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Round out your collection with the One Piece Sculpture Urazoukeio Series Sanji static figure

This is one especially for anime fans and collectors. Check out this One Piece Sculpture Urazoukeio Series Sanji static figure from Banpresto, standing seven inches tall and depicting him mid-kick. 35 kata lagi

One Piece : My Dream

Chapter 834

We’ve finally met the Patriarch of the Vinsmoke family and man is he a complete asshole.

When you think of him and Big Mom joining forces… Well… Its getting a little worrying for Luffy & co. 880 kata lagi


First Impression of One Piece!

Well who does not know about One Piece! Named also as One of the greatest anime. But i had not watched a single episode till the last month. 148 kata lagi


One Piece : Vinsmoke Judge

Chapter 833

The Year of Sanji seems to have finally hit us as we meet Sanji’s father. What this chapter will teach us about Sanji’s relationship to his family might just be so important in understanding who Sanji is. 1.048 kata lagi


One Piece : Germa Kingdom

Chapter 832

The adventures on Whole Cake Island are kicking off. Its time that Luffy & co find Sanji and skidaddle out of here.

Just it isn’t proving to be easy… 464 kata lagi


An Interview With Cosplayer Xsentrix

Hi Readers

It’s time for another cosplay interview, this time we meet Xsentrix! Xsentrix first caught my attention through her wide variety of both male and female cosplays.  757 kata lagi