and Carrot are stuck in a mirror, Nami has a Vivre card that seems to confuse the Homies on whether they should or shouldn’t attack and Luffy is going all out against Cracker. 626 kata lagi


Mini Review Chapter 840 

Review Chapter 840: Iron Mask

Chapter kali ini kembali didominasi secara keseluruhan dengan dramanya Vinsmoke Family. Seperti yang udah kita duga, tabung-tabung berisi tubuh manusia yang berada di dalam cairan yang dikasih liat Yonji ke Sanji di chapter sebelumnya adalah kloning manusia yang dipersiapkan untuk menjadi terntara Germa. 748 kata lagi

Mini Review

One Piece 840 - Iron Mask

I won’t lie guys, I’m not really one for sentiment, but this chapter really got right there (I’m pointing to my heart btw, I think). But before I start pouring my heart and soul out, I’ll start from the beginning. 642 kata lagi