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The 3 Legendary Factions of For Honor

Ubisoft’s hack-and-slash fighting RPG “For Honor” is finally out and available to download. Highly praised by critics during its beta, the game is known for its “The Art of Battle” melee combat system and its “medieval” characters. 379 kata lagi


From Montreal to Bonn

In about two weeks I will move from Canada to Germany. I will spend at least six months in Bonn, as a new phase in my work as a researcher in Mathematics. 59 kata lagi


The Japanese Samurai

The Japanese Samurai

The most inspiring warriors that I have ever seen and studied
It’s not the Sharpness of their ‘KATANA’ that defines how exceptional they are but their unprecedented WILL combined with their never giving up soul , the dignity they poses along with the discipline and the moral code that is governed by their entire life… 35 kata lagi


The real warriors of For Honor

To coincide with the highly-anticipated release of For Honor, I thought I’d take a look at some of the historical facts behind the warriors. For Honor is a melee action game, allowing you to take control of the highly skilled… 1.027 kata lagi


Kensei Advanced Guide

The Kensei commands the warriors of the Samurai faction. Wielding the Nodachi, the Kensei cuts through their enemies with skill and discipline using their mastery of combat to adapt to any situation and any opponent. 3.168 kata lagi

For Honor

Anime: Drifters

           Bagi kalian yang suka dengan anime samurai yang dicampur dengan peperangan semi moderen mungkin cocok dengan anime ini. Walaupun bersifat fantasi perang, tetapi tokoh-tokoh didalamnya merupakan tokoh sejarah dalam era samurai bahka era romawi. 24 kata lagi