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How to Check and Pay Malaysian Police (PDRM) Traffic Summons Online

So the other day my dad keyed in my IC number into his PDRM app to check if I had any outstanding summons (going to Thailand soon, don’t want to be stopped at immigration!) and guess what? 679 kata lagi


'10,001 Indonesians break Saman dance record, wow audience'

Indonesian Acehnese men broke the national record on Sunday for the largest Saman dance performed simultaneously by men. 10,001 people turned up to Indonesia’s district of Gayo in Aceh to stage a record-breaking song and dance. 20 kata lagi

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JPJ: Why are They Even ...?

Now what exactly is JPJ and why are they even here? Bear in mind that this writing is merely a discussion and a splash of thoughts on Malaysia’s governing body of transportation; known as Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan or Road Transport Department Malaysia. 689 kata lagi


Excerpt from "Saman"

When I was nine I was not a virgin. People didn’t consider a girl who didn’t yet have breasts to be a virgin. But there was something I was keeping secret from my parents:

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Gender Issues And Feminism

Chase Forever – Saman (Prod. by Genius Selection)

Sensational Ghanaian singer, chase forever unleashes his brand new single titled, ‘Saman’. Which literally means, Ghost.
Chase Forever – Saman (Prod. by Genius Selection)



Prvi deo teksta, ŠAMAN VUK – UVEĆAVANJE LIČNIH SPOSOBNOSTI 1. deo, pročitajte ovde

Da bih govorio o ovoj temi moram da pomenem šamanizam.

Šamanizam je samo ideološka potreba pošto to nikad nije postalo ni religija ni išta obredno i to je interesantno u odnosu na prirodan tok stvari, ali jasno, to je samo baza. 3.570 kata lagi

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Refinished Staircase Banister Before & After

Sometimes a lot of elbow grease and very little in the way of supplies can have a huge impact. In this case, I’m talking about refinishing staircase banisters. 246 kata lagi