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Song of the Samurai

I have come to the end of me; my time may finally have come

I am surrounded by enemies who clamor for me

They press in and call my name… 154 kata lagi


Rituals Body Care & Hair Wax


Rituals has same packaging every time. No matter how much you buy, they pack your items with a big box and plenty of paper. 148 kata lagi

Shopping + Unbox

Oshima's last film, "Gohatto"/"Taboo"

I found what turned out to be the last film directed (form a wheelchair, following his first stroke) by Ôshima Nagasi,Gohatto””Taboo” (1999) too long (100 minutes) and/or too slow. 718 kata lagi

Stephen O. Murray

A Flawless Victory?

Samurai-do reviews Phil Trent’s book Flawless Deception.

It is nothing short of laudable that Phil Trent has taken on such an in-depth exegesis of a subject that is all too often considered sacred and immune from criticism. 1.019 kata lagi

Martial Arts

Dev Blog - August 26 - Samurai Showdown

Hey people,

This is just a quick update on what’s been happening to Samurai Showdown in the lead-up to the September 3rd Play Up Perth event. 322 kata lagi

Game Development

Tokyo photo studio turns you into street samurai with armor photo shoot in the heart of downtown

Shibuya photography session will give you a literal snapshot of two of the coolest aspects of Japan. 247 kata lagi