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Luffy vs Vinsmoke Sanji; Big Mom's True Power - One Piece 843 Review

One Piece Chapter 843 Review

OK, I’m freaking out here. What the fudge? Is this really about to happen? Luffy finally meets Sanji after all these years. 1.308 kata lagi


Behind the scenes of our Boss Luffy Historical Special - Nami & Sanji Cosplays

Hey guys, so we finally did it after having mentioned it and planned it in our minds on frequent occasions in the past year. In the midst of planning around hurricane Matthew being in the area the same week as Ultracon which we decided to attend after much consideration, we were able to complete our Nami & Sanji Boss Luffy Historical Special cosplays. 178 kata lagi


The Origin of the Gentleman; Luffy vs Cracker! - One Piece 842 Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Blame it on writer’s block or life getting in the way. Either way, I still impatiently wait upon the latest One Piece chapter every week so I don’t see why the hell I shouldn’t write my thoughts down. 895 kata lagi


One Piece : The Power of Fullness

Chapter 842

Words will never describe the simplicity yet stupidity of how we ended Chapter 841 but we stand on the battlefield between Luffy and Cracker with…. 573 kata lagi


Black Leg Cook - Sanji Vinsmoke

Sanji Vinsmoke, from the Straw Hats is known is also known as Black Leg Sanji who is notoriously known as someone who attacks mainly using his legs. 111 kata lagi

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One Piece : To The East Blue

Chapter 841

The story of Sanji has turned into one pile of reasons I want to see the Vinsmoke family get burned alive. It doesn’t look like it’ll end anytime soon. 881 kata lagi