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Ever Wondered How A SNOWCAT Works On Sand?

Dual slalom sand snowboarding…its a mouth full of German summer fun. You’ve heard of sand boarding but usually its done out of a dune buggy in Peru or by some bored locals in Cape Cod….in Germany its a full on sport and they even deploy snowcats to groom. 23 kata lagi


What If You Fly?

Beads of sweat fall off my skin and onto the ground.  With each step the sand pulls me down, leaving me only inches closer.  My muscles are screaming at me as I struggle to pull my hands and feet free.  471 kata lagi

Desiring Heaven

Mui Ne – The resort center of Viet Nam

Mui Ne is a famous tourist center in Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan, Vietnam. It is only 22km away from the center of Phan Thiet.

The nature of Mui Ne is a gift from god. 901 kata lagi


Photos Of Largest Sand Dunes In The World "Sossusvlei" - Namibia.

Once again I want to fascinate you with this amazing landform in Africa(Namibia) and maybe you would be planning to pay a visit if you love adventure.Nature is simply beautiful. 340 kata lagi

Two Kentuckians, a Versa and an Open Road West , Part 1

YIKES, I’m TERRIBLE at being consistent with the whole blog thing.  I hear my writing is worth while but when push comes to couch, I choose couch; or the camera on my phone.   1.044 kata lagi


Workout Torture: Sand Dune Edition

Does working out on a sand dune sound horribly difficult? Guess what… IT IS! But I’m a guy always on the lookout for a new workout adventures, and this one certainly qualifies. 624 kata lagi

Gumuk Pasir: Sand Dune in Yogya

Located in the same area as Parangtritis beach, Gumuk Pasir Parangkusumo or Parangkusumo Sand Dune offers a new kind of attraction for visitors. Visitors could do sand-boarding or taking picture in some of the decorations provided by the local people. 37 kata lagi