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Sanji and Luffy reunite

This chapter mostly centered on Sanji, finally finding Luffy. Sanji tells a emaciated Luffy that “he never told Luffy to wait there.” He gives Luffy the bento box and Luffy eats the food. 162 kata lagi

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One Piece 856

Good morning one and all. Hope all has a great a day. The next chapter of One Piece was dropped yesterday or this morning. I don’t really know, but it is a good read. 509 kata lagi


One Piece 855

So the latest chapter of One Piece was just released last night, chapter 855 (spoilers). Here we start off with the Straw Hat Crew Minx Alliance (Nami, Chopper, Carrot, Pedro) and Jinbe are in the mirror world trying to rescue Brook from Big Mom. 137 kata lagi


One Piece Film:Gold

Who doesn’t like 120 minutes of One Piece? It’s one of the few animes that can take you anywhere and you love it. The world of One Piece is wonderful and the characters are all different and complex. 318 kata lagi


So my friend hooked me a with copy of One Piece Film: Gold. Aww man I cant wait to see this movie. I’ve heard mixed reviews about it. 8 kata lagi

One Piece: Finally Caught Up

spoilers exist within this post

I have been behind with One Piece for years!


People would ask me where I was in One Piece and I wouldn’t want to tell them because I was embarrassingly behind. 594 kata lagi

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