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Cute gif right? But just look at Zoro’s fucking face….

I made a second gif so that yall could see it more clearly…

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Cosplay: One Piece Straw Hat Crew in Film Z

One Piece is currently one of the biggest anime and manga’s out in the anime world, it features a great adventure following Luffy and the Strawhat’s as they head for the fortune in the new world. 96 more words

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My One Piece Adventure : End of Fishman Arc

This is going to be a very short and sweet blog. I don’t know why I didn’t just carry on reading but I think I was so worried that I’d already seen so much that I would focus too much on something completely different and ignore the rest of the arc. 616 more words

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My One Piece Adventure : Fishman Island Arc

So I’ve just finished chapter 650, I’m not quite over with the Fishman Arc but I’ve taken forever to get this far (sorry!) so thought I’d give you my update. 1.573 more words

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Bboy Sanji - Postanite dio najbolje break dance škole u Tuzli!

Studio “La Luna / Dirty Angels

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