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The War and Peace of Japan

I found that even some of the relatively knowledgeable foreigner friends did not know a basic fact of Japanese history that all Japanese take for common knowledge: The Emperor was never samurai. 1.786 kata lagi


The Duel (100 Word Story #16)

Sword tips touching; the dance began. With whirl of motion and clang of blade on blade they dueled. Drawing in closer blades locked; smelling the acrid scent of sweat on the other before pushing away rhythmically. 79 kata lagi


Commodore Perry's Letter

In 1853, Commodore Perry first visited Japan with three warships and the Japanese said “Come back later”. So he came back later with seven warships and the Japanese dropped their self-isolation policy and opened two ports for American ships to refuel and restock. 908 kata lagi


The Satsuma-Anglo War

The Tokugawa Shogunate was a military government of many checks and balances. For example, there were two governments for the district of Edo that ruled the city in alternating months. 1.131 kata lagi


Samurai Women

During the Second World War, the American war machine made history in employing the power of Hollywood to propagate negative image of their enemy. The results still resonate today. 1.080 kata lagi


Eisner Awards Nominee: A Blanket of Butterflies 

The Eisner Awards are tonight at San Diego Comic Con, and we find out if A Balnket of Butterflies wins its category (Best Single Issue/One Shot). 106 kata lagi

The Life of the Samurai

If you watch a lot of jidai geki, Japanese costume drama,¬†you will see people killed all the time. The two bodyguards – Suke-san… 1.675 kata lagi