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Lone Wolf and Cub (Various, 1972-1974)

“Lone Wolf and Cub slashes its way onto Blu-ray with a katana-sharp transfer and a baby cartload of bonus materials in Criterion’s terrific box set.” 7 kata lagi


One hundred demon blades chapter 10


The strings flickered to the touch of the large wooden triangle stroking the chords. Hao lashed at the biwa gently with the plectra summoning forth a calm symphony from the instrument. 1.875 kata lagi


Katana Terminology - The Soul Of The Samurai

Samurai were the only people allowed to carry two swords, a pair called the daisho, (the “long and short”) as a badge of their unique warrior status. 20 kata lagi

Anime Discovery 2016: KUROMUKURO - #165

Hmmmm…..another mecha show to review, huh? And funny thing is, the review following this one is a mecha show, too…..albeit the next one is more of a higher pedigree than this one but that’s for later. 1.434 kata lagi


Pretend You Are a Ninja Day

Why celebrate ‘Pretend You Are a Ninja Day’? In a world where time is as elusive as the Lochness monster. Where reminders, calendars and to do lists keep getting long while the actual amount of things that get done short, where do we have time to remember such a day. 373 kata lagi


Let's talk about: Drifters


The end of the fall season for anime is nearing its end, and out of all the things that have aired i have decided to give a special mention to Drifters. 833 kata lagi