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AN03c3_Ch.12-Feudal Japan

AN03c3_Ch.12- Feudal Powers in Japan

Timeline: ~12th – 19th C.
FS: Japan’s uniqueness is reflected in its brand of Feudalism.

Main Idea: The political development of Japan, impacted by the Chinese model, contributed to a consolidation of power. 1.298 kata lagi


A Samurai's Tsunami

Helmet of insect horn

Armour made as hard as ants

Mask crafted by demons

Deep in their seven hells

And a long sword

Restrained within it’s scabbard… 77 kata lagi


Mood Haiku 100.

In the morning sun

The face of a samurai

Like a guiding light.


Episode 147 - The Birth of the Samurai, Part 2

This week, Minamoto no Yoshiie establishes the power of the Seiwa Minamoto family, upsetting a careful balance of power. Also, he drops the hottest rhymes of 1063. 84 kata lagi



Thanks ever so much for generous support whether you’re a steadfast Hakkenden lover like me or just passing by! My other work, which I consider myself lucky to have, is taking up a bit too much time and attention than I expected, and consequently the next update will have to wait a while. 31 kata lagi


Spider-Man as a Samurai

(Source: kotaku.com)

This works way better than I thought it would.

Via Japaaan, Bandai is releasing a samurai version of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Previously, Bandai did the same for Darth Vader and a Sandtrooper. 94 kata lagi


Sardine Contest Festas de Lisboa 2016

My Two Entries (Minus the Graffiti) for the
Sardine Contest Festas de Lisboa 2016

Santo Antonio (St Anthony) was a 13th century friar, patron saint of Lisbon, of matchmaking and of lost things/people. 202 kata lagi