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Katana: Part 3

Surely, I am better than them.

            Nini felt weak; she felt hate; she felt anger; she felt despair. Despair. She had never felt it before. Or, had she? 2.723 kata lagi

Writing Homework

Using Samurai Techniques in Writing

Based on the title alone, I doubt that I would have considered reading Fighting to Win:  Samurai Techniques For Your Work and Life, by David J. 941 kata lagi

Zatoichi on the Road (1963)

aka Zatôichi kenka-tabi / Zatoichi’s Fighting Journey

2018 #11
Kimiyoshi Yasuda | 88 mins | Blu-ray | 2.35:1 | Japan / Japanese

In his notes that accompany Criterion’s Blu-ray release of the Zatoichi series, Chris D. 653 kata lagi


App Samurai Mobile Advertising Platform to Boost your ROI‎

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Is mobile marketing seems difficult to you?

Are you wasting your mobile marketing budgets?

Are you overspending resources on user acquisition? 113 kata lagi

Glamour Spotlight: Striking DPS #29

Since getting Monk to a decent gear level, I’ve been having so much fun on it that I haven’t even played Ninja at all, and it’s actually in the running to become my de facto main moving forward in  684 kata lagi


My Visit to Edo Wonderland

Nearly two years ago (has it been that long already?) my son and I went on an organized tour up north to the Nikko prefecture which is a distance from Yokosuka. 619 kata lagi


Woke AF: Hagakure

Disclaimer: Everything stated below is my opinion and is based on all of the information I have obtained and can remember at the time of writing. 3.340 kata lagi