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Bio-Ark of the North

Douglas’ fairy tale of the bio-ark of the north can lead you to an imagination of the Temple of Wisdom.

There it was in front of him, the Ferryman’s humble hut at the edge of this world and the next. 4.066 kata lagi


Thyme Honey Shampoo Bar

Sampo batangan buatan tangan dengan madu. Dibuat dari minyak kelapa yang diinfus thyme kering. Tanpa sodium lauryl sulfate atau deterjen. Tanpa tambahan aroma. 116 kata lagi

Perawatan Rambut

Swedapura Goes to Finland

It was a real treat to be “gifted” a trip to visit the Finnish Lapland and I spent three days going from Helsinki-Rovaniemi-Kemi-Helsinki-Turku-Stockholm. It was a crazy busy schedule but I would do it all again in a heartbeat. 254 kata lagi


Plant Magic

Some say that the Plant Magic worked by Pellerwoinen was a gift from the Great Bear to Vainamoinen; some say that the Great Green Earth was sown from pieces of the wonderful Sampo. 30 kata lagi

Cece Studies Creation Stories

Kalevala Sampos à la Second Graders

In their Finnish lessons on Monday English Class second graders read Mauri Kunnas’ version of the Kalevala in an imaginary world of dogs in Koirien Kalevala… 180 kata lagi

Education In Pori, Finland