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Back at the start of the year in January, Collieston featured on the blog and the picture then was very different to the one this week!  145 kata lagi

Out And About

The Fire at Sand Dune of St. Mary

Red, yellow-gold and brown fall leaves.  Damp smell of winter coming.  Football field full of spike treads.  Sand dune awaiting snow for sledding.  Wind whistles briskly, though occasionally.  345 kata lagi

Flaming Dune: Oman

They come silently out of the desert – a herd of camels padding across the sand, snaking in single file through the darkness. The first lifts its head, sniffing at the smoke of our bonfire and burning frankincense. 2.067 kata lagi


Sand Dune of St. Mary III

The scrubby jack pines along the upper dune ridge give an odor mixed with early summer ferns which penetrates lightly, but unmistakably.  Slightly resinous, fresh and cool against the sun baking early afternoon sand.  338 kata lagi

Sinduri Beach

 For my birthday the boys, our friend Teresita and I drove to the Taean area in search of a new beach. Sinduri beach is famous for having the largest sand dune in Korea. 596 kata lagi


Taman Sari - Pantai Timang - Gumuk Pasir , Yogyakarta ,Indonesia Travel Dairy Day 3 (09.09.16)

Woke up at early morning 7.30am, ate bread breakfast that provided by homestay. Since tomorrow we have to take train to Surabaya. So we go to the train station have a look. 1.458 kata lagi

Travel To Indonesia


One of my favourite shots from the short but exciting trip to Dubai in 2015. Who knew camels could be so friendly? Although they sound like someone recovering from a particularly bad hangover .