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Sanji in Wonderland; The Vinsmoke Brothers - One Piece 825 Review

One Piece Chapter 825 Review

Jump decided to release the chapter a few days early for those that were suffering from withdrawal. Unfortunately there is bad news at the end of the chapter. 1.198 kata lagi


Kaido's Devil Fruit Theory; Sanji's Purin Revealed - One Piece 824 Review

One Piece Chapter 824 Review

What an amazing chapter we had this week. It was a nice follow up as we got to explore quite a few different avenues in regards to the situations that are blossoming at hand. 1.453 kata lagi


One Piece : Little Pirate Games

Chapter 824

So much going on all over the world. I wonder what is going to happen next. 553 kata lagi


One Piece : Dog and Cat have a History

Chapter 820

Zou is in trouble but they just don’t know it yet. How will they react when they find out they are under attack once more by Jack? 633 kata lagi


One Piece Fan Art

One piece, I enjoy this show. Even if i’m having trouble making myself watch it. Its probably because it’s subbed. bleh

One Piece, is great at inspiring me to make better characters and stories. 32 kata lagi

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