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Courtesans, Geisha, and Samurai: Felice Beato's Beautiful Color Photos Depicting Life In 19th Century Edo-Era Japan

Daily Mail — A courtesan washing her hair, fearsome samurai warriors and a mother tenderly watching her sleeping child are among the characters to feature in rare photographs of Edo-era Japan set to go on display in London for the first time this weekend. 88 more words


Japan caught in colour back in 1865 by Felice Beato

Kimonos, parasols, baby’s toys, basket sellers, courtesans at rest and a samurai gang ready for action … Felice Beato was one of the first people to photograph the far east – and he made life bloom with colour. 395 more words


Short Story - Red Blade

A short story I wrote for my second year creative writing portfolio.

Red Blade

The ceremonial hall was filled with students, all draped in silk robes and hair pulled neat and tightly from their faces, kneeled in straight lines on the floor with their heads bowed. 1.980 more words


Women, gamers, and foreigners all show up to be samurai for a day at Sengoku battle reenactment

Some people in Japan have no more than a passing interest in the country’s long and fascinating history, which is at least partly the fault of how the subject is taught in schools. 598 more words


Tsuwano (3 of 3): Horseback archery, samurai style! It's Yabusame!

Samurai. Horses. Feats of martial prowess. Sounds like a good time to me.

Especially if it involves period dress, you can bet I want to be there. 592 more words

Local Anecdotes

Isao Machii is a real-life samurai with godlike reflexes

Samurai Isao Machii slices things launched at up to 150km/hour.