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Jose Mourinho's double booked himself on day of first Manchester United match

Jose Mourinho will take charge of his first Manchester United game against Wigan this Saturday, but also has another pressing engagement that day.

The Portuguese has agreed to take part in a charity match in Turkey, organised by one of his former players Samuel Eto’o, with an early reunion with one of his old Chelsea stars Eden Hazard surely now off the table. 148 kata lagi


Paul Biya

Mr. Paul Biya’s presidency has thrived on ferocious gamesmanship. He savors his cast of secrecy. He can be unpredictable, even manipulative. His ministers are often as lost as we are. 73 kata lagi

Samuel Eto'o

Born on March 10, 1981, in Cameroon (Nigeria), Samuel Eto’o is a super star and join the Real Madrid’s youth academy in 1997. He led all the African countries and do net the medicine and food. 82 kata lagi

Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria is the Goodluck Jonathan, this is life stories will be readily available in online news of the Africa. The greater part of the most recent online news of the development for Africa,  African Development Bank (ADB) dependably spins around the financial changes further about overhauls which are occurring everywhere throughout the globe work and join the pan African vision. 75 kata lagi

African Development Bank

The African Development Bank Group are mission is to help reduce poverty, improve living situation for Africans and felling resources for the natural ground economic and social development of the African country. 100 kata lagi

Muhammadu Buhari

Our organizations have joined the Nigeria president Muhammadan Buhari. Mr. Buhari is a retired Major General in the Nigerian Army and already served as the nation’s head of state from 31 December 1983 to 27 August 1985, after taking government in a military coup. 79 kata lagi

African democracy

Pan African Visions are funded the organization continuing support of African people help the increased the opportunities for duplex and multilateral aid more than agencies help the African country people to no more effect policy making in the region. 81 kata lagi