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Sand Dune / Worimi National Park

Dune (Sand Dune, 사구, 砂丘) 바람에 의하여 해변, 사막에 모래가 이동하여 퇴적된 언덕이나 둑 모양의 모래 언덕.

사전적 의미는 그렇다고 하고 나의 해석은 Dune이란 진짜 사막에 도전할 용기가 없는 내가 대리만족을 느끼는 곳. 19 kata lagi


To the Top of a Dune

A walk to the top of a sand dune

Looking down at a frozen Lake Michigan

Not daring to walk on the snow and ice along the shore… 29 kata lagi



I had seen totally unexpected landscape in the Thar desert: dry riverbeds with piles of broken rock, and vast stretches of level ground. Although large parts of the desert landscape was of this kind, there was a significant area full of sand dunes. 366 kata lagi


More'eb Dune, Worlds highest sand dune, Info and Facts

Considered by many to be the world’s tallest sand dune, Tel Moreeb is over 300 metres high and the 50 degree incline to the top makes it a prime destination for motor sports enthusiasts. 70 kata lagi

The Giant Sand Dune

When I visited Pacific City in Oregon, I saw a giant sand dune on the beach.  I mean a giant sand dune, like a huge mountain straight up made up of sand. 477 kata lagi


Namibia Part 3: Camping in a boat cabin at Diaz Point - Luderitz

It has been over two weeks now from my last post and I have had a few friends and followers asking as to what has happened to me? 855 kata lagi