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The Prince of the Shadow Warriors on E-book

My novel, The Prince of the Shadow Warriors, now available on E-Book format. It’s a little overwhelming. Never had this feeling before. Kind of anxious.

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Lady of the Dance

Ever wanted to dress up like an employee of the Gold Saucer who wasn’t a bunny girl? This is the outfit worn by the Lady of the Dance who demonstrates the moves in the game… 66 kata lagi


Elevator Pitch for Katana

After tasked with finding a murderer, an apprentice discovers the effects of her pride on those around her.

Writing Homework


We’re familiar with many expressions. Being ‘on-point’ is one of them. But what does it mean?

I was contemplating on this as I answered some questions about what the fastest track is to reading cards like the Devil. 1.178 kata lagi


Samurai Show at the Toei Kyoto Studio Park

This picture was taken at the Toei Kyoto Studio Park in Kyoto, Japan.  The theme park / movie set includes a mock Edo period street that is used to shoot upwards of 200 films per year.


Path of Blood (2013)

Plot: In times of war and constant conflict, the samurai were crucial allies in battle and always had a deep sense of purpose, to defend those they were sworn to protect against all outside threats. 478 kata lagi