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One Piece : The Party Begins at 10

Chapter 860

The plans are in place, the wedding is going to begin…. I JUST WANT TO SEE LUFFY’S ENTRANCE!!!! 496 kata lagi


Update: One Piece bids farewell to Toonami, slates three-week run for Marine Rookie arc

As the Zou arc heads towards closure with the wind in its sails, One Piece is set to embark on its next anime-original arc. Shonen Jump  398 kata lagi


Video Review: Mary J. Blige "No More Drama"

At the bottom on the screen, a woman runs (although her legs are only seen). Added is the middle screen, which shows a muscled man running (only from his chest) and then a another man’s head is connected to it all. 638 kata lagi

Music Video

One Piece : Rook

Chapter 857

Honestly you wouldn’t think that this story could get any more complicated then it already is. With the main group in the Mirror World and Sanji and Luffy back together you’d think this was the start of the fight back… 628 kata lagi


One Piece : Liar

Chapter 856

Mirror World Straw Hats are up to full force and Sanji and Luffy have found each other once more. I honestly can’t wait to see how Big Mom deals with these flies. 457 kata lagi



Chapter 855

Big Mom’s children have all proved just how stupid they are, the whole group of them have written off Luffy and the rest of his crew whilst planning their fight with the Germa. 425 kata lagi