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In Memoriam: Sanji Gupta - 1999 - 2015

One late-summer, fin de siècle night, Marge woke me, holding a tiny ball of black fluff in her hands. “Can we keep him?” she asked. 351 kata lagi

Dragon Keeper's Handbook

Sanji-1 - IDR 120.000,00

Men who can’t wipe away the tears from a women’s eyes, aren’t real men.


Yakin jago masak? apa kamu sudah jadi koki yang paling jago di seluruh lautan?

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One Piece

Black Leg Sanji


Fifth of a series of sticker-like illustrations that try to represent some of the One Piece characters.


El quinto de una serie de ilustraciones en las que se trata de representar algunos de los personajes de One Piece. 16 kata lagi

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All the fishies....

Mahiko: And so, Mahiko chased him and ate him!
Sayumi: …that’s fascinating.. Does she ever shut up..?

Yuki: Hi girls, what’s up?
Mahiko: Mahiko was telling SayuSayu about Mahiko’s adventures! 301 kata lagi


They come in pairs

Mahiko: Box for Mahiko!
Yuki: Not every box is for Mahiko ^^;;
Sanji: oof….

Mahiko: That’s nonsense! Help me open it!
Sanji: Aye aye! 227 kata lagi


Little Leopard

Despite not having his true wig yet, Sanji demanded a decent shoot, so I had to obey! He’s actually a blonde, but this silver wig is the only one I have that fits him right now ^^; I think it kind of goes with the outfit, though! 6 kata lagi