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The Samurai of Street Fighter

Ryu and Ken’s famous rivalry is based off of one of Japanese history’s most famous rivalries, that of Musashi Miyamoto and Kojiro Sasaki.

Ryu and Ken are easily the most iconic fighting game characters there are. 1.081 kata lagi

Nioh: Because You’ve Secretly Always Wanted to Be A Samurai

For those who prefer to play games as a feminine character with customizable wardrobe options and sleek armor, playing a game as a western samurai warrior may not initially excite your senses. 371 kata lagi

My Shifter

When worlds collide: Geisha’s Blade Unokubi Zukuri Tanto turned into my shifter by RB Auto Development.

I chose this as my first post as I feel this represent me on so many levels. 344 kata lagi


Japan has so many referral that can be associated to her from the land of the rising sun to the Land of the Samurai and Land of the Shogunate. 543 kata lagi


2016 Budo Ryu Ninjutsu Daikomyosai (武道流忍術 大光明祭) 忍術, 武術

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