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The Liar - Sanji Vinsmoke

Sanji Vinsmoke, part of One Piece anime, and the Straw Hat Crew alongside Luffy, Zoro and others. He’s also part of the notorious Vinsmoke family known as an underworld mercenaries family. 117 kata lagi

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Sanji is NOT a Womanizer!

There seems to be this idea that started long ago – that Sanji is a womanizer, to the extent that even the creator, Eiichiro Oda agrees and has referred to him as such. 749 kata lagi


'One Piece' 862 Manga: How Will Sanji React After Pudding Shoot Him?

“One Piece” 862 manga will finally be released a few days from now. With the Straw Hats and the Fire Tanks already set to enter the wedding hall, fans are definitely expecting the action to kick up a notch next chapter. 324 kata lagi


Then You Have Ideas

As the days go by I figured out a lot of stuff on my camera. I started to try to make things look cool. Bokeh, YES! 19 kata lagi

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Review: One Piece (Uncut) Collection 16

Tailing out the end of the gloriously gothic arc that was Thriller Bark, just before this collection hauls anchor for new territory, Zoro is given an unexpected platform to prove his dedication: to his dream of being a master swordsman, as part of the Straw Hat crew, and to Luffy. 566 kata lagi


One Piece

I know that most Otakus don’t read or even watch One Piece because of the bad drawing and quality that it has. Everyone keep complaining, “Look at their eyes! 144 kata lagi


One Piece : The Consummate Actor

Chapter 861

The wedding is drawing closer and closer, the guests have arrived, the family has gathered and its just about time to get to Luffy’s grand entrance…. 568 kata lagi