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Chronic typhoid fever provokes Gall bladder carcinoma transformation

An international joint research group, based in the Netherlands Cancer Institute, has recently identified Salmonella typhi as a risk factor that contributes to cellular transformation in gallbladder carcinomas. 514 kata lagi


Drug-resistant typhoid 'concerning'

BBC News Michelle Roberts 12 May 2015

Antibiotic-resistant typhoid is spreading across Africa and Asia and poses a major global health threat, warn experts.  Researchers from the Wellcome Trust, who have been tracking the hard-to-treat infection, say it is replacing regular typhoid in many countries… 17 kata lagi


Typhoid Mary, not typhoid mouse

(University of California – San Diego 4 December 2014) The bacterium Salmonella typhi causes typhoid fever in humans, but leaves other mammals unaffected. Researchers at University of California, San Diego and Yale University Schools of Medicine now offer one explanation — CMAH, an enzyme that humans lack. 37 kata lagi


Photo-onycholisis, or just another way to say doxy sucks

In the last week, I started noticing the nails on my right hand were slowly but progressively unsticking from the nail bed. Nothing dramatic was happening, and my nails didn’t feel soft or brittle, but this was getting painful and made me wonder if I should brace myself for my nails falling off. 614 kata lagi

Chronic Lyme Disease

S is for Salmonella Typhi

S is for Salmonella Typhi

Salmonella typhi is the causative agent of typhoid fever. Typhoid is carried by people in their blood and intestinal tract. 485 kata lagi

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How do a Person gets Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is a severe illness incorporated with fever due to Salmonella typhi bacteria or Salmonella paratyphi, a bacterium connected to former that often become the basis to a less severe illness. 314 kata lagi

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